Impractical Jokers – Sal’s Impeccable Networking Skills (Punishment) | truTV

Impractical Jokers – Sal’s Impeccable Networking Skills (Punishment) | truTV

All right, surprise, surprise.
Sal is our loser. We brought him up here
to Monarch Rooftop for a networking event. Here’s what you go to do, bud.
It’s very simple. We want you to give out
your business card to who we think is the most
important person in the room. And here is your only
business card. Only. There’s only one person at that
party that’s getting that card. Okay…? You won’t know if you gave it
to the right person till after
you’ve given it to him and we’ve told you
right or wrong. And then what happens? And if you don’t
get it right, you got to take
that card back… ‘Cause they’re not
important enough. …because they’re
not important enough. [ Laughter ] All right,
I understand everything. Joe: Okay. So we’re invading
New York Cares’ event. This is real charity people,
real charitable people. -These are good people.
-Good folks. -You should look them up.
-They’re all important. But Sal’s got to find the most
important person in this room. Now, he only has
one business card. And here we go. Hey, Tim.
How are you? -Hello, Sal, how are you?
-How’s everything? Good. This guy’s like
a bad-ass Colonel Mustard. The ascot’s on point. Oh, coat sorting,
okay. Oh, my goodness. That seems, like,
very important — over a decade.
Putting in the time. Oh, he’s trying to size —
being important. Yeah. He seems important.
You’re right. You might be
the most important guy in here. I might have to stop. -You have an ascot on?
-I might be. [ Laughter ] Let me
give you my card. There you go.
That’s Salvatore Bruno there. Philanthropist
and entrepreneur. I’d love it
if you keep in touch. You got my number
and my e-mail. -Good. All right.
-Thank you. I’ll see you in a moment.
-All right. Okay.
Please say, “That’s him.” No. So when do we want to pick
who the most important person in the room is?
Let’s give it a minute? I’m gonna feel it
in my heart. Okay,
when we feel our heart. Hey, how you doing? What’s going on, Elliot?
Nice to see you. What’s going on? Yeah, me, too. I’m an entrepreneur
and a philanthropist. And I work in technology, bringing that to historically
disenfranchised communities. -Disenfranchised.
-Disenfranchised communities. Mostly Xbox. What do you do? Oh, excellent. -This guy seems super important.
-Yeah. Let me give you my card. If you ever
want to do something, we could do something
with the school. And we can do like a technology
initiative there… Q: Or if you ever just want to
play, like “Call of Duty.” …or if you ever
just want to play, like, “Call of Duty”
or whatever. Oh, actually — Murr: No cards left. Hold on one second.
Let me grab it for you. -And so it begins.
-Oh, there he is. Timbo. Timbo… Sal. Yeah, yeah.
[ Whistles ] This is gonna be tough.
This is gonna be tough. So Tim, I met a person over here
who I would like to… Q: God, this sucks. …give my
business card to. Joe:
“Well, why don’t you?”! Therein lies
the rub, Tim. I gave you my last one.
If you wouldn’t mind… Thank you so much. -Oh!
-You disgust him! Oh, and you got this mist!
-Oh, my God! -Oh!
-That is on. -Wow!
-Look at Sal’s face. He’s got
1,000-yard stare on. -That was tough, bud.
-Elliot, there you go. That’s got my number
and e-mail on it. I’d love
for you to reach out. Yeah. Sal, he’s not the most
important guy in the room. Get the card back. Oh, I, uh, I’m just seeing
that that guy over there is from a publication
that I have been trying to get with
for quite some time. Joe:
And you have my only card. [ Laughter ] And you have
my last card… [ Laughter ] Is there any way that I might
be able to have the card back so I can give it to him? Yeah, thank you,
Elliot. -Ohh!
-Oh, my God! Oh, I feel so bad. -My God, Sal.
-My God. How’s everything
going, guys? Good, good.

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