how to write a business plan? step by step guide + templates

how to write a business plan? step by step guide + templates

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  1. Hello, I want to establish a company in science and computer technology center that will provide onsite and online training, consultancy and services, etc in Liberia, West Africa. but do not know how to write a strong business plan. Please, I need your assistance. Thanks

  2. Hello, the title of your video states step by step + templates yet I can't find any links for the templates part. Could you kindly let me know where and how I can get them ? Tx !

  3. hello I need help can some one help me???

  4. can u translate in indonesia language sir ?

  5. thanks for helping

  6. Can you please send the template to [email protected] I have tried downloading it from the link but it is not working thanks for your content in the video it was where helpful for me

  7. This video was so helpful and I appreciate you posting it with such detail! you described so many things I have already written down in my notebook over the past 2 years. Amazing

  8. The template file isn't supported

  9. This video is not designed for a regular would-be entrepreneur! He is like lecturing in an MBA class. Too many technical and complex terms.

  10. There are some videos explaining the business plan isn`t something you need. BCM is something maybe even better. We would like to see that guide here 🙂

  11. Hello, great video. Call I get the templates? [email protected] thanks

  12. The Link in the description does not seem to work can you send me a copy of the template to [email protected] THANKS!

  13. Can you please email template to [email protected] download in description did not work

  14. Brilliant content – just enough detail to get me started; love it thank you. However the red background was extremely distracting and I struggled to read the print against this background.

  15. all kidding aside, why are you giving this away?! really, and I mean really good presentation!

  16. this is great thanks


  18. Thanks for the video ! I am Just Get ALL DOCUMENT TEMPLATES here easy,edit and print ​@t ..more detail here :​@t​

  19. Super helpful in my business plan writing. Thank you

  20. Thank so. This helped me .

  21. sir can I get a copy of the business plan [email protected] thank you very much. god bless you n family.

  22. hi sir, can i have your email address? need to email u. tks

  23. Your content is too good to be free. Just the fact that you gathered too many information and classified it in one place needs to be paid, not to mention the quality of the content and work put in. Thank you!

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