How To Write A One Page Business Plan For Small Business That You Will Actually Use

How To Write A One Page Business Plan For Small Business That You Will Actually Use

All right, so today I’ve got a question for
you small business owners out there. My question is, and think about this for yourself,
put your hand up if it applies, and my question is, do you feel confident that you’ve got
a solid business plan and strategy that can help guide you and your business towards your
goals? If it is a yes, put up your hand wherever
you are, don’t worry, you won’t look silly, and this video is for those of you who want
to get there. Maybe you’re not there yet. It’s okay. I’ve got a video for you and actually a series
coming around how to create a strategic business plan that is easy. It doesn’t take a ton of resources and that
you can come back to and use throughout the year so it doesn’t just become another document
that sits on your desktop or collects dust. That’s what we’re going to talk about today. And if you’re new here, welcome. My name is Kristin Constable, and I’m a leadership
and business coach to values-driven entrepreneurs who want to lead wildly successful values-driven
businesses and live rich and fulfilling values-driven lives. And I am a big believer that you can and you
should have both, and having a solid business plan and strategy is part of that equation,
so we’re going to dive in. If you’re new, make sure to subscribe and
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business and lead that rich and fulfilling values-driven life. All right, so let’s dive in. “Just follow your passion and everything else
will take care of itself and fall into place.” said no one ever who actually started their
own business. If you’re a business owner, you know that
passion is important, but it’s not the whole thing. You need to be able to have some business
savvy and a bit of a plan in order to actually create the business that you want to create. Now, I come from a corporate background and
in corporate there was many, many years that I sat in board rooms with tons of people,
external consultants coming in for weeks, maybe even months doing our annual strategic
plans. Now, I had a love-hate relationship with this
time of year, because as someone who loves goal-setting and loves visioning, it was a
really exciting time of year to get aligned and connected with everyone in the organization
around what we were up to. But I also had this sense of, “This is a waste
of time.” We would spend so much time doing all of this
work only to find ourselves weeks, months later, actually not connected to those plans,
being pulled off to something different and then just collecting dust on a shelf. Just to be clear, let’s get that out of the
way. That’s not the kind of strategic planning
I’m going to talk about with you here, because what I know being a small business owner myself,
things change way too quickly. You cannot have a plan that is 365 days long
that you never look at again until the next time that year, so what we’re going to talk
about today is a really efficient and effective way to do strategic business planning that
gives you a strategic business plan on one page. Yes, amazing. And you can place it somewhere that you look
at every single day, and in this system you’re going to come back to that plan every 90 days
and reiterate and get reoriented and reconnect to your next 90-day goals. I’m going to walk us through that exact process. It’s the exact process that I use with my
coaching clients in one-on-one coaching and their business accelerator programs, and you’re
going to get an inside peek into that process and into that system. Make sure you stay tuned right to the end
of this video where I’m going to share with you the actual documents, you can download
it yourself, and a special surprise that’s a little added bonus for you, so make sure
stay all the way to the end. Okay, so just so this doesn’t turn into a
monster long video, I’m going to break this into a series of videos that break down each
component of this one-page business plan at a time. So today, all I’m going to do is touch on
each piece of that one-page business plan, explain why it’s earned its real estate on
that plan because every single thing that’s there is there for a reason and it’s very
important. And I’m going to give you the tool at the
end of the video to have you dive into it and start it off yourself, so let’s start
with the first part of the business plan. The first part of the business plan, which
is the most important but also the most elusive, is the Your Purpose section. The Your Purpose section as the business owner
is actually your purpose, so it’s not the business’s purpose, it ties it back to you
as the business owner. This is where the purpose-driven business
plan comes into play. You are an important and critical part to
your business and your business is an expression of your purpose in the world. It allows you to live into your purpose. Getting clear on what that is, is really important
for a couple of reasons. One is the thing that’s going to keep you
getting out of bed in the morning, it’s going to keep you inspired when the road gets rough. It’s also going to help inspire others and
help others get connected to your vision and why you do what you do, so it’s a really important
part to do some deep work on your purpose and how your business is actually an expression
of that, so really inciting work and I can’t wait to take you through the video on how
to actually discover that. Make sure to either watch that now if it’s
available or get to it when it gets released. Okay, so the next part of the business plan
was probably my favorite. I love championing visions. I love helping people discover, create what
their future-focused vision is, and I love being able to hold it up and champion it for
people and for myself if it’s my business. Now, the vision piece is really important,
and the reason it earns its real estate on the one-page business plan is because it really
is your North Star. Now, the thing that a lot of people get confused
around vision is they think that the vision is a destination. I want to make that super clear, the vision
