Ilhan Omar – Getting Down to Business with the Congressional Freshman Class | The Daily Show

Ilhan Omar – Getting Down to Business with the Congressional Freshman Class | The Daily Show

Welcome back to the show. Oh, thank you so much
for having me back. It’s, uh, been a long time
since you were last here, and you have done a lot
since then. -Congratulations…
-Thank you. …at, uh, making your way
into Congress. -That is exciting.
-It’s been a long journey. It has been a long journey, and it has been
a fruitful journey, as well. Um, people love throwing
“the first” at you. Do-do you ever get tired of having to be the first
of everything? We could go, “first refugee,
first Somali woman, first woman of color
to represent Minnesota.” It’s just like, “First, first,
first, first, first, first.” Sometimes people
just add extra “firsts” that are not real to just… -It becomes a thing. Yeah, yeah.
-“First woman named ‘Ilhan’ -to be in Cong…” Yes, yes.
-Right. Um, but-but
you are a trailblazer. I mean, just the hijab alone
is something that fundamentally changed
what Congress was. There was a ban
on the hijab for, I think it was over 100 years,
apparently? 187 years. I-I… And that-that changed
because of you. -Yeah. -Was there…
was there, like, backlash? Does anyone, like, look at you
and go…? Does anyone say anything
about that, or was everyone like,
“Yeah, yeah, this makes sense”? I mean, so, it’s interesting,
’cause there was a-a ban -on hats and headwear.
-Oh. And what people didn’t realize
is that it… it made it unconstitutional
to apply it to me, because we are supposed
to have religious liberty -in this country.
-Right. And so, um, it would have applied a-a religious test, and, so, lifting it is just upholding
our constitution. And people are like, “Oh, they did her a favor,
and all of these people -are changing things for her.”
-Right, right, right. And it’s, like, no, we’re just
following the constitution. It does… it does feel like… (applause and cheering) It does… It does feel like
there is a certain tension around the freshman group
of congress people who have come in, you know,
after these midterms. You know, you feel a lot
of the old guard, especially on the right,
terrified of the group. You know, it’s yourself,
it’s Ocasio-Cortez, it’s Rashida Tlaib.
Like, you have these people where everyone’s
just going like, “They’re troublemakers,
they’re here to cause chaos.” -Yeah.
-Are you there to cause chaos? I mean, they could hear us
coming from afar, and I… -(applause and cheering) -And
I… and I really believe it. You know, I mean, all of us
were ready and are still ready
to throw down on behalf
of the American people. We’re ready to throw down
and make sure that we’re taking care of
health care once and for all… -Right.
-…and that we’re making sure to get rid of, uh,
for-profit prisons, and that we’re, um, going
to cancel out student debt -and free young people from…
-(applause and cheering) …right, like, the shackles
of debt. -Wow.
-And so… Trump and, um,
and the Republicans could see us coming, and so
they shut down the government, and they ended up being
this really interestingly bizarrely scripted scene
from, like, the House of Cards. -Yes. -Um, except
he wasn’t as entertaining or as strategic
as Frank Underwood. And-and so we… we’re here,
like, excited to get sworn in into this historic– right?–
historic Congress, and we came into
another bizarre history, -Right. -because
the shutdown we walked into was the first shutdown,
not only, like, the longest, but the first shutdown
that was orchestrated -by a president of this country.
-Oh, that’s interesting. Right. And, you know, you and I
come from foreign countries, -Yes. -and so in many
of the foreign countries around the world, if
a president or a prime minister was to shut down government, there would probably be
a vote of no confidence. -Mm-hmm. -He would
no longer be president. That’s interesting. -(cheering, applause)
-Right? And we’re…
and we’re sitting here, and we’re not
holding him accountable for shutting down the government
for 35 days and getting nothing -out of it.
-It does… it does seem like Trump operates, um, under,
you know, a set of rules that no one else does,
and-and that’s… -He’s delusional. That’s why.
-(laughter) And you haven’t been afraid
to call him out on that. But let’s talk
about some of those policies -that you spoke about.
-Mm-hmm. One of the biggest criticisms
that, you know, you always hear
leveled against you, and the group of freshmen
who have come in, generally, is that people go:
“Oh, these are lofty ambitions “that can’t be achieved. “America doesn’t have the money
to cancel student debt. “America doesn’t have the money
for Medicare for all. American just
doesn’t have the money.” How would you propose
getting the money to pay for these
amazing programs? America has money. Money isn’t… We don’t have
a problem of scarcity, really. What we have is a problem
of moral courage. Right? -Our budgets really are
supposed to be… -(applause) our budgets are supposed to be,
uh, an example of… -of our moral values.
-Right. And so, you know, this is why
I got on the Budget Committee, ’cause I’m excited to make sure
that we have a budget -that’s reflective of our
values. -(cheering, applause) And so what we need to do
is we need to make sure that we are prioritizing
and funding policies that create positive impact
in people’s day-to-day lives. -Mm-hmm.
-We have been… prioritizing
in enriching the wealthy. We have given in to, um… caving in– right?– like, to
the powers of special interests, -Right.
-and so we need to make sure that we’re holding
