How to Write a Business Plan: 5 Easy Steps For Beginners

Hey guys, this is Gabe with Travelezie. So
you are thinking about starting a business? Well, Im here to tell you that if you are
planning to start or thinking about starting any type of business whether its online or
at home whatever it may be the first and probably most important thing you need to do is write
a business plan. Now I know for some of you that is not the most exciting idea. I know
for me personally Im not necessarily a planner, and even when I was first thinking about starting
a business I thought you know Im just gonna go day by day you know Im not going to write
out a business plan I already have the ideas in my head on what I want to do. But the thing
about writing a business plan is that it brings your idea to life. If you physically write
down your goals and what you want to accomplish its a living breathing document and once you
write down your business plan you are then creating the blueprint that you can follow
in order to be successful in whatever business you are trying to do. Why are you doing this?
You really want to think about that. Think about the real reason why you are doing it
if your just doing it for the money honestly if you are trying to do anything in this world
for just money its not going to be a big enough motivation for you to keep you going. What
is the real reason you want to do this. Is it for your family? Is it for the lifestyle
you want to live? Is it to help other people? You really want to dig down and think why
you want to do your business. The second thing you want to think about is your daily mode
of operation. What are you going to be doing every single day to make sure you are getting
your business up and running. The first hour or two of your day is the most critical point.
The more productive the beginning of your day is it lays out the rest of your day you
know so what are you going to be doing everyday to help you keep on your goals to creating
your business. The third thing you should think about is why people should work with
you? What is it about you that would make other people want to work with you? What is
unique about you? What are your strengths? What can you bring to the table? Why should
I put my work, my effort, my time and invest it in you. That is something you want to think
about because in business you are working with other people and if other people do not
want to work with you your business is not going to be successful so how are you going
to go about this. Are you going to do it online? Is this going to be a person to person kind
of thing? Do you want it to be home based? Thats gonna be the first thing you want to
think of when trying to paint the picture of how you are going to go about building
your business. Now finally, you should write down your goals. You should have a 30, 60,
90 day goal, 6 months, a year, even 5 years. If you are thinking about doing a business
this is not a get rich quick scheme you know. You want to be in it for the long haul, you
want to be in it for long term so think about five years from now where do you want to be,
where do you see yourself? Where do you see yourself being? And write that down because
that is what is going to drive you. The thing about a business plan is that it is just a
plan and its going to change like anything so dont feel like you need to put so much
effort into it because no matter how hard you think about it no matter how long you
take about writing it, its going to change guaranteed. But that’s okay, like I said your
business plan is a breathing, living, organism, its going to change day by day as you go about
building your business so dont stress out too much about it and dont put so much pressure
on you need to create the business plan just start! Now, one thing I do have to say is
just because you are writing a business plan it doesnt guarantee success. I know, I wish
it was that easy to but writing a business plan just because it doesnt guarantee success
doesnt mean it doesnt significantly increase your chances of being successful and Ill tell
you right now that the people that actually take the time to write down their goals and
write down how they are going to implement it in a reasonable way, in a practical way
go way further than those who think that they are just going to start something and keep
working until they see results because they dont know what to look for. And those are
the people that end up giving up, those are the people that end up quitting because they
dont see the results but how can you see results if you dont even define what results are in
the first place. So after you write your business plan what next? Youve gotten your vision down,
you have written your goals, what is the next step to help you start building your business.
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plan guys so thanks again and ill talk to you soon.

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