I Let My Best Friend Pick My Bae: Kayla | Bestie Picks Bae

I Let My Best Friend Pick My Bae: Kayla | Bestie Picks Bae

– I dragged my best friend onto here, too, and he’s going down. – [Rio] I’m double jointed in my arms. (upbeat music) – Hi, I’m Kayla. I’m 16, and I’m here with my bestie. – Frank, I’m 18. – And he’s gonna help me pick my bae. We met in painting class together. – Oh, my God, yes. – And we’ve been best friends ever since. Absolutely inseparable. I am bisexual, but I’ve
actually never dated a guy. I’ve only ever been with
girls, so I’m really excited to see what I can find here today. We have the exact opposite taste in guys. – Basically, yeah.
– Basically. I am looking for someone
who’s intelligent. I love people with great senses of fashion because I, myself, love fashion. I would really love for them
to be both socially aware, and environmentally aware. In a girl, specifically, I’m looking for someone
who’s extremely fun. Someone that I can laugh with for hours, and just hang out with without even having to check my phone. Also, another artist
like me would be best. I chose Frank to come
with me today, obviously, because he’s my bestie, but,
also, because I trust him. I really do trust him with
choosing who I should be with. – You should. – ‘Cause he knows what’s
best for me, for sure. – Yeah. – Yeah. I want someone to match Kayla’s
vibe as well as, you know, kind of, keep up with her in the sense of, she’s a very just creative, and, I don’t know how to explain her. She’s just an amazing human being, and I want her to be happy. And I want her to have
that person this summer. – My celebrity crushes, oh, my gosh. Obviously, Lana Del Rey, Jared Leto. Who else? Gigi Hadid, Bella Hadid, and Claudine Wolfe from Monster High. – Rihanna? Rihanna? Rihanna?
– I don’t have a crush on Rihanna at all, sorry. Let’s get to work. (funky hip hop music) – My name’s Sam, I’m 18. And my fun fact is I dragged
my best friend onto here too and he’s going down. – I’m Audrey. I’m 16, and I’m a bassist. – I’m Ray, I’m 18, my best
friend dragged me here, and she’s going down. – Ooh. – My name’s Eric. I’m 15 years old, and I’m a huge car guy. – Hi, my name’s Keigo. I’m 18 years old, and I
once had the hottest pepper in the world. It was pretty enticing. – My name is Lucy. I’m 17 years old, and I am a
competitive horseback rider. – Hi, my name’s Rio. I’m 16, and I’m double jointed in my arms. (upbeat synth music) – [Man] Oh, my God. – Hi, I’m Jose. I’m 15, and I don’t like music. (record scratches) – Hi, my name is Kiara. I’m 17, and I’m ambidextrous. – Hi, I’m Abdul. I’m 17, and I like to
cook, and play sports. – There were a couple standouts, but the guy that doesn’t
like music stood out the most ’cause I’ve never been
able to talk to someone who doesn’t necessarily like music. – I wanna see why he doesn’t like music. – Me and Kayla are both painters, and we met in painting class. What art form do you guys
most appreciate and why? – I actually really like digital art. I, myself, do some of that,
and I take commissions as well occasionally, so
I appreciate it a lot. – I’m actually a professional actor, and I have been one
since I was 11 years old. I just really have always
loved it because it’s been kind of a way to express
myself while not being myself, if that makes any sense. – I’ve always experimented
with different forms of art. In high school, I took
a graphic design class, but recently, I’ve been
doing a lot of Photoshop, and I actually recently made
an album cover for someone. – Well I, myself, am
a professional singer. I’ve been singing all around
the world, including Australia, and Italy, and Germany,
and I love Broadway. I’ve been on Broadway before,
so I really connect with that, more arts instead of more visual. I’m more of a performer art kind of style. – I personally love, like,
film and photography. Just, like, the works with a camera. I always dream of being
involved with films, or anything like that, because I feel like I personally have potential. – I like theater the most. I just connect with it
on an emotional level. I go to a performing arts high school, so that’s what I study a lot of the time. Nothing touches me like theater. – I once signed up for a visual
arts class at high school thinking it was to do with
computers because I love anything technological-related. But I was kind of bummed
out when it was more papers, but I really like 3D modeling
and graphic design as an art. – My favorite art form is acting. I’ve been acting since I
was like three years old. So it just connects with
me ’cause I like to become a different character,
and play different people ’cause it’s like an escape from my world to like a different world. – I connect with modeling as
well as doing visual arts, such as Aboriginals. I really connect with those
things because modeling gives me an outlet to not
wear the same clothes, and try different styles of clothing. And I really connect to the
Aboriginal spiritual connection that it came from, and
it’s a more carefree type of painting. – So, most of my life I’ve
been drawing and painting. I prefer still-life. – I really value all creative pursuits, but I definitely would
love another visual artist. – Kayla likes to kind of paint, and she’s a more visual person. She doesn’t necessarily
like computer stuff so I’m sorry Rio, but it’s over. (downbeat music) – I don’t really think
Frank did a good job. He eliminated me based on
