How To Start Your Own Digital Marketing Agency ($0 – $10k/Month In 90 Days In Your New Career)

How To Start Your Own Digital Marketing Agency ($0 – $10k/Month In 90 Days In Your New Career)

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  1. Always great content!

  2. Would love to be on your live streams, but it would have been 2am where I live which is on the Gold Coast of Australia when you did this one. 🙁

  3. Hai sir, can you please suggest a niche topic to earn minimum $2000 per month. From Adsense

  4. Me Show Me Im Interested

  5. Great vid👌🏻

  6. Great Information !

  7. This is what your webinars consist of? Wow. Fucking stupid. People in your webinar sound like idiots also. Your clients actually watch this? Crazy

  8. What about pricing? I kind of know my niche but what about pricing?

  9. Why not talk about the basic terminology like campaigns etc

  10. Hey man, I'm Jag from Singapore. Right now I need to get more knowledge and then experience in digital marketing. What platform of marketing would you recommend me to first study on, Facebook, Google, Instagram? Plus where do I go to learn this. What book would you also recommend to learn this digital marketing?

  11. hi Jason great video !! how do you go about tracking what leads you gave them closed ? you get them many leads but how can you track if they close a deal with the realtor so you get paid ?

  12. Ur a great person ❤🙏

  13. Would love to talk over Skype. I’m thinking about starting one because I’m pretty good at Facebook ads

  14. im running my own digital ads agency, this is really helpful, appreciate it

  15. No one should be working a 9 to 5 job unless they want to. Take control of your mind is the #1 step to mastering your talents. I honestly believe college is a scam and a waste of talents because they will never teach you how to use your God given talents. They teach you to earn $50k or even $100k a year after 4 to 6 years of schooling, not how to have freedom and earn $100k a month. You are talented and gifted

  16. How exactly can you guarantee that the client will pay? How do you know when they have closed a deal by using your lead?

  17. You guys are all sheep this guys a fucking con man all these points are obvious use your heads people don’t buy this ginger dirtbags course

  18. Can I work with you as a Digital marketer?

  19. Hey Jason Wardrop! Nice work man! You have completely altered the direction of my life. Thank you so much for the really valuable information you share! Keep dropping them bomb content! 😀

  20. Hey Jason
    I’m 18 years old and I’m currently doing a digital marketing course via Get smarter at the University of Cape Town in South Africa. I’m also studying a bcom marketing management degree part time When do you think is the right one / age to start my own digital marketing company ? I already have a virgin hair business that i started when I was 16.

  21. Did you spend $$ from your own pocket to build out campaigns from your initial "free" clients you brought on?

  22. Thank you. Excellent step by steps instructions. Pure value.

  23. Love this video!! Starting my own agency here in San Diego a couple of years ago was the best decision of my life!! We get to wake up and help people, while making money from it. A dream come true! If you are contemplating starting one, NOW is the best time to start! 🙂

  24. Hey, I’m about to pursue building an agency. But I am a gamer too. I want to know Do any of you guys get to play video games and enjoy movies? Or is it like 100% total commitment to work?

  25. Hello Jason,

    How do you get the company you're doing marketing for to install the Facebook pixel on their website so you can track audiences, if they don't have it already?

    Do you get admin access to their website or?
    …How does it work?

  26. J's all day. Love the Xi's on the wall.

  27. Do you have to create a website to advertise your service? Do you need to create Facebook accounts etc?

  28. how old do you need to be to start?

  29. You said in the first two steps you should be able to make 10k.. are you charging your clients in the thousands or are you making some type of commission with it?

  30. I have contacted most entrepreneurs on YouTube, each one tried to send me to subs to their course and nothing worked, I need a mentor who can teach me a legit way to make an online passive income and save my life. It is either a big lie or they just wanna collect money, email address or traffic and sell a silly course. So who is gonna help me?

  31. Hey Jason-enjoyed the video and found it valuable. Do you have the link you mentioned in the video for your course on building a six figure agency?

  32. Grab my 100% Free $0 – $10k/Mo Marketing Agency Cheat Sheet & Mini Course Here 👉

  33. 😍🌷💐🌻🌹🌸I work in web development & marketing in Long Beach 90803. How can we team up?

