Inteletravel Business Cards | How To Use The Inteletravel Print Shop

Inteletravel Business Cards | How To Use The Inteletravel Print Shop

Inteletravel business cards what’s up everybody Larry put it here
and I’m back once again so in today’s video I’m gonna show you where to go to
get your Inteletravel business cards and how to design them okay so you do
not want to miss this or the right all right everybody welcome back welcome
back so if you’re on the fence about joining Inteletravel and you want to
know more about how to market your business offline i’ma show you share
with you where to go to get your business cards in addition to if you are
in agent this would be some information is handy to show you exactly where to go
cuz most people don’t know where to start or how to do it all you know just
give you guys some quick tips so so once you log to your back office have been
Inteletravel you want to go to my agency okay if you scroll down to
marketing and sales tools you can see where you can go to the print shop now
they have more stuff at the bottom but for the sake of this video was talking
about the business cards okay so if you go to the Inteletravel print shop you can read all
this material you can actually do more than just business cards you can do
business card magnets letter heads envelopes calendars planners baseball
hats and jackets show banners being t-shirts business card magnets large
magnets card or magnets window decals t-shirts notebooks tote bags iPhone
cases leather goods and so much more so not only you can do business card guys
you can promote your business only pretty much everything cards everything
so in order to do that just go here and order prints on items alright so once
the two are on this page here you can browse through these tabs and they have
a slew of items you can choose to put together so you can just go through here
if you want to do different things like hats shirts mugs glasses things like
that you can play around with this before the second video we’re gonna talk
about business cards so go there and you click on print it’s gonna show you all
of the printable items that you cannot do so you got business cards business
card of magnets beating the car with the rounded edges around it business card
magnets well you got I’ll take us to the stands
full poster boards and so on table tents and things to mention before the cygnets
video let’s talk about business cards so you click here and now you have to do is
fill out your details so if you do this right here let’s see if we put in Larry
put it in I guess let’s put in our company name so I do just fill out your
information and all your stuff will be sent to you in the correct format update
preview see once you click on update preview you can pretty much you know
update it as you fill in the details so if you put it in your website and put in
your website address and tell the slash Larry Porter put in
your phone number and everything so guys you can fill in and what’s information
as you want and once you do that click update preview it’s gonna show you a
live version how your car will actually look before you even give it okay see so
you can pretty much play around with it do it like you want so notice here if
you put in these denotes if you want to denote like if you want W beside website
and if you want to put an e beside email so people know what sweat on your car
you can do so just type II see you’re typing e then you can put in T or you
want to do a cup of tea to stand for telephone number or see for sale number
you can update and do all that stuff okay see so once you guys get in get it
situated and get a design like you want to so this guy’s is very very simple all
you have to do is just put in your details your information and make sure
things spelled correctly click approve then click Add to Cart pay forward and
you get your car sent to your it’s that simple so I just want to show
you guys when you can go to get your until it’s rather be discard so you can
lost your travel business and begin passing them out and start getting
clients ok so if you got any questions feel free to leave a comment below this
video or Texas at the number below and like I say always if you anybody notice
looking to become a travel agent feel free to text us or click the link in the
description to watch a free presentation on how you can partner with
Inteletravel other and become a travel agent today alright hope you found value from
israel i’m larry porter signing off with majestic travel and we’ll see you on the

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