my love for technology. To immediately throw me out
because I love computers, I don’t really think that was right. Computers really? – Describe your style and where do you guys
personally like to shop. – I like to look at a lot of
like, Korean fashion blogs and I try my best to
thrift as much as I can ’cause I don’t like supporting
fast fashion if I can. – I don’t necessarily
have one inspiration, I like to collect inspirations from places like Tumblr, and stuff like that or people in my life who really inspire me like artists and I try
to thrift whenever I can because I really hate
supporting fast fashion. – So I actually am in
the middle of finding my fashion sense right now, I don’t really have anything solid but I definitely will try anything. I usually like go to places like Superdry. In terms of like thrifting,
I probably do that more cause I never really had
money to explore fashion, so. – I like to take my
inspiration from people from TV and movies like I love
seeing something on TV and being like, “Hey, I
could totally rock that,” so like I’ll go and try
to source that material or something like that,
or I’ll try to find that in like a store and if I can I’ll try to go in like a thrift shop
and try to find that there and if I can’t, I’ll end up
buying it online or something, but I don’t like to do that. I try to resort to that
like last case scenario. – I personally get my
inspiration from Grease, like John Travolta, I love
just like that old-school 50’s vibe with like a passion and I want to say that
I usually typically shop at like Urban Outfitters, or like Zara. – I also love taking my
fashion inspiration from film, and my mom’s a designer so
she has a really big impact on what I like. Definitely quality over quantity, I don’t really support
fast fashion either. – So, I’m actually in
the middle of expanding and just rearranging my closet. I get a lot of my fashion styles and my fashion ideas from
just old-school, ’90s chic. Movies like Clueless really inspire me. – My personality is goofy,
so when I look for outfits I look for goofy stuff so I try to like, sometimes I search online ’cause you know, you go to a store and you
won’t see anything goofy, so online you can search
up a shark riding a tornado or something like that and you’d find it so I usually find my
inspiration from models or stuff like goofy. – Most of my shoes are actually
come from different songs, A$AP Rocky might be one of the
biggest influencers for me. If you heard the songs
he made about shoes, I had to buy them right after so, and I do not support fast fashion. I like thrifting a lot, you
can always find something that looks great for the lowest value, and that’s always the best feeling when you find that bargain. – There’s nothing necessarily wrong with being a little goofy, but in terms of Kayla
and her fashion sense, she does not have time to be goofy so I’m sorry Jose. (downbeat music) – Bye Jose. – I was little disappointed
’cause you know, it’s always good to be a
little goofy in your life, have fun and just try to
live your life to the fullest so I was a little shocked and disappointed to get eliminated ’cause
of my fashion sense. It’s not that I don’t like music, it’s just that I’m not
passionate about music. I’ll get ’em next time. – If you have a pet, tell me about them, but if you don’t, just
talk about your ideal pet. – I actually have a dog,
he’s five years old, his name is Yuki, he’s
a pure-bred shih tzu and he is the love of my life. Honestly, if Kayla doesn’t choose me, like I still got my dog at least. (laughing) but I actually haven’t slept
on my bed in like two months because I have a loft bed and he’s afraid to go on the top. So he comes into my room and he sleeps on the beanbag chair so I’ll
cuddle with him at night. – That was so personalized I love it. – I also have a dog, her name is Molly. She’s a Wheaton terrier,
she’s really big though, she’s like 40 pounds,
and she’s 8 years old but she still acts like a puppy. So when I come in the door
and I like open my arms she’ll run to me and jump up. It’s so cute, I love her so much. – I have a miniature poodle named after the great Albus Dumbledore. I love him to death. He’s seven years old, but like she said, he’s still like a puppy. He’ll run around the
house and do crazy things. – I’ve gotta mini
goldendoodle named Apollo after the moon missions because he’s very spunky and
very interesting personality. He likes to explore so
he’s just an amazing dog. And every time I open the door and I get home from school he runs and jumps into my arms and is just such an amazing dog. – I have an eight-year-old
golden retriever. His name is Bordeaux, and his name is when he was a puppy he would always go into the wine coolers or something like that. And he would always sniff
the red wine bordeaux and then that’s how we named him because he just loved that scent. He was a little alcoholic but just like he know how to have fun. – I have the arguably the
best dog in the world. He’s a French bulldog he’s black, sorry. His name is Meatloaf. (giggles) He sits there, he sleeps, and when you rub behind his ears he goes, (snorts)
(laughing) He goes (snorts). – Do it again, no, joking. (laughing) – On more time, please. – So, unfortunately I had
a dog but he passed away. So, if you were to ask me
what my ideal dog would be, it would be him. He gave you hugs on command. He was literally like having
