HP OfficeJet 4650 All-in-One Printer Review

HP OfficeJet 4650 All-in-One Printer Review

Many people who watch my laptop reviews also
ask me what’s the best printer for the home or office or what’s the best printer for students? So I decided to review the HP OfficeJet 4650
All-in-One Photo Printer. This is an HP Instant Ink Ready printer that
has built-in WiFi and also has scanner, copier, and fax capabilities. Coming in at less than $100 this is a budget-friendly
option for people looking for an affordable printer. I’m pretty pleased with this printer’s design. It’s made of a good looking black plastic
exterior with a minimalist feel to it, and it weighs a little over 14 lbs. It only has one button, the power button,
and the rest of the controls are done through the digital touch screen on the front. It has two ways to scan, either through the
automatic document feeder on top or the flatbed scanner, and the input tray can hold 100 sheets
of paper and is easily hidden under the printer. The setup was fast and easy. Just power it on and pop in the 2 ink cartridges
that are included with the printer. Even though it does come with a CD, I didn’t
even need to use it. I just followed the setup guide and was able
to connect the printer to my WiFi network within minutes and I was able to immediately
print from my Mac without installing any software. A cool thing you’ll notice about this printer
is the output tray automatically pops out when you’re printing and when you’re done
you can move the output tray back in so it’s out of sight. You can connect the printer to your WiFi network
from the printer itself or by using the free HP Remote app. Once the printer is connected to a network
you can easily print photos or documents from your computer, smartphone, or tablet. Obviously the first thing I printed was a
picture of my cat. It’s on regular paper though, but with the
correct photo paper the OfficeJet 4650 can print borderless lab-quality photos which
is awesome. I’ll mainly be using it for business though,
mostly when I need to print double-sided client contracts, scan documents, or make copies. It’s not the fastest printer, but it’s exactly
what you can expect from an inkjet in its price range. One of the main features of this printer is
the HP Instant Ink service because we’ve all been in that situation where we need to print
something urgent but our printer is all out of ink. Well HP Instant Ink is trying to solve that
for you by allowing you to sign up for one of their monthly plans based on the number
of pages you print and your printer will automatically order ink cartridges that are delivered to
your door so you never run out of ink again. It’s cool because it’s completely optional
if you’d rather order ink the old fashioned way, and you can cancel anytime. We all know how expensive ink can be so depending
on your printing habits, this service could potentially save you a lot of money in the
long run. So with it’s sleek design, fast and easy setup,
WiFi printing from my computer and all my mobile devices, plus the option for Instant
Ink along with the photo printing and scanner/copier capabilities, the HP OfficeJet 4650 is a solid
option for students or small business owners like myself. It’ll definitely boost your productivity at
a low cost. Thanks to HP for sponsoring this video, and
thank you for watching. My name is Andy and I will talk to you in
the next one.

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  1. wow! keep going..

  2. Epson Eco Tank Printers are the way to go.

  3. That little swing arm that comes out when something prints, it looks pretty flimsy. Could it break easily if bumped? Do you know if it can be replaced or a bigger holder tray put there?

  4. Can you print on other sizes besides 8.5×11?

  5. adorable kitten at 0:58 !

  6. My screen is lit up but you can't see anything.. do you happen to know what that is?

  7. 😣😏hi i just got my printer is all set up hope you can help me how can i make my prints larger? i can't find it anywhere in my manual

  8. how do you set it up to print on both sides?

  9. I'm about ready to cry. 2 weeks I purchased the 4650 WIRELESS printer as I have a PC at home and purchased a laptop. I wanted to be able to go to libraries and print to home from laptop and phone. Well I have never been able to get it to print from the computer. It will print from the printer such as Status Repts, Configuration sheets, Quality Report. I have called Geeksquad 4 TIMES, HP twice and called Best Buy where I purchased and I get the told the same thing, the printer keeps losing the signal and to connect a phone line or USB ports. Duh that's why I purchased a wireless printer. We have all tried and sometimes it shows it connected, but most of the time not. Now if Geeksquad comes to my home it's $99 Got any suggestions?

  10. Get the HP OfficeJet 4650 on Amazon:

  11. got this on black friday for 40$

  12. Where can I buy cheaper ink? I only use my printer to print on photo paper.Print pics from my iPad.Printed five color photos the other day and one black and white colored ink ran out.Does the ink app really save a lot of money? How much is the ink from the app? Please help!

  13. Purchased for our "home business" both laptops are set up wireless to printer. Takes sometimes up to 3-5 minutes to print the job (1 page). Not at all happy with this printer. Have used HP for a good 20 years, and this is the first time I've been EXTREMELY disappointed. Going to purchase another wireless "all in one", but certainly not this one!

