HOW TO WRITE A BUSINESS PLAN for Content Creators | Vlog 008

HOW TO WRITE A BUSINESS PLAN for Content Creators | Vlog 008

Alright, so the number one frequently asked question I get is how are you going to make money? This is also the number one question I ask myself when I pitch the idea to people They’re all on board which is great, but again it comes down to so that’s a great idea How are you gonna monetize that well you know right, but how are you gonna generate income I have a plan Heather, how are you gonna pay your bills? There’s a lot of options when people ask me you know How are you going to generate income? I totally get where they’re coming from and it’s great because they care and they’re looking out for me and they’re looking at my future and stuff like that sometimes I just want to scream back and be like you know That’s my problem like if I end up broke your ship will keep sailing I feel like what I am creating is for the greater good like I really believe that. That’s what I should be calculating the basis for the Movement is Not income its impact. It’s not dollar amounts or figures its people okay seriously though How are you going to make money? alright, let me show you something Check out this buzzfeed article on the 21 reasons prison might not be so bad after all At first glance prison seems like the most miserable experience ever it’s like your own personal escapable hell But reality might not be as bad as you think let’s read something a little bit more refined alright Here’s a New York times article on Women inmates why the male model doesn’t work as the number of women inmates sores So does the need for policies and programs that meet their needs and if we scroll down it goes on to have videos and interviews statistics research and other kinds of reporting So what does this New York times article and this buzzfeed article have in common? They’re both ads for Netflix. Orange is the new black and they’re both a certain type of ad called a native ad And a native ad is a form of paid media where the ad experience follows the natural form of the user experience where it is placed So when I come to buzzfeed I expect to see something entertaining And funny and something that I could share to have a laugh with my friends that’s exactly what this article provides me there’s nothing on here about Netflix and how much it would cost me to watch orange is the new black like your traditional ad and also, if you go to the New York times article This is exactly what I would expect from any article on the New York times website and it’s not apparent that This is an ad for Netflix orange is the new black Another quick example of native advertising is this article here nine disgusting things you didn’t know you’ve been eating your whole life It goes on to talk about human hair and coal tar ETc Etc This is something that I would probably send to my friends because it’s like oh my gosh you know we have been drinking citrus flavored Soda our whole lives and That means we’ve also been drinking flame retardant well, you might not know it, but this whole article is actually paid for by Chipotle, so if I share this article, I’m also sharing Chipotle’s name, but it doesn’t feel like I am and when I go to Huffington post I usually find myself learning something or I just read something interesting and that’s what this article is but it’s also an advertisement for Chipotle for all three of these pages the content and the Advertisement are so seamlessly integrated that the user Probably doesn’t even realize that what they’re looking at is an ad that is native advertising and that’s where I’m hoping most of my income will be Generated but Heather no one’s going to advertise with you if you don’t have a certain amount of traffic. Yes, this is very true I’m just counting on being able to use my knowledge and my Expertise of the internet and social media marketing to get it to a point where the traffic will come and that might be very Naive of me to think But I’m just going to count on that for now And we can check back in in a month or two and see how I’m doing But do you have any guaranteed sources of income if that does not work what I can do is take the idea of the movement and just Basically bring it offline and have it be a service. I could do this in person I can host seminars Classes, I could do coaching one-on-one sessions but again that is putting a lot of time into Something that has very minimal impact. It’s based on line because that will allow me to reach the most amount of people With really the smallest amount of effort if that doesn’t work I can always go back to my original plan of doing Consulting for small businesses and nonprofits if this is work out, then I just go back to applying for a job you know I take this as Probably the best learning experience I’ve ever gone through in my life, and I just move on with my career I loved what I did for my job I really like my industry so it’s not like I would be doing something I don’t enjoy doing I think it’s still a great option. What’s the worst that can happen? I’m just gonna go all in here no I’m just gonna go all in and focus on impact, and that’s gonna be my goal, and you know obviously I’ll keep you guys updated So we’ll see what happens alright Catch you guys later

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  1. As a digital entrepreneur, it's crucial to have multiple sources of income. Do you blog or vlog for income?

  2. I just found your channel – I’m right there with you (strongly considering starting a channel) Some of my thoughts and fears as well. Keep moving forward – You tackled on major hump in my opinion (being on camera) 🤣…keep it going!!💕

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