How to Take Advantage of Opportunities in Business | Auckland, NZ Keynote 2018

How to Take Advantage of Opportunities in Business | Auckland, NZ Keynote 2018

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  1. People act retarded around Gary Vee. They try to fit in the word fuck at some point in every interview or Q&A session. It's so contrived and ridiculous.

  2. 1:23:21 is fire – You can't do shit for anyone unless you're good!

  3. 6'4 in South Africa make you a midget

  4. lol the ending was too funny. He couldn't get out of there.

  5. that Manhattan example was good 50:38

  6. First time commenting but have been watching for about 6 months now. Wow Gary you are truly doing YOU and teaching people to be THEMSELVES. F*ck what other people think. Keep going

  7. As a 22 year old architect student. I have crazy and tons of ideas in head. I am eating shiit now saving money and absorbing as much knowledge I can. I was wondering if those investments app are worthy of giving a try or is it just a big scam???

  8. Another fantastic Keynote! Thanks so much for sharing Gary! PS: For the keynotes, do you think the team could bump up those audio volume levels? It always seems to be notably softer than the Daily Vee's.

  9. How are people going to eat/drink etc. if they are in a VR world for a week?

  10. You killed it with the people watch others play games is culture. My kid watches you tube videos of people playing video games and I could not understand what was so great about watching someone else play over playing yourself when it comes to video games. Crazy.

  11. I am 53, run a successful practice and no literally nothing about media, yet I would work for Gary in a heartbeat:)

  12. Gary Vee Fan here. Don't believe you are going to live a long time. Do what you can NOW. Just buried my brother at age 35. Gary hasn't dealt with close deaths yet and he will change his tune when he does.

  13. “Execution is Attractive”. Love it! 😲👊

  14. can someone help me get in contact with the guy that said he makes edm mixes? I want to send him some free unreleased music and just network!

  15. 95 KILLZ
    905 LEFT..

  16. This is brilliant. I didn't have the chance to come to Auckland and so this is wonderful to have and listen to.

  17. Gary working the crowd <3 <3

  18. gary would probably say bet on yourself, but i wonder if i can place a bet in vegas that he'll own the Jets in the next 20 years

  19. Yep, VR is the future! I don't think it will take 50 years to get there. Probably closer 20 years. Tony Robbins says that for baby boomers if you can stay healthy for the next 20 years you can probably live another 50 and if you make it there, you'll make it to 200!

  20. This is my favourite keynote from GV. I’m actually crying at the end of this video.

  21. Who here has placed an ad using VR?

    If so, how did you go about placing the ad? Price?

  22. I love this ! Especially the fashion section

  23. We might be on to something! go to 16:54!!!

  24. "im not in influencer, im an executive." damnnn

  25. Hey, GaryVee fans, tell me the right place to post questions like these: How/what tools are used to track 100+ vested business interests? Is there a master VaynerX dashboard? What does his business holdings organizational chart look like? Where do these questions belong?
    And I would like to suggest this channel opens up the "discussion" tab/section for the audience (Not Gary) to interact with each other about AskGaryVee content.
    I should not have to go to twter/fcbook/igram/etc to have a broader social exchange.

  26. I would love to do a talk with Gary about „Why we have to change the Education System“:
    With my YouTube Channel I provide Education Content in Mathematics and the Future of Learning (150 Million Views).
    Best Regards Daniel

  27. "People are buying things, to keep up with the Joneses, that keeps them away from happiness…"

  28. I knew it! he is Nostradamus! hahaha 12:26

  29. INTENT – Thats the word, thats it.. I love all your talks, but this one boy, the intent shows up even more.

  30. He might say he is full of shit but a lot of these dicks just repeat the mantra and force themselves to sware to fit in, thats quite sad. I'm not taking anything away from Gary coz he knows his shit but some of the people really blow smoke it's embarrassing.

  31. Other people’s add are in odd places. Does someone pick the places for your adds?

  32. FMC – Fella Man Chap – Niche – Men and everything that we as men know or don't know about ourselves. Check out our About section. Mad respect and thanks again for your wisdom and insight Brother Vee

  33. New Zealand Loves You Bro!!!

  34. i love gary's voice

  35. Final words re: parents, hit home hard… Kids can taste if you're not happy… trying to correct the regret. Love you Gary.

  36. I just ran across you recently Gary! I just wish I had found you sooner! My mind is already shifting! #truetoself

  37. If he tries hard enough he can get most selfies with different people XD

  38. Gary, it seems you're excited for this dystopian VR future. IS that accurate?

  39. #97 I passed roses in California with such peace. Some random fellow in a bycle stopped right by me. He was the only one to hug me and used Fuck that all would change and it is changing. Man. #Lg

  40. Taking notes while listening to this guy. Thank you GV you're an inspiration. I learn something new every time I listen. Taking action every chance I can.

