Improving care in nursing homes Q&A (Marketplace)

Improving care in nursing homes Q&A (Marketplace)

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  1. This issue just is not a back east issue, it is also a BC issue. My dad had to wait after a surgery that was to deal with bowel surgery after the surgery was done, they found that they had cut the nerves to the legs, and he was unable to walk, and was made to wait to use the toilet, by then, they had agreed to advocacy right to die. The ratio of nurse care to patients care is totally under ratio to the patients and their families have to witness a nurse walk away to another patient who needs care as well, very frustrating for families because there's little that they can do for their loved ones. David, you can contact me at [email protected]

  2. The best way to get good care is to not send your parents or loved ones to nursing homes…

  3. there are two sides to every story i was a psw for 14 years some people except too much they think they are special and we are personal maid servants at beck and call care is given as needed they say I PAY YOUR WAGE. They want the same time spent on them when they are independent and at the expense of others who are not.. they want their monies worth

  4. Pay more money. My god people. Pay over time that would help. More works.

  5. Both of my parents are in hospital i have expierenced the same treatment in the wards for longterm care i am terrified to put them in longterm care ,there is no beds available there are telling me to put my parents on a list for a transitional bed and longterm to follow when a bed is available .I dont know what to do if i was able and could afford it i would never consider longterm care confused daughter ty Dianne

  6. Noooooo. You need to pay people.

  7. We all need to have more talking about care for our elders and this is a huge challenge but it's pretty inevitable when the time comes. I believe planning way in advance on this crucial subject is wearth all information and types of care that's going to be done. So in my opinion thos is a great start Thanks for your broadcast on this much needed discussion. Should lots more out there.

  8. This is a huge problem Canada wide. Patients are left in shitty diapers for hours, violent abusive patients are mixed in with regular patients, patients are suffering from broken bones, broken arms, hips and ribs. I have seen all this mainly because there are not enough staff. The ratio ought to be 4 to 1. There are many patients that are institutionalized after a stroke and are unable to walk or speak.

  9. If you pay, workers will come.

  10. Not something that people who dont have this going on know much about. I spent my savings on my parent and the systems in place put the pressure on the family to do as much as possible. It has stripped me of my retirement, my health and close to my job. This is crappy all round. Hoping they will go indepth on caregiver (staff & family) burnout as well.

  11. All high school students should be spending a mandatory portion of their community service hours helping out in long-term care homes. Imagine how many hours of assistance that would provide, not to mention the valuable learning opportunities.

  12. Same issues in the U.K….😑😑😑

  13. Senior care homes are a business and want to make money. This is why many times you don't have much staff. This how it is in Germany. This is the same problem in hospitals.
    But for now we don't have enough nurses, we need more nurses and staff. Pay is bad, the working times are ridiculous. To many hours/shifts, do much to do in time you don't have. This seems to be a problem all over.

  14. I work long term care, 38 patients for one nurse. I am literally sprinting down the hall to answer call bells. Families yell, threaten and even skake us when they get frustrated. I will never let my children become nurses.

  15. You would have to pay me 30$ an hour to do a job like that washing people diapers etc.
    And even then the job would be reviewed by me and probably rejected .

  16. I worked in long term care, caring for the people with alzheimers. I worked for 10.5 years with one raise over that period. The problem is greed. This owner wanted to look good to the outside, while enslaving his staff. I would NEVER do that job again. Privately owned homes suck.

  17. Underfunded, under staff, doctors who don’t care, inconsistent meal quality, mixing of dementia, violent patients with general population, overly sedated residents, mentally and socially neglected,.. etc. In my own experience, the best facilities are the ones where families get involved with the resident’s daily lives and show up to the facility meetings as advocates . Not everyone can take care of invalid or dementia relatives, nursing homes are necessary but doesn’t have to be a human warehouse. Stay healthy and active in your own home as long as possible. Provinces should provide more home visiting nurses and subsidize support workers to that end.

  18. Families need to be more about of their loves ones lives

  19. Long term care if the best value ever

  20. My mom lives at the Coleman care centre and I am so grateful to all of her amazing care partners . Thanks

  21. Told my doctor that I am an air tight no code, and absolutely NO nursing home or assisted living facility (ALF). If I develop intractable pain or a terminal diagnosis, I want END OF LIFE CHOICES!

