Insta360 Titan – 11K 10-bit Color 3D 360° Professional VR Camera 2nd Look w/ Samples Download

Hey what’s up everybody’s your boy Hugh
here from CreatorUp. Right now I’m with this thing this is Insta360 Titan. So this is
the second look of Titan and I gonna tell you everything that you know new update
of this camera is coming coming in CES for pre-order you can actually put in
deposit $150 and Pre-order this camera and it will be delivered to your door
this April. So what’s new about this camera so this camera if you don’t know
about it is the professional super high-end professional line camera of
the Insta360. This camera and shoot up to 11K in resolution 3d stereoscopic
but in 8K it shoot 10-bit. It’s a 10-bit camera so finally you can really
color grade your footage and have some kind of uncompressed code as well come with
it. This camera also have farsight remote control antenna right here have possible
control and internal stabilization just like the Pro 2. So you can put this on a
rover and move around if your rover is heavy enough to hold this camera. This camera is 5kg. It is pretty heavy camera so why not we’re using a
tripod using it but I am very excited to learn more about this camera If you miss the initial Titan review
video one years ago go check it out here so Titan has 8 micro 4/3 sensors yes not six but eight of them allows filmmakers to
capture up to 11 K stereoscopic 3d 360 video in 30 frames per second he also
supports a k 3d and 60 frames per second and what I’m really exciting for 120
frames per second in 5.3 K 3d 360 I’m in love with the current Pro 2 60 frames
per second and 120 frames per second will be able filmmakers to finally play
with slow-motion in VR if you are filming sport in VR please pay close
attention. Insta360 is not the first company put Micro Four Thirds
sensor and 360 3D production but having 10-bit color in 8k 3d definitely the
first one for one body VR camera and the pricing advantage blows Z Cam V1 Pro out of the water. So how much is Titan
well I will tell you at the end of this video
back to bit depth. This is one of the biggest complaints I have with the
Insta360 engineer when the pro 2 launched back in September this year
Back then they cannot confirm Titan will have 10 bit but finally they listened
and 10 bit is finally available. If you are a colorist you probably will agree
with me that image quality hierarchy bit depth comes first probably why you
shoot with your RED or ARRI for that 16-bit color then resolution comes
second and the compression come third I don’t want to get into that argument of
raw vs compressed output yes we all want raw output but if you really have the
experience to color grade RED or ARRI footage compared to black
magic and your DSLR you know higher bit depth will give you better looking image
any day. Unfortunately at this moment Insta360 cannot confirm any raw or
Low compression output just yet let’s all hope we are not only getting h.264
it will be nice to have ProRes since Insta360 loves Apple. After filming
with the Insta360 Pro 2 for so many times I cannot live without
floating stabilization luckily Titan is confirmed to come with FlowState stabilization so that 5 kg camera does not necessarily
need to have a heavy-duty Gimbal to run it so yes
mobility is possible well another must-have feature is Farsight Insta360 will further improve farsight on the Titan so all feature you love on
the pro 2 will be in Titan. I just want to be clear the camera you saw in this
video is not the final design but it looks like it wil use SD cards instead of
SSD for storage and it has the same iO as the pro 2 that including Top mount ability
for spatial audio recorder or light. The battery is going to be huge for this
thing as you can see the giant space here it is for just one battery compared
to the manifold the RED and Facebook made 360 VR camera this is not
surprising but the camera will still very much outdoor friendly compared to
the Manifold. Last you want to ask for the pricing so this is unconfirmed but
the retail price I get from Max from Insta360 is around $15,000 US dollars. If you ask me as cheap compared to Yi Halo, Z cam V1 Pro or soon to be retired Nokia Ozo. If you are lucky enough to go to attend CES this year stop by Insta360 booth
and learn more or comment below for more information
and discussion on the Titan.

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