Today my name is Jenny Darren. Nice to meet you Jenny. Where you from I’m from the Cox worlds Do you have a day job? No, I’m retired. How old usually don’t let me ask him. I’m 68 And Jenny are you doing this because you think you can win the show? Absolutely. That’s what it’s about Okay Jenny Okay, just bear with me campers On this wall Hi ladies Welcome to America’s Got Talent. Thank you. How you feeling? We are super excited We thought through how do you two know each other? We are friends from New Orleans. We’ve known each other since we were We’ve known each other since we were in college so years decades lovely, well, you know what enjoy yourself and good luck Oh So why he decided to come on the show Well, I thought maybe I’d be the first singing priest maybe to win Britain’s Got Talent. I think you would be Thank you. Okay so tell me the song of why you’ve chosen it and I’m going to sing the REM song everybody hurts, beautiful and It’s a it’s a song. That’s kind of near and dear to my heart I suppose being a priest you get in touch with a lot of pain a lot of joy and happiness as well So I suppose it’s a song that I feel I can hug. You can relate it. Yeah, great. It’s a lovely song. Okay Good luck. Thank you very much You’ve had In his life the days and the nights How are you doing today, I’m doing good. What’s your name? And how old you my name is Celine and I’m nine years old This is my dream being in America’s Got Talent So, what are you gonna be doing for us today? I’m gonna be singing. Oh wow Have you got any brothers or sisters? I got a little sister. And what’s her name? Her name is Dion Oh Celine and Dion. Oh Really so I’m guessing your parents love Celine deals, right? So when did you realize that you had a great singing voice when I was in the car? My dad’s driving and then suddenly I just sang my heart will go on and then he was like wow, I’m Indian So yeah, we got that. We’ve worked that out Mel. There’s the Celine Dion So what what kind of music do you like to listen to I like? Celine Dion, yeah and And what is your big dream to be the next to be in Dion? She’s got it Celine Dion This is your dream. Celine can answer your question. What artists are you going to be singing? Celine Dion Well Celine, good luck Thank you. Hello hello, hello. Hello, I’m Henry I’m Malc and we are the pensioners How do you know each other well we cross paths all our life and didn’t know it yeah went to the same damn source We’re both engineers by trade not now from where yeah, and don’t castor South Yorkshire. Don’t mister Yeah, do you mind me asking how old you are Henry 84 84 85 I’m 75 Alright good luck guys, thank you. Yeah. Thank you. Here we go You make me feel so good And you make me feel like spring has sprung And every time I see you I wanna go play hide and seek. I wanna go. Wow Just like the toy boom. You know why cuz you We’re just like a couple the tops running across the meadow You make me feel so young Make me songs to the Sun Kieran Make me feel so young feels so

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    Ten year old me:singing my abc

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  24. If you re reading this then i hope something good happens to you today

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  53. This priest is actually already famous on youtube for singing a surprise Hallelujah at a wedding in Ireland
    Here you go. Enjoy.

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