Instagram Caption Ideas – STEAL THESE 10 FOR YOUR BUSINESS

Instagram Caption Ideas – STEAL THESE 10 FOR YOUR BUSINESS

We’re both on Instagram, right? Let’s
level with each other for a second. Have you ever spent, like, way too long trying to capture
the perfectly stylized, perfectly framed, cool but not-too-cool type of photo and
then you’ve used your 4 million editing apps to make it look just perfect? And then by the time you’re actually
ready to publish the darn thing, your brain is fried and you
have no idea what to say. How do I sound deep and meaningful? Will any of my followers even
care or will I look like a fool? What if no one answers my question? If you’ve ever struggled with writing
that Instagram caption (myself included) or you’re just burnt out
of ideas, in today’s video, I’m covering Instagram caption ideas
you can use for your business in 2019. And these aren’t just any old captions. These are captions that are designed to
get more engagement and to convert those followers into customers. And stay tuned until the end where I’m
going to share how you can get five free caption templates that you can steal and
use in your business today so that we can turn more of those
followers into customers. Writing strategic captions has
worked for my friend Taylor Marsden, who started her Instagram
account from zero on January, 2019 and by March 1st she had her very
first contract signed from someone who came from Instagram and today she has
booked over $10,000 to her business directly from Instagram. I’m Elise Darma
and I’ve helped thousands of creators, freelancers and entrepreneurs
grow their business on Instagram. And today I’m sharing Instagram caption
ideas you can use in your business in 2019. The first type of caption is what
I like to call three truths and a lie. This is a perfect caption to use to
reintroduce yourself to your current followers. Here’s a
template that you can use. “Most of these facts about me are
true. Can you guess which one isn’t? Fact One, fact two, fact three, lie one. Let me know in a comment which one of
these facts is in fact not a fact.” The second caption template is
what I call three random facts. So a little like the first one. It’s
really ideal to do maybe once a week, once a month so that your followers
can get to know you on a deeper level. “Here are three fun things you may
not know about me. Fact one, fact two, fact three. Now it’s your turn. What’s something most people don’t know
about you?” I’ve tried this caption template a few times myself and you’ll
be surprised at what people are willing to share about themselves. The third type of caption
is to share a client win. Now sometimes we all get bogged down in
our business and our clients are getting results left, right and center and we totally space
out on sharing it with our followers. So this is my reminder and my flashing
headline to you to make sure you’re sharing your client wins
with your followers. Here’s a template that you can try. “Don’t
we all wish we started 10 years ago? Emoji face. The good news is my client [insert client
name] proves that it’s possible to get [insert results] even when
starting from absolute scratch. When I met [client name], he or she was… and then explain the situation
that they are in when they started. Over the course of working together… Then share some more information about
the transformation or the results your client achieved. I share this story about [client name]
so that you know what’s possible even if you’re already feeling behind.” The
fourth caption you can use for your Instagram is to share an
industry tip. Remember, your followers are there because
they’re getting some type of value from following you, whether that’s information,
entertainment, or inspiration. This type of caption is
pure information. “Hold up. This is not recycled advice. This is a tried and true practice in
our world of [insert your industry]. Ready for a tip that’s so powerful, you could see results in your [business
or relationship or personal life or health – fill in what’s most applicable
for your world] as soon as [today, next week or next month]. Then go ahead and share the number one
most effective tip that you’re seeing people use to get
results in your industry. Ready to try this out for
yourself?. Comment below, ‘I’m in’ if you are.” The fifth type of
Instagram caption is to share why you’re different. This allows you to meet
your followers where they are. ‘Cause let’s be honest, they’re not
just following you in your industry. They’re probably following
five to 10 other competitors. So use this caption template to highlight
to them why you are the best choice. “I know I’m not the only [coach,
consultant, agency, teacher, whatever’s most applicable] that you’re
considering out there. If I were you, I’d be doing my homework, too.
So to make things easier for you, here are the CliffsNotes
on me. Number one, [share about your background
training, education, certification, or anything about why you’re
the expert]. Number two, [share why you’re different
than the competitors. Let your followers know
literally why you are the best]. Number three, [share stats
on your students, clients, revenue generated, time and industry. Something that’s really tangible].” The
sixth type of Instagram caption is to share your signature offer. So often we think that our audience
knows what we do 100% of the time, but the truth is we have new followers
coming and going all the time. So you do need to let them know what it
is that you’re known for and what you offer. Here’s a template
that you can try. “Hey, I’m [insert your name] and I help
[describe your typical customer] achieve [insert the end result that you
normally get for a customer]. I do this all through [insert
your signature offer]. As a student or client of
[insert your signature offer], you can expect to feel
[benefit number one, benefit number two and
benefit number three]. How? All through [feature number one, feature number two and feature number
three].” So remember when you’re writing this caption, you need to be clear on the difference
between the benefits and the features of your signature program. The benefits are the end transformation
that your client is going to get – more time in their day, less
stress in their life, or maybe less weight that
they’re carrying around. The features are the HOW of
how they achieve those results. So maybe a feature could be weekly calls
with you or a private support group. It’s important that you differentiate
the difference between the benefits and the features because
at the end of the day, your customer doesn’t really
care about the features. They just want those benefits
that you are offering. The seventh type of Instagram caption
that you can use is a team shout out. This one’s a fun one because your team, they’re working hard for you behind the
scenes and this gives them a little bit of an external shoutout which gives
them a little boost in motivation. The other part of why this is great is
because it lets your customers and your followers know that you’re not
running your business alone, that you are a company and so maybe a
part of them will take you a little bit more seriously when they know that you’re
not the only one driving this ship. “Teamwork makes the dream work!
Shout out to my incredible team. [Insert all the handles of your team
members] who help make the [your business name] machine go round. Caption number eight is a thank you
to your very first client or customer. This is a great type of caption to post
because it really shows how far you’ve come in your business and that you’re
not forgetting the very first person who gave you your start today. “I’d like to give the world’s
biggest thanks to my first client. Without them, I wouldn’t have the confidence to run my
business and I wouldn’t be where I’m at today. Thank you [insert your client’s handle
name].” The ninth caption is one that’s just for fun because sometimes we can’t
just be writing paragraphs or blogs or essays on Instagram. Sometimes we just
want to have fun with our followers. So here’s one that you can try.
“Wake up, caffeinate, work, repeat. What does your day look
like in four emojis?” And the 10th caption that you can use
is simply one to inspire your followers. Remember, they’re following you for
free value, whether that’s education, entertainment, or inspiration. So try this caption template
on to inspire your followers. “Raise your hand if you are choosing
to water your own grass this week, rather than staring at the grass on
the other side.” Want these caption templates in your hands so that you can
easily copy and paste them for your next post on Instagram? Well, good news. I created an entire workshop on how to
write captions for your business with my friends from so head to
the link right below this video. Sign up for the free 25 minute workshop. Plus you’re also gonna get exercises
that you can use to beat writer’s block. Now, if you enjoy this video, you’re
not going to want to miss next week’s; I’m going to be covering Instagram
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the bell – like right now – and I’ll see you here next week. To ease and
revenue, I’ll see you in the next video. The seventh Instagram caption,
the seventh Instagram caption, the seventh seven seventh
the seventh type of team, and the 10th 10th the 10th
type of Instagram. Do I
get through that one? Okay.

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