  41. Great message, Gary! Keep grinding every day!

  42. Gary i just sent you an URGENT email! Please take 5 seconds to just read it, it would mean the world to me and then some! Your friend, Luis!

  43. VR games are the future. There will be buildings the size of shopping malls synced with Virtual Reality games and people will go in and pay to play the games all day. Never wanna go home.

  44. Gary email me @[email protected] I saw the cut off jeans happening before you.

  45. Gary. Stop telling people this shit. They are too busy uploading pictures of their clothes and dinner plates.

  46. Uhm…….I need some Clouds and Dirt in my size……14 lacking in inventory,😩

  47. Im one of the ones who thought you were an arrogant fuck- my loss !!! At 50 , i wish I had followed you way sooner and ignored my first impression. I truly agree – in working your ass off and always having good intent in anything you do. Im a dentist and I own my practice but to me it’s still a job and in no way ever felt like entrepreneurship. You should live up to 200 – be well!

  48. 7:30 he didn't speak English as a kid? I thought he moved to the US at age 3 (he said that before and is on wikipedia)

  49. Free range is not ethical. Chicken causes cancer… Look it up …DICK 🙂

  50. Fucking phenomenal!!! <3

  51. Gary…I have a story and a mission. I need your insight and your compassion. If ya got a minute, find me and friend me "James Cee" on FB.

  52. This is great. Guys my channel does vlog and daily hustle of a start-up so check it out guys! Thank you

  53. Let's kick in tomorrow

  54. I’m trying to start an airbnb management company where people with properties can use me as their manager to take care of bookings, customers concerns, getting cleaning services and anything so the owner doesn’t have to worry about it. How can I scale it? So far I only have one customer and it’s going great but I want to get more. What’s a good way about doing it?

  55. @garyvee, you rock

  56. Guys what you think about buying an Instagram software program? Before I buy, if this software allowed. It works great at targeting places, and hashtags. I feel this would be a huge benefit to my business. but want to make sure all this is legal and okay with you guys at Instagram. I pride myself at being a smart and honest, new business man.

    Please let me know before I make this

  57. He is wrong. The best investment is entertainment. Can't take it with you. Enjoy yourself while you can.

  58. I love how you say to eat shit and people will say i eat shit now! Only RESPECT to you my dude because Im on board with eating shit;)

  59. Hiring for 20 years? So he did hire people at his Dad’s liquor store?

  60. The new trend of the billionaire fucks, is to monologue about their shit. Yeah bro I sold 250 million fuck off! all these fuck tards listening to you and your self help motivation bull shit don't realize you guys ain't got shit. Your words mean Jack dick to fuckers who aren't motivated.

  61. To pretend that truth is your forte but swiftly follow it up with Bill Cosby is in prison while ignoring all the caucasian perpetrators of the same acts Bill is in prison accused with having committed 50 years ago i very dishonest. We have a Case in Anguilla at the moment where Scott / Gavin Hapgood while on holiday, killed a local, while doing his job at a high end hotel and was given white preferential treatment to leave the island is the same truth that you speak of . your truth is based in your privilege and this is why, when reality hits home white males commit suicide. They live in an illusion and are stunned by reality when it knocks on their door. Follow my shit if you really wish to hear truth, i speak from the real world, unprotected, where privilege is non existent. We make the opportunities we get, no matter how significant or insignificant they are to the world, we are alive.

  62. "I peed my bed until I was 13"

    -Gary Vaynerchuk, 2018

  63. Loved every moment being in this room! Gary did an amazing job here in NZ!

  64. I can't take it how great Gary is. This talk is amazing.

  65. Gary probably doesn't even realize I watch every video just because of how Much I am like the younger version of him. I Just don't comment on every post

  66. Jeez he's cute. I want him to be my daddy ; )

  67. Thanks Gary (and team)!

  68. Superb, making products cost so much otherwise I would have given you an interesting product, but no issues I got patience will soon learn computer languages and make social hiring tool as soon as possible, you will be the 1st person to get to know about it 1st because, I have always been inspired by you, gratitude !

  69. "If you make an amazing dress, it's an amazing dress! Got it?!"