a little kid right beside you. Poor Milo. – So when I was younger I was born and raised in Bangladesh
and my mom was in college. So my grandpa took care
of me most of the time and when he was away I would hang out with
this dog that he picked up and she soon became my best friend. And it was probably the
saddest moment in my life when I left my grandpa and
the dog back in Bangladesh. So to this day I still don’t
know what happened to her but if I would have ideal
pet it would probably be what she was to me growing up as a child when I didn’t have anyone besides her. – I was really on the fence,
but I’m sorry Ray, but. (downbeat music) – Honestly, I made it further
than I thought I was going to ’cause the other people
were like leagues above me. I don’t wanna say I felt cheated. Sam, I don’t think you
can last that much longer. – Do you believe in paranormal things? Do you guys like conspiracy theories? Shane Dawson fans or anything? – It would be cool to know if ghosts exist and they’re messing around with
peoples lives, occasionally. So I guess deep down in my heart, like, yeah, I’ll believe it. – I’m actually kind of a die
hard fan of Shane Dawson. It’s a little bit embarrassing. I get really invested in
the conspiracies sometimes. As to whether or not I
believe them, I feel like it just kind of depends on the day. I feel like to some extent
yes but to some extent no. – I like to read
conspiracy theory stories. They’re very investing
and sometimes people go really into it and
it’s a really good read. Whether I believe them or not it depends on how realistic it was. Like if they’re real elements and real-world places
and things like that, I could really honestly see myself really being invested in believing it. But as for ghosts, something
like that, not so much. – I like to believe, specifically, aliens, because we’re such, like, we’re such a tiny speck in this universe and like we don’t know what’s out there. I’d like to believe there
is something out there. – I don’t know. I swear to God the house that
I lived in when I was younger was haunted, so, gonna
stand by that, I think. – I 100% believe in paranormal activity and aliens and conspiracy theories. That’s all I watch when I’m at home. I like to read about it and learn more because it’s really hard for me to believe that we’re the only important
things in this universe. I believe that there’s other worlds. – Whenever I eat I would just
watch conspiracy theory videos ’cause they’re always entertaining and they always get you to
start thinking about things that you normally wouldn’t think about. So, just like everyone has said before about the that we’re specks
of dust in the universe. I feel like there’s
always something out there and conspiracy theories
and supernatural things make your mind think more about stuff that you wouldn’t normally think. So, like, personally I do
believe some, but not a lot, because there’s a lot of things out there that shouldn’t be said. – I personally believe in ghosts and I personally believe in aliens 100%. I am proud to say that. I would really love someone who I can have long conversations with about aliens or ghosts. Someone else that knows a bunch of facts. A bunch of other scary stories because it’s one of my
personal favorite topics. – I’m sorry but you said
you don’t necessarily believe in ghosts, and I don’t think Kayla would be okay with that, so. (downbeat music) – Bye, Erich. – That’s unfortunate. I just don’t really believe in ghosts. I mean, I believe in aliens,
sure, just not so much ghosts. Roses are red, violets are blue, sometimes it don’t be like
that but sometime it do. – What is a social or environmental issue you guys are passionate about and why? – I’m really passionate
about animal cruelty and fashion and cosmetics. I actually did a school project on it and I’m still doing it. I just think that cosmetics and fashion it’s not like a necessity in life, right? So, we have the alternatives
to make it cruelty-free. Yet, people still, companies
just want the money and will like torture animals. Going through those tests
when you don’t need it. – I am very passionate
about climate change and the effects of even the
small things that we do. So, like, I use a metal straw. I’m a vegan because of the
methane reduction purposes. – I’m very passionate for gun control. Last year as you may know, the notorious Douglas school shooting. I had friends there. I was all the way here
in Union, New Jersey and I didn’t know what I could do. I wanted to do something. So I went to my guidance counselor, I went to the principal, and I helped lead a march in my town because I don’t want anyone
to go through that ever again. – I’m really passionate about
the intersection between gender equality and racism. As someone who is a woman and is biracial, it’s something that I
and a lot of my friends have to be reminded of everyday. So, it’s just very close to home. – One of the societal issues that I’m really headstrong about is how women are treated and their education about
sexual and reproductive health. I feel like it’s really important
for women around the world to know about their rights and to know about how they
should take care of themselves. – So, like I a said before I was born and raised in Bangladesh for, like, a good part of my life. And it’s a third-world country, so there’s a lot of pollution. And growing up seeing
that I didn’t really know ’cause I wasn’t aware. So that led me as I was
