HVH Transportation Drivers Stranded After Company Goes Silent

HVH Transportation Drivers Stranded After Company Goes Silent

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  1. Safety first always have a backup plan and extra money

  2. How is Anything for the Day?

  3. Always keep money on u.Credit Card!!!!!!

  4. Check to see what you are hauling and if anything good have a road side sale and get some money to get home 😁😁.

  5. That's why I have money set back in my trust fund that was left behind by my parents and if my company went out of business. I would use my trust fund money for fuel and make it back home and this is what these drivers can do with their Freightliners if they don't want to give them up. Question is Do you REALLY want that truck bad enough cause I can tell you how to get it free of charge and no I'm not talking about stealing it either. HVH is out of business…. Ok then. Go home with your assigned truck and go to the courthouse where you live at and file an Abandonment Property Lien against the Truck and this is what a lot of Falcon drivers did who now own their trucks. Place the lean against the Truck and let the statute run its course. If no one claims the vehicle after the Statue time limit runs out then the vehicle is handed over to you by the state where you reside and there is nothing anyone can say about it.
    This is the Lien Law that I speak of. Every state's version of a Mechanics Lein law is different so talk to an attorney but yes you can file an Mechanics Lein against the Truck until payment is made or the Vehicle is handed over to you to satisfy the debt in question

    Mechanic's Lien
    A contractor, subcontractor or supplier can place a mechanic's lien on business property if the business fails to pay a debt. For example, if a contractor builds an addition to expand the space of a business office and the business owner does not pay, the contractor can file a mechanic's lien against the property. This can prevent the sale or refinance of the business property. In some cases, a mechanic's lien can allow the creditor to have the property sold at auction to pay the debt.

  6. more to come trumps great economy.

  7. If a toad had wings ? Save
    For the unexpected. Its
    Coming just you wate
    ✌. Out

  8. Another POS trucking co. Bites the dust!

  9. So they leave the drivers and equipment stranded

  10. I was one of lucky HVH drivers, when the company closed,I was 120 miles away from home and had enough fuel to get home.NO BODY FROM THE COMPANY EVEN TRIED CALLING ME, TO LET ME KNOW HVH CLOSED IT DOORS!

  11. Pathetic news stations not knowing or caring about the reason why..just wanting views!!…I despise news stations and so should you!!

  12. Should of took those loads to recoup. Shut I'm sure plenty did.

  13. Its amazing how if a driver just left a truck or a loaded trailer on the side of the road. He'll be black balled and have a hard time getting a job. But if companies leave drivers stranded and unpaid. It's part of business

  14. Driver shortage. πŸ’©πŸ˜΅πŸ˜‚πŸ˜΅πŸ’©πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„

  15. Out of business means no insurance. Park it and leave.

  16. I would have drove that truck home….credit cards are the best thing you could have …no joke

  17. Shits said….i love to drive trucks but the way things are looking i might just go back to warehouse work just to be safe

  18. Sell the truck, tires everything you can. It would be a parts truck if that was me BUT im an owner of my truck so I don't have to worry bout cheap crap like this

  19. If a truck driver aint got enough money for a plane ticket then he has no business on the road !! I would take my truck home and it would be mine !!! Every driver would win in court but drivers dont stick together so they take it up the ass every time !!!!!

  20. What pos's those owners and upper mgt are. They need to be blackballed from the industry. They knew what was going to happen and are ok with stranding the drivers? They better have eyes in the back of their head, slot of angry drivers……just sayin

  21. Price of freight going down and price of fuel and trucks going up, a lot of company’s would be better off buying older used trucks rather than new trucks

  22. Shades of Arrow Carriers

  23. These owners and managers don't care. They are complete scum. This isn't an uncommon practice in American trucking. Sadly..they can get away with this crap in the U.S. In Europe there are actually labor laws protecting workers from this crap…and the executives are held accountable.

  24. They say the industry needs at least 60 k new drivers !!

  25. When are you people going to open your eyes you get what you voted for.

  26. Yea I would of borrowed the truck fore a while and try the solo project, see how much I make, a good opturnity and experience.

  27. Cheap shot remember they hide their money on fictitious names and accounts I told you so nothing new Under the Sun

  28. Bastards oh excuse me fucking bastards


  30. Almost went to work for those clowns rudest if it open the load and.try to sell it

  31. Are they selling their trailers I need a few lol

  32. Sounds like a truck stop yard sale! Tires fuel mud flaps chains! You make enough to pay yourself a paycheck (what you have earned not a penny more)! Notify consignee of the load n where it is located! Secure the load n start looking for a new gig! Don’t leave shipper or consignee hanging it’s not their fault that this shit company failed you n shippers n consignees! So sorry for these drivers that are shafted! Just a thought did this company receive a tax break from the US taxpayers recently? If so owners assets seized n sold to repay tax breaks! Accountability ?

  33. Dam how can you just close business with freight on trailers. That's alot of money.

  34. Be showing up at some bitches house to park all the tractors

  35. Phuc HVH drop the load, burn the rig…

  36. If you are hauling a brokered load and this happens, call the broker, they will most likely work a deal out with you to get the load delivered then leave that truck at the nearest truckstop, cash your comcheck and go home

  37. A Brisk transport hat and a Roehl t shirt. How often does he job hop?

  38. I’m willing to bet that HVH had their bank accounts frozen by the IRS or some government agency! Therefore no money. The share holders all lost their money too! After 33 years of long haul, I’m glad I retired when I did! Save as much money as you can for your old age, your gonna need it!

  39. Went out like ARROW
    Hope them folks sold shit off to get home.
    Screw me
    Screw you

  40. The major insurance companies want more of such a slight profit business.
    This is gonna happen alot more.
    Time for self insurance upon record

  41. drive that truck home and sell everything in it.

  42. I own a small trucking company 20 trucks more than half owner ops, I try to go above and beyond for my drivers and they take it for granted and it sucks to see decent drivers work for these companies that treat the like crap oh well that ain’t going to stop me from doing the best I can for mine and hope those drivers find a decent company

  43. Damnn sounds like 1st call in Metuchen, Nj they owe mad drivers money !! They bounce with the last Amazon check they recieved !!

  44. That karen is gorgeous

  45. How bout a cash stash?

  46. What HVH has done is so ridiculous….how ever, thus damn fright rate the country is in it doesn't surprise me and would not shock me if more companies followed suit…just do it the right way for damn sake!!! Damn HVH, to leave drivers stranded is a damn shame. You dumb asses!!!

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