  70. min 8:25 and 9:25 #loveGaryVee

  71. LOVE so much in this video and only half way through go to 38:18 "the greatest gift ever is actually having a life" G.V. #loveGaryVee

  72. This is an amazing talk. Affirming. Gary, I have been watching and listening to a bunch of your other content. I feel like the ying to your yang. I'm a creative, former editor in chief of GeistM was the marketing company that advertised direct marketing on the brand I built, from making $10 million to $30 million in the year I was operating. I built our Facebook following from under 200K to half a million in 18 months. Doing live stream interviews, before I ever heard your name. I saw it, but had serious burn out that left me with nothing after being let go. I want to share this because I have gained so much perspective on my journey. We grew up in NJ in Morris Co. and both born in 1975. — The ask, I would just love to speak with you. I have so any ideas that compliment your own, derived from my core. Mental Health Advocacy and Creating are my DNA, literally Bipolar and just out of the hospital 2 weeks. I advocated for those in there as well as myself. I need to give and have so much to offer. I'm into fulfillment, not money. Still dealing with everything, but never been more confident about my ability to make an impact. My hope, my dream, is to inspire those to be inspired, respect process so we can respect others, as well as ourselves. PEACE + LOVE. — Dan Victor —

  73. Great talk and awesome truthful advice. Thank you for creating this

  74. You're amazing person. I follow you only month, but I already took so much from you and it help me so much in my business

  75. Loads of value and real talk! Love it!

  76. I have only viewed a few vids and this one won me over. Not because you are popular, but because you are honest and give real information…not the same crap everyone else says. I am going to be starting my own clothing line at the age of 40. Have always been able to provide companies success as an employee. Attention to detail kind of guy and noticed that when I leave they start having issues. I am tired of being given false hope and making garbage. I would ask myself "why can't I be great?". I was given two gifts from my parents. They are the ability to figure out how things work (mechanical and electronic) and art. Now I know why this was given to me. The quote that has impacted me the most is "Do not want to feel regret". I can already feel a phycological change as I am starting this journey. Like anything it has taken work and persistence to get it ready for launch. But I have also ran into moments of self-doubt. I am going to improve my mind and finances in the long run. So I want to say thank you for being honest. I know in which direction I must go.

  77. passion and work hard is the secret thanks Gary

  78. So nuts you just made the line

  79. You Are A Nutjob And I Love You. Ummm This is monstrous to me. I am thee quintessential cliche good guy. Now, the brain fuck is the I've wish I could give. Now this. Can I really give to my heart's delight in song with the 365 days Or wat? #AskGaryVee how does that model play out in music?

  80. People watch golf 😂 me too , really

  81. What I find really a nice side effect of what you're doing is that you are actually taking a jab at political correctness. I do respect individuals and what they want to be, what I hate though is when it is tried to attribute value by what people are/want to be instead of what they DO and provide.

  82. The 45 people who disliked this need to reevaluate their lives now!

  83. The law of reciprocity

  84. 👏🙌. If your not good as a person ,you'll be a block for you kids. Do this to make them better then who you are.

  85. VR already happened a while ago. I've been watching and playing VR regularly for the past 1.5 years and I wasn't even early to the game. I've also been trying to get into making VR content and I'm just doing it as a hobby like someone making youtube vids. The weird thing is being able to high five someone who's in another city or country or wherever or run next to someone. It's like the aren't next to you physically but in some ways they are really next to you.

  86. Have a question here.
    "Never took more than 100.000 a year" but he also states he did "not bought dumb shit" so how he had no money when he left at 34 fam. business? He should had some money, after 12, what am I missing?

  87. “Yeahhh dick pick one!” Gary your amazing

  88. Gary, I watch your videos for the past 3 years and I can't believe I'm still working job to job for stability. But im taking action today, and im going to start on Instagram posting some positive shit. Just do it, and fucking grind. I got into an accident and cant drive to work anymore so I eat shit and walk 40 miles to and from work now. Thank you brother, your ther real MVP

  89. Can't gdr enough of your stuff. When are u coming to give a talk in South Africa.

  90. Gary, I really love what you said about being in the "no" business because it protects our insecurities. And about not valuing others opinions over your own because "I have all the context"… That was my very favorite part, my man. When someone doesn't know your story – and they can't possibly know all of what you know about it – it's just as you said… Like, you don't know me, not REALLY know me. Awesome, AWESOME word, my friend!👏👏👏❤

  91. Epic video. Got so much out of it. Thank you!

  92. One of the best Gary keynotes I’ve seen. And I thought I’d seen them all 😍

  93. 16:45 Classy Gary

  94. As one person, is 100 quality content pieces a day feasible, or is it something that can only really be done with a team of people?

    If you’re one person responsible for posting social content for a brand, can it be done?

  95. great knowledge !

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