If You Ignore This 2018 Marketing Strategy, You Already Lost | NAC Keynote 2018

If You Ignore This 2018 Marketing Strategy, You Already Lost | NAC Keynote 2018

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  1. Thank you, Gary! I have been focused on creating content and learning the platforms. I needed that push to start running ads! I appreciate your energy, your words, and your honesty.

  2. 10:40 that had me dying lmao

  3. Really interesting tips and advice for this years Marketing Strategy! Check out our Channel, we have BRAND NEW CONTENT coming very soon- you can't miss it…

  4. "Excuses are the drug of not achieving. " @garyvee

  5. My name is Mohsen morshedi .love this human being with my eyes .i learned so much from him .thats only content I use to level up my life .i used to suffer from depression,anxiety,child abuse ,entitlement,lack of gratitude 🙏 and lack of humility.was not happy .was lost .brock still brock but he changed the whole game for me by changing my trying to start my social media platforms and make fortune .thank u mr kind .thsnk u mr VEYNERCHUK.❤️🌹❤️

  6. Great video keep up the hard work and dedication brother

  7. I am pissed that Facebook changed their algorithms…primarily because FB acts like they care about Family and Friendship connections…Facebook is free to join but you have to pay or reach just 1% not giving one a chance to feel things out..crowded with ads it feels like myspace..

  8. Now most people use the Video Brochure for Marketing. Don't ask me how to know~

  9. i think its gonna get oversaturated real fast! i can't even watch a video before a fucking ad pops up. guess what? i don't even watch it i keep on scrolling.. that shit sucks and people hate it. it might be working rite now because its fairly new. but come on.. its getting oversaturated

  10. Gary!!! I’m from Venezuela ❤️❤️

  11. Very useful tips for beginners and not only. Very similar to the approach of the guys from https://www.dvbmarketing. pro , bud-then with them an example of business development was taken.

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  14. Love this, although confused as to how the big corporations haven't fully grasped the potential of social media yet? I know it is imminent but you would think they would be dominating already. Does anyone have an explanation?

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  16. I am so grateful that GaryVee tells it like it is! Thanks!

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  18. Hi Gary, you have to check unifii.

  19. Have you ever seen an online ad for Nike, BMW, Wal*Mart… fuck Gary drives this home… ad's are cheap and going to get infinitely more expensive in the next few years. FML we gotta get on this.

  20. Wow! Incredible! Thanks for opening my mind!

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  22. It's just crazy how everything that he's saying is true. Let's start before it is too late!

  23. That was truly inspiring and for some reason frightening at the same time. What is holding me back from doing Youtube is the fact that I don't feel like I'm good enough with editing and putting it together to create something that looks the way I want it to. I know you probably won't have the time to read or answer this comment, but if you have some advice I would appreciate it.

    Should I just create and put it up there or educate myself more in the ways of doing it the right way, before posting the first video?

    Again, thank you for being such a huge inspiration.

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  26. I love Gary sooooooooo much. This was fire!!!! Thank you

  27. This is great! Social media is definitely something businesses should start prioritizing more.

  28. It's the only thing you need to pay attention to: 1996 no one had a website, I started an email newsletter with a 91% open rate, the day google ad words came out I bought ad-words for my business

  29. arrogant and overproud prick ("just kidding" lol fucking idiot)

  30. I'm trying to build a YouTube channel and work on social media platforms mentioned in the video, but have no money, no job as of right now and my life I don't think would be entertaining to anyone. What options do I have? (Completely new to social media) I am very greatful for the knowledge and content GaryVee

  31. G Veee, how u know so much…. I think u r an alien. ,,😙😂


  33. Knowing what to say can be difficult when marketing, or trying to reach more people. That is why I use the internet to find useful information that helps me learn what are the things I should say to get everyone's attention, not just my friends attention.

