InDesign Business Card Design Tips & Tricks – InDesign Business Card Tutorial

InDesign Business Card Design Tips & Tricks – InDesign Business Card Tutorial

in today’s InDesign tutorial on how to
design a business card I’m going to show you some cool techniques that you can
add an image into text or shapes perfect for this neat business card that you can
see on the screen right now in today’s InDesign business card to
toriel I’m going to walk you guys through parts of the design process but
the main thing today is to show you some neat tricks on how to place images
inside of text and custom shapes for your business card design first however
we need an InDesign document for a business card design go up to file and
choose a new document today’s business car is going to be portrait and so use
millimeter measurements of 55 millimeters by 85 millimeters which is a
pretty standard size for business cards we want to have two pages obviously
because the business card is double-sided and we also want to adjust
a margin to something like 8 millimeter if you click the link icon is going to
add that measurement around all four sides more importantly you want to add a
three millimeter bleed so the printers can effectively cut out your design
without the important information being cut away so when you’re ready click OK
to generate the InDesign document for your business card design when we import
imagery into InDesign we want to make sure the imagery is high quality and to
do this we need to make a Photoshop document beforehand we’re not going to
design the business card in Photoshop but we just need to make sure the image
itself is going to be high quality make a new Photoshop document and make it the
same size as your business card plus the 3 millimeter bleed so you’re gonna have
six millimeters more height and 6 millimeters more width which equates to
61 millimeters by 91 millimeters make sure the resolution is 300 PPI and the
CMYK is the color mode for print this is going to be the image that I use
my design in this business cotta cereal and I want to show you how to do
interesting things in InDesign next but finally however we need to save the
image as a high quality JPEG in Photoshop first so back even in design take the
rectangle frame tool and carefully draw a box around the edges right up to the
bleeds like so you can then take the selection tool and place the image in
place by heading up to file place and locating the image that you just saved
in Photoshop it should fit perfectly if you made the Photoshop document
correctly including a three millimeter bleed
also make sure your View mode in design is set to high quality because sometimes
it can be set a typical display by default for the front of my business
card design I wanted to add some contemporary type using my name and to
do this I took the type tool from the tool bar and then I draw a box I will
copy this type of the command or ctrl C because I want to use it later
I’m using a phone called lemon milk in case you want to know now on this
section or business card things are very standard but I’m gonna
show you some neat tricks using the side below in its business card you toriel
if you look at the bottom left on your screen you’ll notice two boxes color the
color palettes which are quite similar to the ones in straighter to make a
white background for the second side of the business card take the rectangle
tool and draw a box over the entire page make sure you have a white field with no
stroke we can lock this shape down in place so it doesn’t move around whilst
we finish the business card design pressing command or control V will paste
the copied text in place and then select the text and change its color like so I’m going to show you how to place an
image within this text something you can apply to your very own business card
design using Adobe InDesign first resize and reposition your text and then press
command or control T for the type window we need to first outline the type which
you can do like so and it works similar to how we do in the administrator then
simply go up to file and place and then make sure you have the play selected
item box and the very bottom selected from here you can use the selection
tools to move the image around within the text this effect can be also menus
correctly for a business card design today’s InDesign tutorial is a way to
show you some tricks and techniques for business card design and then you go
away and use your own creativity for your variants before we export the
business card for print and Adobe InDesign we’re going to explore one more
technique you’re going to find the pen tool in the tool bar and with this tool
you can actually draw out custom shapes much like you would in Photoshop
Illustrator once you have your custom shape you can
then go through the same process that we did just now and that is to go up to
file in place and look at your image of your design the image is going to be plated in the
shape as a kind of frame and again this technique is awesome for print business
card designs and when using Adobe InDesign in general when you do have your business card
ready for prints you need to select all the text boxes by holding down shift on
your keyboard and clicking each one at a time then as you would do an illustrator
outline the text we do this for the print to have no issues recognizing the
fonts when the business card is printed the best file format for print when
using InDesign is PDF I feel say locate PDF in the export window like so use the
most recent version of Acrobat and I’m gonna use a two up facing style layouts the compression should be fine by
default and I use the printer max here but make sure you use the document bleed
settings the other settings for the most part are going to be fine by default and any warnings you have will be
flagged here as you can see I have none so once you’ve exported it you can
review your business card design in Acrobat and you’re gonna notice these
lines in the corner these are the printer marks they represent the bleed
and the crop the printer will use these to cut away the excess of your design so
there is today’s business car to toriel in InDesign brought to you by cetera
graphics I hope you found these techniques useful for your very own
business card designs I would like to remind you all that I have a recent
custom fun ready for download on my portfolio website it’s a custom handmade
font in a script kind of style so if you want to download it and help
out the channel as well as having a unique and custom font head over to my
website via the card in the top right corner also I mentioned last week that
I’m working on my in death course and vectors website that’s going to be
launching in July and this is how is looking at the moment obviously there’s
a lot of work still to be done on it but it’s getting there slowly but surely I’m
going to have courses for all kinds of designers on there as well as vectors
another designs were download so stay tuned for news on that and of course we
did like today’s video drop a like and a comment down below if you find my
content useful here at citta graphics sharing on social media so that the
people can see it too I’m going to back on Wednesday but because this week I’ve
got so little time on my hands typography Tuesday would have to wait
off for a bit but once this website is finished everything is going to get back
to normal here on YouTube store graphics until next time guys design your future
today peace you

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