growing up to make the decision to join Environmental
Engineering as my major. And I helped lead a march for awareness because even
though you can, you know, stop, clean up stuff and do a
lot of physical stuff, awareness is what really,
really matters to me. So I do whatever I can, and to help the people that aren’t aware. ‘Cause if they knew they would change it. – Kayla is not shy to voice
her opinions on certain social and environmental issues and I wanna know if someone would be
comfortable if a loved one had an opposing opinion
on a certain thing? – But it’d be best to have someone who’s just as passionate as me. – You all had valid topics, but certain topics Kayla
likes to discuss more. So Audrey, I’m really
sorry but it’s time to go. (downbeat music) – It’s all good, I understand
that a lot of people have different things
that they care about. So I really understand why I was chosen. It hurt a little being the first girl out but it’s okay, there had to be one. – What time era would
you guys want to live in? And why? – I’d really like to go maybe like 30, 50 years into the future just
to see what kind of things that we have achieved. Like did we achieve like
time travel, teleportation, did we fix anything? Did we find a new way to test makeup on with out having it on animals? Yeah, I just wanna know if
we did what we wanted to do. – I personally just
wanna say like the ’50s. As I said before, Grease
and John Travolta, that just like inspired me a lot. – I really like the ’70s. Everyone was killin’ it. Glowing. I love disco fashion, it
was just fun and sparkly. – It would be anytime from
like from the ’70s to the ’90s. I feel like that time was, even though there were a
lot of societal issues, I feel like it was more of a time where family was more important. The fun that people had was more pure and not a lot of people
were very materialistic. Like people were okay with
having their bell bottoms and their Adidas. Like everybody was okay
with how they looked. – So I would prefer living in the future. Not really live in the future
but to go in the future ’cause a lot of the
movements that I wanna see that impacts the future. Like I wanna see that the
things I’ve done right now has changed the future. The people back then didn’t
know that what we’re, that what’s happening
right now is happening, but when I go to the
future I wanna see that the things I’ve done has made an impact that makes me feel like the work I’ve done is something that helped change the world. – Living in the moment is
really important for Kayla and believing in ourselves
and this time period is extremely, extremely important. Not only to me but to her too. So Kiara I’m really sorry
but it’s time to go. (downbeat music) – It kinda felt a little unfair because I would like to
be a part of the past. However, I’m open to the
future and the present. If I knew exactly what he was looking for I would change my answer. – Do you personally
follow astrology, like, what is your sign and do
you think it matches you? – I’m a Capricorn and yes
I do believe in astrology. I think it’s just fun to
see how people interpret me based on like when I was born. Everyone thinks Capricorns are greedy. I just think life would be
easier with a lot of money. – I am a Pisces. I want to invest myself more into astrology and stuff like that, because I know some friends who are actually like very invested in this. And it really just the curious part of me just wants to know, oh why do
we believe in this or that? Like why does like being
born in this specific time shape the personality? – I love astrology, I really do. I’m an Aquarius. I think astrology is great. I think everyone should try
and understand themselves. – I’m a Sagittarius, and
over the past few years, I like to read the horoscopes and I like to read what
I’m gonna do today, or what I’m gonna do tomorrow,
’cause it’s really funny. It kinda makes me wanna go
and look at the other signs and see what they’re doing. – I’m looking for a Sagittarius, a Libra, a Gemini, or a Cancer. Also, I love Scorpios as well. If they’re not that much into zodiac signs that is completely okay. It’s definitely not a deal breaker. – It’s interesting that we
have like different signs. It’s not like a copy of each
other, but I’m sorry Pisces. You are just not compatible with the sign. (downbeat music) – Honestly, the second
I heard that question, I sort of knew that I was gonna get out. I just wasn’t aware to much of
astrology in the first place, I’m just aware of like
my zodiac sign, really. I feel like anyone’s compatible if you actually put your heart into it. – Me and Kayla love to just
be outrageous and loud. In the street. I mean not necessarily loud but. Do you guys get kind of
like, like in the street do you guys, are more reserved
or are you guys kinda like? – I think it really
depends on who I’m with. Like if I’m with my mom,
she’s a very reserved person so I’ll try not to annoy her,
but if I’m with my friends and stuff it’s really
hard to control ourselves when you’re having fun
with the people you love. When I’m with my friends
it’s always a good time. We don’t even realize if
we’re being loud or not but if we can we’ll try
to not annoy other people. Especially if they tell
us to like shut up but. – I’m from a small town, and that gets kind of
annoying sometimes so.

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