International Business Environments and Global Strategy | IIMBx on edX | Course About Video

International Business Environments and Global Strategy | IIMBx on edX | Course About Video

When you think of Japan what comes to
mind? Amazing products: Canon camera, Toyota cars and the Shinkansen bullet train Japan looks like an economic superpower.
It is the world’s third-largest economy but it is also quite shaky. Japan’s
challenges are rooted in diverse factors. In this course will examine how
the social, political, economic and institutional factors mould a country’s
environment. We will catch glimpses of other countries as well For example South Korea so close to Japan
and yet so different, and Turkey and Singapore and Chile – each with its own
peculiar factors that define the rules of the game for companies operating there. We will learn how the special aspects of country environments create
opportunities and challenges for companies. We will examine strategies that
companies are using today to enter vast untapped rural markets. In countries like
India, we will look at how the global rules of the game managed by international organizations
like the WTO affect business and impact human welfare These rules are dramatically affected by
powerful stakeholders like labor, farmers and the military My name is Sushil Vachani. I love
teaching this course on the International Business Environment and Global Strategy
which have taught many times to executives at Boston University where I
was a professor before taking over as Director of IIM Bangalore. I have also taught it to senior
government officials in China and to international audiences in Japan. Do join
me on this exciting trip around the world for fascinating glimpses of what shaped
international business environment and how this affects global strategy.

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