is not a destination. It’s like a North Star that orients you in
a direction. It’s the thing that kind of is there and is
like, “I’m kind of going in that direction,” and the course, you can course correct along
the way. The vision might even change a little bit
as you’re going on your path. The vision is your North Star that helps you
orient in a direction as you go on your journey in your business. We’ll talk a little bit more about that in
the video on vision. All right, the third part on the business
plan is all around your ideal client. Now, I often find that this is the hardest
thing for business owners to do, I know I am challenged with this all of the time, but
I’m still working on it, is getting really, really clear on who your ideal customer is. Now, why this is so important is there is
so much noise out there right now, so many offers, so many products, so many options
for people, that people need to feel like you’re communicating straight to them. It can’t be this general message for anyone
that they’ve got to figure out, “Well, is this for me or is it not?” As the business owner, you’ve got to be really
clear around who it’s for and how your product or service can help them. Now, how you do that is by not just do these
general demographics like age, gender, location, those types of things, but actually creating
a customer Avatar, one person that represents your ideal client, and then creating all of
your content, programs, products to serve that person. We’re going to do a deep dive into that, and
that is a really fun exercise. It’s challenging but fun, and it’s a work
in progress for so many people that I work with. If you’re not there yet, don’t beat yourself
up, you will get there, and it’ll be so rewarding when you do. Okay, then the next part on the business plan
is your offers and your products. This is a really important part of the plan
because it’s really how you make money, and at the end of the day you need to be making
money in order for your business to survive. Profit is a good thing, and it’s something
that you do not want to shy away from. You want to get really clear on how much money
you need to be making and how you’re going to be making that money. What are your different revenue streams? How are you going to be looking at what your
costs are and offsetting those with what your revenue needs to be? These are certain things that we’ll look at
in that section of the plan, and you can go really deep on that. But in the plan we just want to get clear
on the one-page plan, where is your money coming from, what are those products or offers
or revenue streams. And then you can do the work behind the scenes
to do the math and the numbers around what those numbers need to be. Okay, so there’s two more parts of the business
plan. I’m going to talk about them kind of together. The next two parts are really where we take
this abstract and we turn it into action, and we turn it into action through 90-day
goals. Now, typically strategic planning in the kind
of traditional way is done either semiannually or annually, but the problem with that, especially
being a small business, is that things change way too quickly. And actually, there’s science to validate
that goals that are longer than 90 days are extremely hard to stay focused and attached
to, so chunking down goals into 90-day goals will help you stay focused and motivated and
actually make the intention or whatever the goal is way more manageable. Even if it is something that’s really big
and it’s kind of scary if you break it down into, “What can I take on in the next 90 days?”
it will really help you move towards some of those bigger goals that might … You may
not even know where to start. That’s what the 90-day goals section of this
one-page plan is, is getting really clear on what are the things, the next right steps
that you need to take in the next 90 days that will move you towards your vision and
will allow you to actualize your purpose, so that’s how those two pieces fit together. Now, the other piece, it’s kind of connected
to the 90-day goals, is that the middle of the business plan, and this is called your
BHAG. Some of you may be familiar with this term,
the big hairy audacious goal. Now, this big hairy audacious goal is the
thing that you’re taking on for the entire year, the kind of moonshot that you want to
take. If you could accomplish one thing, if you
couldn’t fail, what would you take on? That’s what goes in the center of the circle,
so it’s fun in this part to dream big, let yourself feel a little bit scared. And this is the thing that is like you’re
just throwing it out there and you’re like, “If I could do anything, it would be that,”
and that’s what’s going to go in the BHAG. To help you get started, I’ve got more than
just a blank one-page business plan, although that would be great in itself. What I’ve also done is added in a few helpful
coaching questions to the business plan for each section, so when you download that one-page
business plan, you’ll see the one page, the blank page, and then on the second page it
has some coaching questions that you can use to help yourself move through the process. Even better, if you can get hooked up with
a business coach, they can help you do this, and sometimes that can be the best way, because
even myself, who I do this work all of the time, I need someone to help me work through
the process a lot of the time. It actually just gives me more perspective
than trying to do it on my own. But either way, if you wanted to give it a
go on your own, you’ve got the plan, you’ve got the questions, and I’m going to be sharing
with you six more videos to help you through the plan itself. Go ahead, download that plan using the link
below, and before you head out, make sure to write in the comments below, “I’m in,”
if you’re in for taking this on and taking on creating a strategic business plan for
yourself. Thanks so much for being here, and don’t forget
to subscribe, and just press the bell so you can be notified as soon as next week’s video
comes out on how to create a purpose-driven business, which will really tie into that
first part of the plan around your purpose. Thanks for being here. See you soon.

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