  22. I remember visiting my grandma at a nursing home and I saw a literal chicken running around…this was downtown not in the rural…like shit

  23. Never Ever enough CNAs

  24. Thank you for having this conversation!! I am an HCA in BC.
    Pleeeease keep this up!
    I work in this field so that I can care for and also be a voice for families loved ones. I want to use that voice to encourage this conversation to continue to get louder. Speaking out and also investigating WHY the spectrum needs to shift in long term care, is likely going to be the reason for the start to the changes that clearly many of us agree need to see happen. Less residents to workers means we have more time to care for all aspects of ones well being, which is to be expected from a care aid and mostly it's what our parents and grandparents deserve to get.
    I was taught to care for ones; physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, intellectual, and social wellbeing, and I do try to accomplish this by woking it into my care as there isn't alot of time to stretch so thinly across so many residents. Not just the ones asigned to, but all of them! I could go on but yous do it so well. Just want to say thanks again. We back you and we have to be heard.
    We are their voices.

  25. I'm a cna in america, it's just as bad if not worse. Its 1 to 2 cna to 45 patients. Its deplorable situations. I no longer do it, 14$ an hour isnt worth it. I want to be paid 55 an hour in order to stay and a patient of 5 to myself.


  27. My Mom has been in a Nursing Home in Windsor for 3 years, home owned by Schlegel Corp. First, lack of PSW. We pay a private individual for 4 hours of care every day of the year in addition to NH fee for private room. Ministry of Health and Long Term care need to create Policy for specific hours of care per 24 hr. period and minimum number of staff per president. Currently in her home there are 3 PSW (sometimes 2) to attend to 33 residents, 75% of whom are in wheelchairs. Many needs are not being met and schedule for changing is not always met. Minimum time between changes now is 3 hrs, so if resident soils in between they stay soiled until their next change time. Meal time is heartbreaking as 6 or 7 residents need to be fed and there is nobody to feed them until all food is put on tables and served to those in their rooms, so by the time someone gets a chance to feed the food is usually cold and if resident doesn't seem to like it, PSW assumes they don't want to eat and take the food away. These residents cannot speak for themselves and this is beyond cruel! There seem to be many staff in Management always documenting, meeting, etc, but front-line staff are minimal. MOHLC inspections should be unannounced to see what is really happening on a day to day basis. Management always comes out of the woodwork when they know the Ministry is coming.

  28. in my opinion: nursing homes are for profit and this is IT: the Stock Market : many of them a home care agencies are on the Stock Market and the share holders need money, right?

  29. This is so sad but so true iv been a personal support eorker for just under 2 yrs and i have 12 residence to 1 person its tough and its not fare to the residence and we feel helpless. You really do go home everyday feeling sad and wish you could change things. When someone calls in i have to do 4 people on top of my 12. Its ridiculous and its true you get burnt iut and dont want to work way to much work. Not fare to them at all they deserve the best care and attention. Ratio will fixs the problem.


  31. Passing a law for ratio per patient ; because when a law fully implemented every residence home will complied. Training and regular evaluation of workers to see whose / who that are not fit to work with the elderly . Money always the problems but all residents pay their own money to be take care . Burn out personnel it’s because of scheduling. Most are not full time and being scheduled of call to work anytime or last minute . That will cause problems if the person refused to come in .

  32. …workers appreciation because when workers are appreciated it going down to the residence care .

  33. It’s so sad but it’s true, staff to patient ratio is just astounding (1 PSW to 20 patients or 1 nurse to 55 patients). That should be illegal. & what’s more heart breaking is that the pay is ridiculous for the work that they do ($14-18) and the little to no support they receive from administration is just not right. They leave work burnt out, over worked, underpaid and most of the days abused by patients and family members and sadly even by their administrators. I have seen many PSW who are unhappy with not just the working conditions but also with themselves because of all the patient care needs they were not able to attend during their shift. It’s just the worst job. The government needs to increase the budget for long term care; increase the pay, get better benefits for these workers, better equipment for these home, review the working conditions and update the model of care, safer patient to staff ratio and that way it’ll attract more workers.

    Also as a side note, I’ve noticed that it is mostly the immigrants that take these dirty jobs because no average Joe or Bob will work this kind of job! We should be grateful to these immigrants. Thank you, Canada is grateful for you.

  34. CBC is the scum of Canada, trying to be a hero….

  35. can CBC connect to other provinces of Canada RE: LTC situations . If its the same

