Improve your handmade packaging with moo mini cards

Improve your handmade packaging with moo mini cards

Hey guys, it’s Deb. I found something I’m completely in love with,
so I felt the need to record a video and share it with you because I think it can really
help you improve your handmade product packaging and do it in a way that’s affordable. Let me introduce you to Moo Mini Cards. What Moo Mini Cards are, they’re just like
business cards but smaller, maybe half the size of a regular business card. That’s fantastic because that means that you
can use it for so many different things, which I’ll explain and get to in a second. But yeah, they’re also really affordable. I’m sure the pricing will be similar in most
countries. I know in Australia for 100 cards, you pay
15 dollars, which is really cheap. They come in different sort of paper if you
want matte finish, polish finish, there’s plenty of options. I think the best way for you to understand
is if I show you how to use it and how you can in minutes upload a design or use a template,
get it printed and sent to you for really cheap. This is the Moo website. To access it, you just need to go to Just go to products and select mini cards. Mini cards, here they are. See here you can visualise even better the
size of the mini cards. Then select the type of paper that you’d like
and whether you want square or rounded corners. Then click on start making. It’s going to give you three options. The first one is to use a pre-made template,
which is really nice if you don’t have any inspiration and you want really something
that’s ready to go. You just want to add details, and text, and
custom text to it, and sent to print. That’s a good place to start. The second option is to customise a card with
your own logo and more images that you might want to put on there. Finally, the third option is to if you have
a designer that’s designed a card for you, or if you have a complete design ready to
upload, then you click on the last option. But I just want to show you quickly how to
design your card, and upload your logo, and customise some details right now. If I click on this, it’s going to give me
this interface which is really nice and easy to use. It’s explaining to me that I’ve got a front
of a card and then the back of the card. For the back of the card, I can upload up
to 100 different design at no extra cost. That means that you could have a text on the
front and then five different images of your choice at the back, so that you never really
send the same one. When you’re ready, click on start your design. Here you can pick layout. In layout, it’s giving you options. See, I can have a picture on the left and
then text on the right, image only, anything I like really. What I want to do is show you how easy it
is to add an image. See I’ve selected image on the left, text
on the right. Here you can go and upload a photo of your
design and you can also upload your logo. You can also go to Etsy directly if you use
your Etsy username and find photos from your shop, which is awesome. Same with Instagram and Facebook. If you have pictures on there that you think
are good to use for these cards, then you can go and find them easily doing this. Then on the side, you will just go and type
in different elements that you want to have written. You can also delete some of them if you wish,
and change your layout at any time. When you’re ready, pick the background. It’s letting you pick a background colour,
but you can also upload an image for your back with the same exact process. It’s really nice and easy to get going, because
this is really easy to use. Then once you’re ready, if you go to quantity
and paper, it’s just asking you again, which kind of paper you want, option for the corners,
and whether you want a matte or a gloss finish. It’s letting you, I’ve put 100 here, 16 dollars. See, it’s really really affordable and a really
great way to improve your packaging, which I’m going to show you example of right now. Why am I so so excited about these mini cards? Well the first thing is, they’re adorable. The second you’re going to get one in your
hands, you’re going to fall in love with them too. But I’m also really excited because of the
size of the cards, you can use them for a lot of different purposes. Rather than actually explaining it to you,
I want to show you some really really really cool example of ways you can use these mini
cards to improve your handmade packaging without breaking the bank. The first use of a mini card inside of your
packaging is simply to say thank you. You could use those mini cards to print a
thank you note and you could even use the background of the card, the backside of it,
to send a coupon to thank your customers and invite them to buy again from you. You could do that by simply leaving a blank
and maybe just some little dots. Each time you package a product, you can simply
manually write the coupon code on the back of the thank you note. Another great example of what you can do with
Moo Mini Cards is use them for seasonal gift wrapping. Let’s say it’s Christmas. You can get your mini cards printed just for
the occasion and add the Christmas colours and maybe change the image and the messaging
on there. You can do it because it’s only 15 dollars
for 100 cards. You don’t have to order a massive order of
cards for Christmas that then you don’t know what to do with. You can order a small quantity and really
surprise your customers with packaging that’s calling for celebration and that makes sense
for the season we’re in. Moo also has some great stickers, and they’re
really cheap as well and as easy to get uploaded and printed as the mini cards are. If you can mix that with the mini cards, then
you’re on your way for some really cool packaging. One of the best ways to use the mini cards
in your packaging is to use them for tags, because honestly, they’re the best size for
it. The only thing you need a paper punch to create
the hole once you receive the cards. It takes a second. Again, it’s really cheap and it really gives
dimension to your packaging. The great tip that I saw on the Paperie boutique
is the way Robin has used the mini cards to actually create the packaging from scratch. She just had those little plastic bags and
with the mini cards, she took it to a next level and created those awesome little packages. Now that’s cool. My personal favourite, I’m so excited about
this one, is the scratch cards by a company called Cupcakes for Clara. When I saw that, I was like, “What?” This is awesome, guys. Look at the way she’s used the mini cards
to entertain her customers when they receive the package with a little scratch game. She’s also giving away the full tutorial to
do it yourself, which I’ll link too, below the video. My final tip whether or not you’re convinced
about the mini cards right now, is to head over to and order yourself a free
sample pack. They send you this gorgeous pack with sample
of their stickers, their business cards, their mini cards, and you can see and feel and touch
the paper. It really gives you an idea of what you can
use from the Moo collection, the Moo range, to improve your packaging. I guarantee when you look at those mini cards,
you’re going to want to be using them. If you’ve liked this video, or you’re going
to love the resource library for makers and handmade shop owners over at Don’t forget to like, share, and comment on
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  2. Thank you for sharing so many ideas for small businesses.

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