How To Wear a Sport Jacket with Slacks | Business Casual Look

hey everyone it’s Tyler here at common look I wanted to follow up on yesterday’s video about how
to wear a sports jacket or blazer with jeans and now I want to talk to how do
you wear a sports jacket or blazer with slacks for that business casual look
alright as you can see the only thing that I’ve really done from yesterday’s
look with jeans is I put on a pair of light gray slacks okay so let’s talk
through it here so you can see why I do it what I love about it and why you
should incorporate this into one of your looks as well so like I have the Derby
shoe on the Brown Derby sheer this is one that I talked about a couple days
ago about the versatility of it so I have on that the Derby shoe is the flaps
right next up I’ve got some cool little socks here showing some different color
and some personality on these gray trousers I do have a two inch cuff this
is something I do with my dress slacks not not on my full suits but it’s it’s
something just to show a little personality show a little style it’s a
little different so I definitely Rock the two inch cuff and then I’ve got the
the like great trouser on and really why I love the lycra trouser is the fact
that it’s a very versatile color lots of sports jackets are gonna be in that blue
tone that navy blue category in that step tonal of blue and it shows up
really really well against it with that contrast okay so that’s why I like the
light gray it’s it’s a versatile color and for all of those blue tonal sports
jackets out there it’s a very very complementing color next up I’ve got the
brown belt to match the brown color shoes there you should always do that
then we go into the sports jacket all right so we got a blue with a check here
it’s almost a windowpane and a mix between a Glen meat check
pattern and then I’ve got the white pocket square with the brown polka dots
to really complete the look when you go business casual to really separate
yourself from the from the rest of the crowd and make sure
you’re the sharpest looking man in the room a lot of times it’s those details
the nice brown shoes making sure they’re in great shape they’re shined the brown
belt to match and then completing it with these little details like the
pocket square all right so this is really that business casual look it’s
one of my my go two’s with the like great trouser it’s very very versatile
and then lastly I didn’t even touch on this is the white dress shirt it’s a
button-up it’s got the spread collar it’s an extra slim fit it’s just really
that overall complementing looks so one of the things when it comes to a sports
jacket all right it’s like your suit jacket I got I got a video on how your
suit jackets to fit so make sure you check that out but you want to make sure
look shirt sleeves are a little bit longer than the jacket sleeve it’s gonna
be snug around the body but not restricting you the shoulders line up
right with your shoulder blades the jackets gotta fit otherwise don’t wear
it all right that’s the way just to make sure you’re looking sharp and looking
good so quick recap the Brown Derby shoe got some fun color socks on they
complement my look the lycra trousers alright I do have the two inch cuff
brown belt white pocket square with the brown polka dots to complete kind of
that brown detail look the blue check sports jacket with the white button-up
it’s a go-to look it’s a great way to be looking sharp for that business casual
so let me know what your thoughts are in the comments down below let me know what
you think what are some of the business casual looks that you go for just let me
know I want to hear about it and if you have any questions put those in the
comments too so I hope you found this helpful and so make sure you click that
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