  36. I work as a psw for almost 5 years. I did worked in long term care, retirement home, community living and even a private care. In a long term care yes, working there is not easy at all 3 staffs 1 nurse for the 30 residents, try to give a care to 30 residents in 2 hours before breakfast? With 3 staffs is kinda like a tornado that you have to move fast or else you will not finish your job on time so they can go for breakfast and also so you can start helping in the dining room to feed resident's who uncapable to feed themselves. Its a big bonus if there's a family who visit or volunteers or some staffs that has extra time and help to feed them. Also it depends how many residents are independent that they can do their personal care, or minimal assists that you cannot control their behaviors that causing more time for care cause yiu dont want to rush them and make upset, And also if the resident's are total care and they are too move to give a care you need to have 2 staffs also for transferring them, but since there's no enough staff you have to wait for your partner to finish their job so that they can help you. Residents have a rights to get a good care, respects, understanding, compassion also as the PSW. PSW is not an easy Job. You need to have a heart, strong mind, good health, and love and care the others. Yes, there is a good a bad PSW even not just psw, nurses etc. But there is workers who really love their job and value it. I always say, please before you do this job just check yourself million times if this is really the job for you, if you really have the qualifications for this kind of work. patience, compassion , care for others not just because you get paid but because you love caring for people as well. And make sure that you can handle every situations, behaviours of the residents that you have to deal with all the time. like what I always keep in my mind that there is a Karma. The way you treated the others, it might happen to you when you are on that situation. Be a good worker, a good person, a good example not only to yourself but also to a new psw or any staffs and for others that is planning to be into be in this field. Again, if you do this job because of the money please do not do it, because this residents needs care, understanding, compassion and respect. They do not deserve to be treated bad and we do not deserve also. Everybody has a rights but we need to understand that. Retirement home, my God this residents pay too much money already so that they can get the help that they need. But theres some retirement home that charges the residents extra for an extra favor like taking their meals to their room, or washing another load of their laundry like omg too much charges but the workers doesn't get paid good. And they hired people who didn't even go to school for psw and they get paid the same as PSW who went to school, spend money, time, mind to learn and understand this field so that they can give a proper service that need to provide for the residents.That is really unfair!!! This health care field has a lot of issues that they need really to focus into how to get better. I am so happy that their is someone who has so much pride, courage, compassion and care to stand for us as a PSW. Thank you Miranda and Jane, may the Lord give you more knowledge, strength, courage and wisdom to fight rights, needs and support not only for the PSW but also for the residents and the families. God bless

  37. PSW's are the backbone of the LTC.

  38. A great alternative to nursing home care is partnering with a professional in-home care agency for enhanced safety and more personalized care. More information is provided in this article:

  39. Not only staffing, but community. I went around and around with the 4-H club here because they are supposed to be involved in community. Their motto is  "I pledge … My Head to clearer thinking, My Heart to greater loyalty, My Hands to larger service and My Health to better living for my club, my community, my country, and my world." 

    I was in charge of the dog program here in my community in the states.  There are only 3 homes in our town.  When I brought up at the meeting taking the dogs to do agility and obedience presentations (which is good practice to have the dogs around a crowd for fair later) at nursing homes during the summer, they didn't want to do it.  The worst was the complaints from the parents.  They only wanted to do something if it raised money for them. 

    Just going to a home for a couple of hours, if they have a grassy area, and working with their dogs would entertain many of the residents for awhile, giving the staff some relief handling things inside.  I managed to get 4 of the young adults involved.  We wound up doing it on our own.  However, the 4-H club wouldn't allow us to use their equipment.  Luckily, the local AKC dog club stepped up and allowed us to use theirs.  Most of their members are out at dog shows in the summer so it was good.  Two of the younger members from the AKC club joined in.  It was so much fun for the patients.  They had a blast as did we.  My kids are grown now and I'm no longer involved and it's stopped.

  40. heres a question-what happens to the money residents pay to stay in long term care?

  41. Hello. What about family members who are low income and they want to care for their elderly parents but have to work. Is there funding to pay the family member and why not? Yes it is family but we aren't rich. I'm from northern BC and we face all the mentioned barriers and abuse from our care homes. So if a family member can alleviate the strain on existing issues in nursing care homes and we are low income why can we not get paid? There should be funding for this!!!!! I am torn between working fulltime or caring for my 88 year old mother.

  42. I think they should involve the families to help. Maybe to read and check on people to see if they need help. Families have a vested interest in helping insure thier family members are safe.

  43. When I get to the point that I would need a nursing home I will put a bullet in my head.
    It would be better and less cruel then going to a nursing home!

  44. Noting said about the situation in Quebec.

    I would like to see Mr. Common available at the end of a phone call!

  45. I had forgotten to mention: In quebec, given the law is in French many common terms that are in english in other provinces are in French in quebc. also, given these terms' daily public use they (or commonly their French acronyms) becme a common part of quebec English, especially in the Greater Montreal Area.

  46. Hire more Filipino Caregiver.. they are very hard working and passionate . Train your staff, motivate your staff. Make them understand more that they are helping these old people and their family for better cause..Give them guideline to even improve their service. Give the staff more support and benefit too. Let the family of these old people understand what are their role as well so both patient and staffs can make improvement that would benefit more the patient at the end. Hire more employee.. Hire Filipino Caregivers.

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