How will Trump’s harsh new sanctions impact Iran’s economy?

How will Trump’s harsh new sanctions impact Iran’s economy?

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  1. Couldnt iran cyber us and lights out?

  2. Iran's outburst will increase…..

  3. I sure do wish we could do something to oust the corrupt, controlling USA CIA,

  4. The host can easily pass as a man.

  5. Economic sanctions will in all likelyhood only go so far in getting Iran to change its destabilizing behavior in the Middle East. Until their provocations are responded to via significant substantial military reprisals- they are likely to continue lashing out at western intetests with increased ferocity- taking advantage of our passivism to the max.

  6. Trump card played….

  7. Sins are all over the planet and they will have to be dealt with by God. It's sad to see every government is a crooked government but Pres Trump is an anomaly. You cannot trust man to rule man because man is greedy. Everything we are looking at today is setting the stage for the seals mentioned in the book of Revelation to be unsealed by Christ Jesus.

  8. Fun Fact….
    15 of 19 hijackers on 9-11 were Saudis.

  9. So much of the blame for Iran's current status falls on Jimmy Carter……and obama heaped tons of cash on Iran…….exactly, who's side were they on??

  10. Let's try supporting the people of this country.

  11. Iran is toast and they know it!!!! And BTW not a shot fired!!!

  12. How do you keep bitcoin from getting into Iran's hand?

    Look into apps that let people cash out with real money and their operations/usage in Iran.

  13. Someone please remind President Trump Mohammed Mossaadegh overthrow

  14. Now they can't upgrade their turbins at the Martha Stewart collection !😂

  15. Man you people are stupid for words. Iran is not using the international markets to sell or buy their goods. They're trading with Russia, China and India among other countries for the goods by using their own currency that's how they circumvent the system. So impose all the sanctions you want they will sell their goods and still get goods, end of story.

  16. Obama was an idiot compared to Trump.

  17. DRAIN IRAN DRY!!!!!!

  18. Join the NRA! Shàlom!

  19. No more coins in their piggy bank..🐖

  20. Screw their economy!

  21. Keep eating those bowl's of stupid Democrats it's just what the Republicans ordered for you! Shàlom🇺🇸

  22. Trumps got the hottest wife of any president ever

  23. iran is living under sanctions for several decades now, how is it different now when they have allies in tech and food supply and business is as usual with china and russia? they trade in their own currency and not in dollar, what is so big about that, the only thing that will affect them is with other countries that pay in dollar, food basket of the world now is russia and industrial tech hub is china now , america can't even blockage their oil when it is escorted by china warships, the insinuation is unbelievable

  24. Ride America of communism and Islam. They’ve Never been our friends, ever !

  25. Hey Qtip! Go to your local ATM and see if it will give you money for food? Any bet's it will read… sorry your account is locked and blocked! Reading from your overseers… United States of America!…Ps it will get Worse! Shàlom🇺🇸

  26. If SA is finished, the dollar is finished, and the Great American Free 'Party' will be over. So, fight.


  28. Right to the top A+ President Donald J. Trump 2020. REPENT THE KINGDOM OF HEAVEN IS AT HAND! REPENT THE LORD IS AT HAND!

  29. I know the answer of this question better!
    My dearest friend died because of the lack of the cancer medicine that was sanctioned by the US and Europe to reach iran:,( that's it! we are losing our family and friends!

  30. Is that it 2:30 mins !!! What a joke

  31. It wont phase them. They are used to it by now. If they were balls deep in American aid or trade they might think twice but you cant take away something from people who have nothing.

  32. Oil price increased by Iranian attacked on the oil facilities in Saudi Arabia. Iranian Leaders try to attack the international economic by increasing the inflation on the oil price.
    Obama made wrong agreement with Iranian leaders as he gives the Iranian power, their GDP increased by the international trade and they used all revenues to attack others.

  33. Nothing in or out on Iran

  34. I am the balance hold the USA Congress white house US Supreme Court to the truth England Russian France Spain and 160 Countries we represent here in America one Nation Under God what do have loss? Just your soul😍😘🤣😂😂

  35. Mt 13:11" Revelation 2:27"

  36. The Iran central banking system is a funnel to terrorist financing . Through accounts of businesses owned by the IRGC and oil revenue flows into those accounts . Also into accounts in UAE and then the money comes back from UAE in US dollars to buy weapons etc.

    Also profits from the businesses owned by the IRGC goes to funding their operations directly . IRGC own the Shar bank and the Parsian bank and there is a large group of companies and people above that including the Mellat Bank that feed down to IRGC owned companies and they feed money back to IRGC directly . Companies like Shar Bank , Parsian Bank , Parsian Catalyst chemical company , Bandar Abbas Zinc , Qeshm Zinc Smelting , Zanjan Acid Production . It's called the Bonyad support network .

  37. Cheers 🍺🍷🍾🥳🥳🥳🤪🤣🖕🥳🍺🍺🍺🍷🍾

  38. Considering Trump's irrelevant … this is comedy

  39. ISAIAH 13:17 • Here I (YAHAWAH) am raising up against them the MEDES (Iran). PROPHECY!

  40. FOX should read Bible PROPHECIES!

  41. Is there any sanction left that hasn't been imposed ?

  42. I am santa and I ill send them some snow to live on…

  43. Who cares ,as long as the people take country back.

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