How to Verify Your Facebook Business Page 👍

How to Verify Your Facebook Business Page 👍

– Hey, y’all! Normally, we talk all
about WordPress stuff, but today, I wanna give you a quick tip on how to improve your business page when it comes to Facebook. So, check out all of our other, over 200 videos that talk
about WordPress goodies on our YouTube channel, but today, again, we wanna talk about your
own business Facebook page, as well as any of our clients’. So, there’s one quick tip I’m
hoping that you’re all doing. Check this out over here, on the, your left side of the screen. WebTegrity, see this little check mark? This is to have your page verified. All this means is that you’re
confirming with Facebook that you are a legitimate
business or celebrity or whatever that might be. Facebook wants to say that we have confirmed that you’re legit, and it helps you in your rankings as well. So, you definitely want to
take time to go do this. I’m gonna put a link just down
below in the description box over this page that will walk
you through, step by step, very easily, how to click Settings, go into Page Verification,
and get your page verified. Literally, a couple of minutes, and allows you to have just
that extra push of legitimacy on your Facebook business page. Hope that helps you! If it does, check that
you liked this video. Give me a quick tweet over on Twitter. You can watch the rest of our videos. Check ’em out, click subscribe, and I’ll see you next WordPress Wednesday. Bye, y’all!

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  1. I cannot find the page verification option with the pages I have in Business Manager. Any thoughts?

  2. It says: This feature isn't available to everyone right now.

  3. Really love your videos but lately sound quality has been really bad – hard to hear you.

  4. This feature isn't available to everyone right now.

    So Can you Help me with that

  5. hello i did your way but failed. Can you help me verify a page?

  6. here's not show verification option

  7. Do i have to have a website to get local business verified? If so will it still work if my website isnt a paid domain? A free site?

  8. Is this the same as verifiying my facebook business account?

  9. How long does it take for them to review it?

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