  34. I only realised this week that FB Pixel is of use to improve FB ad responses >_<

  35. I love his work and his way of thinking! The fact we get all this information for free goes beyong my mind! So much value. This type of content is worth so much £££ Thank you Gary V!

  36. Big difference between changing algorithms and demonitising people's business cause of political bias. Big difference.


  38. Gary V is single handedly pumping my brain with wisdom and hustle mentality as I edit films for my channel. What an incredible dude! Thanks Gary. Earth Story is going to hit 10 million in no time 😉

  39. Last week I did some light in person shopping, no high-ticket items, at the conclusion of almost every transaction, I was asked for my phone number. While traveling about I must have passed a large number of cell phone towers, some well-hidden. With my mobile phone number, those merchants and associates are able to track where I’ve been, where I’m may be going, the items purchased, likely to purchase, in short, a moving mark to be marketed to, every living hour of my day or night. Big brother, now becoming a reality in fact… with improved satellite technology, a clear visual may soon be added too…along with criticism of my choice of outfit…and my shoes that didn’t match my suit…

  40. Gonna spend on fb and Instagram ads soon but first need to create content. I can’t advertise something that doesn’t have content

  41. Social media marketing is the biggest opportunity ever right now!! It's already getting more expensive, and by 2020 it will be too expensive for small businesses to be profittable. the time is NOW!!

  42. thank you sir it's really help

  43. Hey Gary, thanks for what you put out there. Learning a shit load!! I've joined #firstinline but have not received correspondence yet!?

  44. Deng Xiaoping has been reported to have said, “it doesn’t
    matter if a cat is black or white, so long as it catches mice”. Today’s
    marketing managers employing current marketing trends, would disagree, claiming
    that, you ‘can’, catch more mice with a little hair dye…

  45. Thank you. Just Thank you.

  46. Great video, so true, always awesomeness from Gary. It's exactly what I address in my latest spoken word called Sallypants 48 – yes inspired by his Sallypants reference 😛 Take a listen if you want more info on dealing with negativity on social media. Let me know what you think!



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  49. many words and nothing concreet… water water water… as always actually =(

  50. He threw soneones book to another person 😂😂😂 never laughed so hard at an accident.

  51. I can't show this to my students, to much cussing. Cmon man, great material, but be more creative with the crutch words.

  52. i lose concentration of his speech when he curses…its so absurd.



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  56. god that screaming at the beginning -_- lol, thanks for this video Vee


  58. Lmfao "make all of you a jets fan, even though you don't know it's what I'm doing to you right now."

  59. Couldn't agree more. Social media is now an essential component of marketing tactics.

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  73. Dear Gary Vee, please do read this as it is very important for you to know. Thank you, is all I can say, your talks have impacted my pocket so positively, allowing me to provide food for my family, as well as the other individuals that also have families to feed… can you see the trail here? Im from South Africa, a country that has a GDP level that equals only 1 state (Califonia) in the US. In other words, SMEs have a HUGE impact in improving our economy, YOU helped in that, today I have a structure, on how to market my business.

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  79. how can i see facebook and instagram ads that I am not the target demographic of? Is there no way for me to see them? EG if Louis Vuitton knows I can't afford it, will I ever see their sponsored ads?


  81. Right now, video marketing is huge! But of course, it still depends on your target audience. You have to constantly monitor your audience and define which channels are the most effective for your brand. While it is good to experiment on different channels, not all of those channels can be profitable.

  82. attention is the only things that matters …
    stop being lazy and do what you gotto do
    nobody"s is going to do it for you

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  84. Can someone type what he's saying at 28:15 "he and it beked heavy"? English is not my mothertongue, quite hard to hear what is said. Thanks.

  85. Of course GaryVee is the #1 video in YouTube for "marketing" lol. Freakin' Gary…

  86. Half way through the video, stopped and went to IG to add new ads 😜

  87. 18:29 I am!! 😃🙋‍♂️🇸🇪

  88. Skillful Video! Wouldn't surprise me if this video went viral.

  89. How does this not have more views?

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