Impeachment hearing was ‘a staged, managed production’: McGurn

Impeachment hearing was ‘a staged, managed production’: McGurn

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  1. "I did not have relations with that whistleblower, Mr. Anonymous."  Adam Schiff

  2. Iran Contra all over again, what folly, democrats had a chance till this. they lost the election today.

  3. If anyone votes for a Democrat, they are anti-America!!!!!

  4. If ANYONE wants to know what all this is about ask two questions – Where did the Russia Hoax start? 2nd – Where are Barr and Durham? When you answer those questions you see there was a swarm call to protect the core of corruption of 44 Admin.

  5. Every trial is stage managed.

  6. DemocRats Are Toast! Vote All DemocRats Out Of Office!

  7. This whole thing is a sales pitch to convince Americans that it's ok to impeach a President who hasn't done anything wrong…
    And we're not buying it.
    The Kurds could give a [email protected] about us…they used us to get rid of Obamas little accident…nothing more.

  8. Omg how long is this going to go on for President Trump is doing what is Best for his country he is such a good man

  9. Trump fuked up a little bit.
    He’s not man enough to own up to it.
    This would have been all over 2 months ago if he admitted it. He can’t because he is a cheesy New York real estate developer.
    Trump and Bill Clinton. Both liars.
    You are the dumfuks.

  10. Away senate republicans? 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂. The Dems are more batshit crazy than I even thought. This whole impeachment is a hoax built of nothing. Just like russia, which turned out actually the Democrats trying to steal the election.

  11. this shows that their democrats only closed door hearings was so they could practice their scripts. they clearly didn't memorize them. Jim Jordan ripped their top witness a new one and got him to admit rhe nonsense.
    trump 2020 with the slamdunk

  12. Win win Latinos with Trump 2020 I know Burger

  13. Trumptards: The whistleblower is like the guy who called 911 so the whistleblower’s ID is irrelevant at this point since there are witnesses who corroborated, under oath, the complaint AND it’s against the law to release his identity publicly: it’s dangerous and will set a terrible precedent by discouraging anyone who witnesses wrongdoing by people in power from coming forward. The one who started all this is Trump, so he should be the one deposed to testify under oath, morons.

    Also the hearsay argument is dumb. The witnesses are there to give their account of events. If you all have a problem with 2nd hand information then Trump should stop obstructing and allow those who had 1st hand knowledge to testify under oath i.e. put Giuliani, Bolton, Mulvaney and the other amigos up there! But Republicans won’t do that because Trump has nowhere to run and everything to hide – he is as guilty as sin and there is no way Republicans can defend the indefensible. History will reflect just how dangerously corrupt Trump and his Republican minions really were.

  14. It was a wake for the dimatwats.

  15. STOP calling it an 'impeachment' and start calling it what it really is….. A COUP

  16. The muppets put on a more truthful and entertaining show than the Democrats.

  17. I'm waiting for the main feature. IG's Democratic criminality report.

  18. As trump keeps working and winning through the deplorable attempts to discredit his presidential work with foreign dignitaries the only ones listening are the voices in the the deranged dementia Democrats heads

  19. The TRUMP NETWORK covering for TRUMP CORRUPTION.. who would have guessed


  21. When is it ever going to end. I really feel sorry for what the President has to go through. Enough let’s get things done Democrats.

  22. If you tell a lie big enough, loud enough and long enough, will people begin to believe it?
    This is the Democratics' political strategy for 2020.

  23. Something going on, Democrats is using this to take peoples mind up on something else they are doing it a farce.

  24. Illusion creators, facades like the old wizard in wizard of oz.

  25. Empire is freaking out as that they are no longer in control of the usa military as trump refuses to engage in regime change wars. So these charade investigations and impeachment hoaxes. Russian bogeyman hoaxes. The corrupt, imperially driven media mouthpieces creating a whirlwind of lies and false narratives to serve insidious world government agendas.

  26. I just pray I live to see the day when david muir is forced to tell the truth on abc fake news !!

  27. 2028 is our Future.

  28. This "impeachment hearing" is a black eye for the congress & justice system.. THEY'RE coming across as a bunch of morons

  29. The Bidens are at the center of this whole Ukraine corruption scandal, they MUST testify under oath and explain WHY Hunter was paid millions to work in Ukraine with ZERO experience….

  30. Staged, bias, another democrat supported clown show just like the russian collusion clown show . And if this doesn't accomplish the odummacrat agenda you can make a bet in vegas that the next odummacrat clown show is just around the corner. TRUMP 2020!!!!!

