Importance of Branding For Your Bookkeeping Business

Importance of Branding For Your Bookkeeping Business

Hi everyone Steve Crisler here from
bookkeeping life today I want to talk about branding so what is branding
branding is for bookkeeping business at your logo it’s an at your website it is
the image that people see when they first start looking for a book keeper
they pull up they go on google or something and I type in bookkeeping in
your area and businesses pop up they go to the website look at it the website
needs to be attractive and how it can be attractive is one it needs to be a
nice-looking website and also have a nice logo on it so like this is an
example of a logo and when you’re starting a new business it’s really
important to be able to stand out above your competition so if they go if you’re
on Craigslist or you’re on Yelp or just on the internet and they pull up there
searching for bookkeepers and they pull up yours and a couple other peoples what
is going to set you apart probably is the branding because a lot of
bookkeepers do the same types of services so they’re gonna pull up three
different bookkeepers in their area and you’re one of them you all list your
services and they’re all about the same so what is what is the difference
between you it’s going to be one of the main things that’s going to lead to them
to call you or email you is your branding it needs to look professional
so if you’re not a professional logo maker or website creator I do not
recommend you do this yourself I recommend that because nowadays it’s so
inexpensive to have a logo done and a website done compared to the old days
that it’s really worth the money your first client can easily pay for the
costs for the really in the first month or for the first second month so it’s
really worth it and you may not even get that client if you don’t have good
branding so I always preach really good branding plus really good advertising
equals clients do you not skimp on the branding because if you do then you
cannot have advertising so it starts at the
beginning which is the branding then you can do really good advertising don’t
start advertising until you have really good branding so need a really good
website and you need a really good logo so that you can stand out amongst your
peers so if you’re interested in we do that here at bookkeeping life are one of
the services we provide it’s an optional service is lisslow is the branding piece
and my videos and my programs talk about what makes a good business name that’s
another piece of the branding is the actual name your name itself so keep
that in mind when you’re going through the process but I do talk about it that
in all my programs the brand the whole branding piece picking a good name what
I think is a good name where to how they do the logo we do the and we can help
you with the logo we can help you with the website we have a professional team
that does logos and websites so if you sign up for one of my programs that has
those options selected we take care of all that for you we help you with you
know selecting a good name good logo work with you back and forth on the logo
back and forth on the website until you have something that you’re very proud of
and that looks extremely professional and they the team’s do a really really
good job we have nothing but positive comments from people that have signed up
for those so if you’re interested in that let me know you can email me at
steve at bookkeeping you can look on the website you can make a
comment in the comment section below let me know if you have any questions and do
not skimp on the branding whether you go through us to do it or someone else it’s
extremely important so don’t skimp on it if you will get a lot more clients that
way make a lot more money that way alright happy brandy take care have a
good day

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  1. Great content. Im considering starting a remote bookkeeping business on the evenings and weekends myself

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