How to Write a Business Plan in 14 Days

How to Write a Business Plan in 14 Days

Hi, this is Sheronde Glover with The Business
Practitioner and today Iím going to share with you how to write a business plan in 14
days. Youíre getting ready to start your business, you have a concept that youíve
probably been thinking about for a long time, but youíre overwhelmed because you know you
need to write a business plan. The first thing I want you to do is I want
you to breathe, inhale, now exhale and relax because I am about to show you a process so
that you can get that done. Most of the time when business owners come to me, they have
a concept that theyíve been thinking about for a really long time. Theyíve been thinking
about it for years and now they are finally ready to take that step and put that concept
into reality. They are very excited, but they get very overwhelmed because they know they
need to do a business plan. Let me take you through this process that
Iíve developed that is going to really help you to move forward and to get this done and
to get this done in a way that will be simple for you. I have a chart here but Iím going to go through
it and share with you the steps youíre going to take to put your business plan together. Day 1 ñ I want you to gather all of that
information, all of the notes, the sticky notes, the notebooks, the note pads, the book
marks youíve put on the website, on the internet when youíve identified information that is
relevant to your business because you have been doing research for a really long time.
All of those people youíve talked to, if youíve done any brainstorming, youíve put
it on an audio tape or whatever. I want you to gather all of that info and put it together
in a pile wherever youíre going to be working on your business plan. Thatís Day 1. Day 2 ñ I want you to take out your calendar
and I want you to plan out your time that youíre going to be working on this business
plan because you have to budget the time in to do the work to get it done. Day 3- I want you to take all of those notes
that you have and begin to separate them out into categories and the categories will be
relevant to the business plan outline. If you donít have a business plan outline, just
Google business plan outline and you can find the different aspects of the business plan.
Youíre looking at things like your marketing, your market analysis, your competitive analysis,
the industry, your financials, the overview of the business concept itself, anything relevant
to your needs in terms of staff, personnel and things like that. Take all of your notes
and basically just categorize them based on the outline. Day 4 ñ Youíre going to take all of your
notes and go through them and then I want you to ask the question, whatís missing?
What additional information do I need in order to support what I have already? Day 5, Day 6, and Day 7 will be dedicated
just to doing additional research. Once youíve answered those questions, I want you to then
go out and seek what ever additional information you know that you need to support this business
plan. Day 8 ñ Youíre going to set up a folder
on your computer and youíre going to title it ìBusiness Planî. I want you to create
a document for each category for your business plan outline. I want you to set up a file
for each category and it will be held in your folder.
Day 9 ñ Decide what category youíre going to work on first. You can work on any category
you want. It doesnít have to be in order. The only thing weíre going to exclude will
be the Executive Summary because that will always come last. Day 10, 11, and 12 ñ Youíre going to do
the same thing. Youíre going to pick one to two categories, whatever you need to do
to ensure that you complete those over the next 3 days (one or two categories) and begin
drafting those categories out in the word document based on allthat information that
you have that youíve put together in your categories. Day 13 ñ Youíre going to basically review
all of that information that youíve drafted up in your categories and then youíre going
to write the most compelling overview that you can of all of that information and that
will be your Executive Summary. Day 14 ñ Basically what youíre going to
do is youíre going to merge all your documents together based on your outline. Youíre going
to review, youíre going to proofread, youíre going to edit and youíre done. Thatís your business plan. Now, will it be
a perfect business plan; probably not. You will need to tweak it as you go, but remember
a business plan is an ongoing, dynamic, living document and what you can do from there is
you can then reach out to an SBA office, a business development agency or a consultant
like myself to help you to refine and polish up what you already have. But the hard work
is already done. Basically what youíve done over a 14-day process is take all of that
information that is in your head, thatís on notes and in notebooks and put it together
in a document so that you understand your business and anyone else that has the interest
understands your business as well. Thatís the process for How to Write a Business
Plan in 14 Days. If you need help with anything, if you need a template, if you want to know
some of the questions you might need to be asking as it relates to your business plan,
please visit my website at You can go to our products page or our resources
page to get more information.

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  1. Thank you soooooo much…

  2. do you copyright your plan before going to the SBA?

  3. The standard is to include a confidentiality agreement when distributing your business plan. Keep in mind that the SBA is designed to support the growth and development of small business so you shouldn't be too concerned with their representatives trying to take your ideas.

  4. You're welcome. Much success to you!!

  5. I love and needed this info…you just made this whole process so simple for me, so now I should have a perfected business plan in 2 weeks….You have a new subscriber, thank you Queen.

  6. So glad that it was helpful to you! It's easy to get overwhelmed by the process. The main goal is to get started documenting your ideas, concepts and strategies on paper so you can really understand your business and how it works. Don't worry about perfection.

  7. Well, day 8 will be short one, probably a 2 minutes working day max 😉

  8. Yes, agreed! And of course you can spend some additional time doing more research.

  9. Great video – informative and ideal to starters. Clear and concise and in less than 8 minutes.

  10. Oh love that!! "Ongoing Living Document" – great talk!! LOVE your style.

  11. Great video! I was expecting to spend about 5 or 6 weeks doing it but this just simplified everything! THANK YOU QUEEN! I am definitely subscribing

  12. Thank You. Awesome presentation. Must see video.

  13. Thank you, very informative. I'll get right to work

  14. This was so helplful. thank you!!!! Once I get my B.Plan in place, I will be in touch with you. 

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  16. Great tutorial. Thank you for posting. Where I can find different business plan examples?

  17. I live in Ensenada, México. I'm a certified tour guide and want to set up my formal small business. Ot's overwhelming, but with your channel and tutorials I feel like I can get it done, so that lots if visitors may hire my services and book me ahead of time. Thank you

  18. Hi Sheronde, Thanks for posting this video. Anyone thinking about writing a business plan needs all the help they can get! Therefore this type of step by step process is always very useful. I just wanted to add "Discipline" to the process.

    For everyone who has watched this video and questions how they will actually complete a business plan in 14 days, the answer is by Discipline.

    Jim Rhon calls Disciple – "Doing what you need to do even when you do not feel like doing it."

    For us, it will be writing that plan even when you think it doesn't make much sense or even when it feels tedious. Business plans are not written not because the entrepreneurs are incapable but because most have not applied disciple to the process.

    So if you have chosen to write your plan for 15min, or 30mins a day, make sure you observe that time irrelevant of what may be going on in your life, otherwise it will be sidelined to the detriment of the business!

    What do you think Sheronde? Your comments will be appreciated.

    Thanks so much for the video

  19. Thxs a bunch yes I have subscribed to your page and your facebook and booked market your site. Look forward to learning and growing my business with you. Wisdom is the principal thing…thxs

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  22. I just came across your video on making an Action Plan. Love your presentation. I've subcribed to your your channel. I'm looking froward following you and sharding your outstanding information and resource with my other business partners some are local here in Michigan and other location. Thanks for your knowledge and skills also, i enjoy listening and learning from a sister that looks like me. Needed to say that! Keep the knowledge coming…

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