  31. The Dems foreordained a guilty verdict, long ago.

  32. Impeachment for morons; staged by imbeciles. By comparison, Curly, Larry, and Moe were geniuses. N-yuk, N-yuk, N-yuk! 😏

  33. Let’s not forget a lot of Turks(including erdogan) believe the USA is harboring the leader of the coup

  34. Ah, more nonsense from the Projection and Deflection network. I love it…

  35. Anyone who is only hearing what Fox News is reporting is just plain stupid. WATCH FOR YOURSELF. The spin, 1/2 truths and pure BS is easy to hear if you just watch for yourself. Notice the other news stations are actually playing actual testimony. Fox is not. Why is that?

  36. Hunter Biden has an overseas job while his. daddy is Vice President, so what? Hunter is a private citizen. Ivanka, Kushner, and Trump, have overseas businesses while Trump is president and Ivanka is on his staff VIOLATING THE EMOLUMENTS CLAUSE! They are breaking the law, Biden is NOT

  37. Didnt vote for anyone in the deep state.

  38. Donald Trump is a weak and ineffectual traitor who will be impeached and lose the 2020 election.

  39. Bunch of dipshifffts

  40. A coup by the democrats to take back the White House

  41. Republicans are liars. Democrats knows something about trump also Republicans

  42. Spot on. They just want some air time. They don’t have anything, it’s all for show.

  43. OMG…..the Democrats are sick bias unpatriotic idiots… them out

  44. What a Waste. Our Tax $$$$$$$. @ Work…I will Vote to Impeach All Democrats. This is Why Congress gets"Nothing Done."
    #1 ILLEGALS immigration
    #2 Inferstructure of our Country.
    #3 Healthcare
    #4 improving our Great Economy. 😱🕵🗽🇺
    #5 Trade Deals Wtf

  45. More Fake Fox News Propaganda! you really have to have a weak mind to trust anything coming from fox now days

  46. President Trump is going through so much, I hope his staff is taking good care of him. He needs to get some rest. Maybe the whistleblower is their smoking gun. Who is he?

  47. World leaders are saying US has the most corrupt government. Taxpayers will continue to lose billions… all because politicians are above USA laws.

  48. All the Republicans were singing Whitney Houston today, "I have nothing….nothing…..nothhhhhhiiiiing" 😂

  49. Coward democrats lied Schiff talk to whilst blower his staff talk to the whistle blower kangaroo

  50. All isis to divert attention from House Bill 1111 gives rights to the UN two-piece keep peacekeeper troops in America in America

  51. This impeachment thing really blew up bigger after Epstein didnt commit suicide

  52. BREAKING NEWS: Inviting other nations to interfere with our elections is "not a serious offense" compared to getting a consensual BJ from a staffer.

  53. A staged production meant to cover something about to come to light. There are a lot of high level people about to become exposed and most likely charged with treason.

  54. TRUMP 2020 🇺🇸👍👍🇺🇸

  55. Why wasn't Taylor's aid a wittiness?

  56. i go back and forth just to see what the left media says.They think they have it in the bag the rite media thinks the same way i which this was a boxing match and have Adam Schiff and Donald trump fight it out and the and loser gets throwing out of the government

  57. Fox News is a staged pre meditated act of stupidity. It's not news it's opinion.

  58. whatever hazing process the Kurds have, can be solved with a splat ball barrier obstacle coarse type customs watch, for the b est child bearing Planned Parenting years to rear children, into a safe capita bracket trajectory on the childs 1st 10 yr. Human Chronometer in place for the new Journeymans Dream Sheets, between OMH / DMV a small part of the new " Common Goal Safety Incentive "Protract…

  59. Trump is working for Putin in the Kremlin. And Recep tayyip Erdogan of Turkey. Because of Gerald Kushner" giving Saudi Arabia, the go ahead and kidnapping the reporter. Trump locked pathetic yesterday standing up next to Recep tayyip Erdogan of Turkey. on them podiums he looked pathetic. Trump has so much outside interest business in Turkey and other countries. That the decision that he makes his conflicts get in the way. What he did with the Syrian Kurdish people is shameful. If you people think that trump is doing things for America you are going to have a rude awakening. We can see it already. But you people that support trump are just being to partisan and bias and ignorant that you don't want to admit it. You are wrong about trump and Bill Barr need to be impeached.

  60. Impeach the highest elected officer of the nation on water fountain gossip.
    OMG This does not add up to one pile of Schiff.