  14. Thank you, Andy! Good job! I have a quick question for you How often shall I change the cartridges? I mean if I am not using the printer a lot can I use 'em for a year or so. or I have to replace them after a certain time pass while using them? Hope you got my question. Regards,

  15. What's your iPhone cover/case, are you using any scratch guard on it?

  16. demonstrate faxing on the 4650

  17. I like the detail of your first photo print: cats do rule

  18. I have one of this Officejet 4650, but when I tried to load Legal size paper, I cannot close the tray lid cover, and so it cannot print on legal size paper too. Anyone has successfully load and print legal size paper?

  19. Can't figure out why I have to re-connect and enter my printer password every time I log back in to my computer. Is there a password protect feature that I am unaware of and if so, how do I change that?

  20. My printer is only printing in black and white and not color even though the cartridges are new because

  21. How do I fax with HP officeject 4650 ?

  22. which is better between this one and the canon pixma mx925?

  23. oh my goodness yes! i am on the market for a new printer< my old one broke down saying printhead error. I'm loving the the fact it has the tray that pops out, and it's cheap! my room is upstairs, so imagine me having to go upstairs to print a document cause it falling down on the ground if i'm not there to catch it (i like tucking the tray inside my old printer so me or my family won't bump into it lol) I also love that's it's small and cute!

  24. Can I print using the bypass tray on top? Or is that only for scanning?

  25. This review already started on the wrong foot, officejet printers are not considered photoprinters in HP line of products. HP Envy is part of the photoprinter line but officejet is just office printer line.

  26. It’s not an honest review if it’s sponsored by HP…

  27. What about fax option ?

  28. How do I set the printer up to print envelopes? I can't seem to find out how to change the setting on my 4650 printer

  29. Doesn't this thing print envelopes? The paper guide on top does not close enough to accommodate a regular sized envelope. When I try to print through Word, it prints a sheet of paper rather than an envelope.

  30. Good review. Im ordering one today from fingerhut

  31. How do i get a copy of faxed numbers

  32. I use this printer sporadically for personal business, so I'd say light use. I've owned it for about 1-1/2 years or a little more. My Mac says the ink Supply Levels are about 1/5 full for tricolor, about 1/3 full for black. But it now won't print or copy anything. Is this one of those printers that forces you to buy ink when you still have a supply left?

  33. When scanning from the printer to the computer using the printer interface. Does it ask you "on the printer screen" is you would like to scan another page? Or do you have to do everything from the software on the computer?

  34. Should mention that you're sponsored at the start of the video

  35. How to scan to email on 4650

  36. How can I print a legal size doc with landscape orientation? I've placed legal size paper in the tray, but it's not printing.

  37. I still can't get the wireless feature to work!

  38. You had me going, right up until 'thanks to HP for sponsoring this video'. That removes all credibility right there.

  39. Amazing Video… You can also refer this video for know more features about HP Office jet Pro Printer…

  40. This is the worst printer I have came across. I got this off a $30 price sale from best buy, I thought it would be worth the money, but really it was not. I just want to throw it away, sometimes I get so frustrated by it's failed functioning, I want to pick it up and toss it out of the window

  41. You didn't talk about the faxing and that's what's not working on mine!!!!

  42. Hopefully someone can answer my question lol . So it the paper for this legal size meaning 8 1/2 in by 11 in ? I ended up buying one from amazon for $30 and welp i though i got a super great deal, it was but the thing is the paper is for only 4in by 6in 😪 its great for photos but not documents

  43. can i refill the cartridges or do i have to buy new cartage?


  45. I know this video is old and so is the printer, but I've got one, and maybe a little more detail would have been great in the review. For instance, I just started using the document feeder and found out that the HP scan software needs to be tweaked in order to get it going. Otherwise, pretty decent review.

  46. its a complete waste of time and money. It devours ink, and the email to print function is utterly unreliable. I've used it for about a year, before I through it in the bin. Cheap crap.

  47. Bro you didn't even go over the fax part of the machine. What the hell. Must be a sponsored video. Time to go to a better channel.

  48. Have a black line going straight down the copy, and have not gotten resolution
    was told buy new printer. Brought December 2017

  49. The cat! precious.

  50. Andy, hi, watched your video because I just bought this exact machine. My small problem is that I really can't find any way to adjust scan dpi. Say I want a high fidelity scan of a photo, maybe 2400 dpi for example, how can I increase or decrease my scanner's dpi. HP seems to have neglected that adjustment variable. Either that or I just can't find it.

  51. where do my scans go??

  52. Would have been nice to see how to use fax feature.

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