special interests accountable, that we’re getting money
out of politics, that we are, uh, taxing…
the uber rich. -Right.
-Um, that the one percent gets to pay their fair share. -Right.
-Um, so this is… this is why we’re proposing
a marginal tax rate. We want to make sure
that the American people recognize government as one that works for them and works on behalf
of their interests. If you… (cheers and applause) If you’ve been following
the shutdown, for most people, the story
has been that, um, Democrats and Republicans
are now working on a plan to fund border security. And, you know, you listen
to Nancy Pelosi speak, and it seems like
the biggest sticking point is really the wall,
but a lot of people agree on the basic fundamentals
of giving more money to the border, to, you know, for border security
and improving that. But yourself and a few
of your freshmen colleagues have come out, and you wrote
a letter saying no, -we should cut funding
to these programs. -Mm-hmm. That’s a really controversial
stance to take. Why? I mean, because what
we have been doing is that we’ve just had
slush funds to fund private
detention centers for young kids who are being
put in cages. That is, that is not in line
with our values. We want to make sure that every
single dollar that we have, um, is used to actually care, and provide something that is
in line with our values. We have– You know, Minnesota,
like, that’s where I come from– -It’s negative 60 degrees
yesterday. -Mm-hmm. We have a homeless crisis. We have people who are freezing And what we can do
with the money that we have is make sure that we’re
investing $20 billion in providing homes
to our homeless folks. That would get rid of
homelessness in this country. (applause) What we can do
is that we can stop the constant increase
of our defense budget. Since 9/11,
it increased nearly 50%. We have not had that high
of an increase in education funding;
we haven’t had that kind of increase
in health care funding, right? We don’t invest in the things
that actually, positively impact people. But we are willing
to invest in things that give contracts to, uh, companies and corporations
that benefit from our struggles
and our pains. And that’s not gonna happen
under our watch. Let me ask you this. You, um…
-(cheers and applause) You’re someone who has been
very outspoken. You know, you’ve always spoken
your mind, you’ve always spoken directly
to people, voters, your colleagues, etcetera. And recently, you’ve come
under fire for a few of your previous comments. -Um… Yeah.
-Recently. (laughs) -But, I mean, well, most
recently. -It’s constant. -You know, there was a,
-It’s constant. there was a tweet that you had
a while ago, criticizing Israel
and what, you know, how they’re handling the crisis
in Palestine and in Gaza. And you said, you know, Israel is hypnotizing the world
with what they’re doing. You apologized after that for–
And what you said was really interesting to me
in the apology. You said,
I apologize for focusing on the semantic argument -and clarifying my comments.
-Mm-hmm. And– but I-I apologize for not making people understand
that I was completely not trying to be anti-Semitic,
and not standing up -and fighting against
that anti-Semitism. -Right. Because, I mean, you know,
people who may not know, but the-the idea of Jewish people
hypnotizing anyone is part of the stigma -that led to many of them,
you know… -Yeah. The Holocaust and many
of the hate crimes against them. You apologized for that, -but you’ve still stood fast
-But… with your criticism of Israel. You-you still criticize people
that you don’t agree with. How do you find that balance
between criticizing people and then also not looking
like you are condemning mass groups of people
as opposed to governments? Yeah. I was gonna say
with-with that tweet, what I finally realized is, um, the realization that I hope
that people, um, come to when we’re having a conversation
about white privilege. -Right.
-You know, people would be like, “I grew up
in a poor neighborhood. -“I can’t be privileged.
-Right. “Can you stop saying that? -I haven’t benefitted
from my whiteness.” -Uh-huh. Um, and it’s like, no, we’re
talking about systematic, right? -Right, right, right.
-Um, and, so, for me, that happened for me. I was like,
“Do not call me that. -That’s not what I was doing.”
-Right. And it was like, oh, I… I see what you’re saying now. And so I… You…
I had to take a deep breath and understand
where people were coming from and what point
they were trying to make. -Interesting. -Um, which is what
I expect people to do when I’m talking to them, right, about things that impact me
or offend me. And what is important
in-in this conversation is that we separate the-the land, the people
and administrations. When I talk about… what we are doing wrong
in this country, it’s not because
I hate this country. It’s not because
I don’t see myself as American. It’s because I love this country
and because I am American and because
I want it to do better. And so when I talk about places
like Saudi Arabia or, you know, um, Israel or even now with Venezuela, I’m not criticizing the people. I’m not criticizing their faith. I’m not criticizing,
um, their way of life. What I am criticizing is
what’s happening at the moment, and I want for there to be
accountability so that the government,
that administration, that regime can do better. Because I believe
that we all deserve better -and the human collective
-Mm-hmm. requires us to speak up
when we see something wrong. (cheering and applause) Thank you so much
for coming back on. Congresswoman Ilhan Omar,

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