  61. Hoax #2 has the air of hysteria about it , the 2020 election will be on us quicker than they can manipulate things .

  62. The result of the "Hearing" in 3 words: "What a FARCE"

  63. Sorry but too much evidence agianst trump stop trying to save a president that has done something bad.

  64. Sorry tell the true about trump Fox News I mean a person that didn’t do nothing wouldn’t be facing impeachment sorry . Trump guilty

  65. Burn all liberals alive.

    P U R E ' A M E R I C A N

  67. Impeachment will never happen in the Senate, the Dems longstanding members will be primaried' by Socialists and the House will change leadership to AOC from Pelosi, Watch as S0r0s puts in dozens just like the 'Squad' in the 2020 Dem primaries.

  68. If you donʻt break up E*R*I*C*C*I*A*R*A*M*E*L*L*Aʻs name F*O*X will DELETE IT. This confirms the E*R*I*C is in fact the Leaker/Spy. Thanks for the Confirmation Fox! FOX thinks we are all STUPID!

  69. Our 2nd Amendment has never been more important! We are going to have to exercise it!

  70. Do you think Hollyweed could hire some of these demon democrats. I know you have to be very talented to remember your sentence…….can they hire invisible whistleblower????? All we can see on this 1st round is demon democrats try to convince themselve

  71. Turkey is nothing but a snake country anyway don't get too close with them mr. President they working with Russia and Russia is going to take them they're the smartest communist country in the world next to China..😎

  72. YES "impeachment appears as staged, managed production (as in the: movies)!
    In last decades ONE president Donald John Trump: triad to restore our nation and peace on the world, and for this reason He was constantly attacked, because He wasn't as previous one for: fame, money or gossips, but He truly worked hard to benefit American people. Well this wasn't in interest of previous money hungry deceptive leaders, so they use their deceptions to "impeached him based on their own dishonest statements". They (where they came from, who raised them?) are confused and also very envious of LOVE, which Trump receives from people

    People got use to trust AIR MEDIA and worship Talk Shows Hosts of Celebrities (Hollywood), YET MOST PEOPLE are WISER and MORE TALENTED, as you can see on: accomplishments of honest president Trump, his honorable kids, their trustworthy supporters, and look in the mirror: you are one of them (most likely)..


  74. This was a tribal dance to grab power didn't work.

  75. Democrats can do these every day until election day, and not change my mind about how evil and undeserving they are to hold any office. Don Trump has earned a third term already in my book, where Democrats are forced to concede the 2016 election and finally do some work! …and no goofy Democrat trade deals, please! They blew NAFTA and China trade deals and enough is enough!

  76. baracka UKRAINE was the whistle blower. 🗣👺🌈🌭🍕💩

  77. democrats wasting tax payer money AGAIN

  78. It was awesome Fox just pssd

  79. This entire thing has been one large Q reference with stage production, movie, actors

  80. Impeachment is a fake process from fake brains
    leading nowhere.
    The truth can not be impeached and leftists are scared for the world to hear about satanism pedophilia and so many ''stars'' involved.
    No one can impeach the WILL of the FATHER.
    and i like it 🐥👍.

  81. Get real, our state department is involved in Russian collusion.

  82. The best President ever. The rest were just poor actors equal to Arnold Shwarzenegeer. 😂😂😂

  83. In my life of 50 years I'm shocked at the 1 sided total scam! I can only wonder how much MORE Trump could do for our country without these witch hunts! Turn the tables soon!

  84. This is not an impeachment it is at attack against the president of the United States of America. People if the Democrats can do this there's no telling what they will do to the American people. Anybody that is a Democrat you better be scared cuz next they're coming after you

  85. He really likes those dictators.

  86. Actually I wasted little time on that Schitt Show of 🐀💩 and thought it was A dam shame to have wasted tax payer money on
    those Leftist cretins delusions.

  87. oh coarse trump is guilty just because the republicans turn there heads to corruption and do the will of the president does not make it untrue.

  88. Love watching the impeachment hearings. Trump is TOAST!!! Lock him up! Bluewave Baby!!!!

  89. Impeachment hearings an aoc production Ahhh verdad cabrónes Trump 2020

  90. Staged, Managed and Spectacular.
    Get the fridge cart and a gag ready.

  91. What happened to America? Sad.

  92. Our president don't have time for this B S !!


  94. Rename it the Democrat COUP !!!!


  96. was rehearsed..? say this..then i say this..then say this next .?…don't forget to mention this….?…

  97. Bloomberg no coca cola

  98. IMPEACHMENT IS A WRITTEN SCRIPT TO GET THE MEDIA TO FOLLOW IT AND NOT COVER THE GOOD PRESIDENT TRUMP IS DOING FOR THE COUNTRY AND THE PEOPLE. It is also showing the people what the dems put first place over them. Dems cover up crime, want unlimited power and not working for the people or the good of America. The hate for the citizens and their own power hungry push over everything America stands for and what they want to tear down.

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