  34. Hi Jason. I work with bots that predicts whats trending next, bots that scans the web, answers emails, fills documents and much more. I am 100% sure that with my experience with coding and bots and your experience with business, we could do something big together. Let me know if you are willing to automate and scale your business even more. Wish you success! Cheers.

  35. Okay so once I have my Digital Marketing Agency running, I got it good, I have the possibility of clients coming in.
    How would you set your cost of service? Contract? Hour? What would be an ideal pay rate from a beginner? 25hr, 1k month contract? I want to be fair to both my clients and myself. Any advice?

  36. Gracias por compartir estas ideas!

  37. You see these "digital marketing gurus" on facebook and then see they only have as many subscribers as the fourth most watched channel about squirrel nesting habits

  38. Hello Jason! I'm a religious user of the Knowledge accessible on Youtube and I have been working 75+ Hours a week for the past month to begin my Marketing and Web Design Agency and boy am I glad I came across your channel. I thought I had my Arsenal of Content providers right where I needed it to be so I don't spend much time looking through other channels, but I really honestly appreciate the high level of Detail and Realism you put in your Vids (This one at least). Extremely helpful in many ways. Do you have a form of communication with your audience other than YT for any questions? Regardless you have earned my sub my friend!!

  39. Great content. Can you talk more about how you hire and pay additional staff

  40. Thanks for sharing!

  41. Global news for future children worldwide ⛸⛸⛸❤️❤️❤️

  42. I think it's awesome that someone as big as you(seen your ads on facebook) talks about doing free work.

  43. How to get new clients though?

  44. Before starting a Social Media Marketing Agency / Digital Marketing Agency / Consulting Agency, what type of company do you recommend setting-up – LLC, C-Corp, S-Corp, Ltd., sole-proprietorship with DBA, partnership, other?

    Why do you recommend that type of company or corporation?

  45. Hi Jason I really like your content and love the things you are doing on your channel! It's all really informative and helpful stuff. We do a similar thing here at Flexxable and run our own Lead Generation agency. We are trying to grow our content on Youtube and can see that you are doing a really great job doing that. I would love to do a collaboration video with you if you are available or interested. Let me know what you think, and again great job.

  46. I have over 40 facebook ads courses if interested hit me up
    [email protected]

  47. Thanks man!! You seem to be the most honest guy on here..

  48. I love that you're offering your perspective and success through your channel.

  49. Isn't there like so many agencies out there now? Should i even consider it?

  50. Oof i have no idea what this lead stuff is

  51. How much do you pay your sales reps

  52. This is a really useful tip! Thanks!

  53. Thanks for the video!😁 ? We also publish videos about marketing! Could you give me some feedback? Thank you! 😀


  54. if you tell them to budget money for a free trail, won't they think you are just trying to scam them?

  55. desperatly trying to get my ad agency off the ground but almost every marketing strategy I try is an epic fail. messages are ignored on facebook, offering free services gets laughed at and you aren't taken seriously, etc. I honestly do not know what im doing wrong. I feel like if I could get just one client to take me serious I can actually build a portfolio, but if marketing advice doesn't work I feel like advertising advice won't work either and I will be stuck at square one. I honestly don't know what im doing wrong.

  56. Can you share an ad example? Very curious. We don't run ads for clients but would like to run them for our agency.

  57. Can I do it I’m 15

  58. This guys sketchy. He starts with "Lets just jump right into it" then 3 minutes in i stopped due to boredom I votet do not watch

  59. Still doesnt answer the questions im looking for.

    Where do I get the permit for a new business?
    How do I set up ads on Facebook or online?
    How do I actually build ads?
    How do I track clicks and data from these ads?

  60. Sir I know everyone in digital marketing but I don't know how to talk or deal with client

  61. How do i start a marketing company that markets escorts legal? I dont want to market some girls, then i go to prison… can i also make a porno for the marketing company? Do i need certain things to do this legaly, and not go to jail? Thanks

  62. I just turned 16, I want to do something similar to this, doubt I’ll make 10k a month but maybe something substantial in order to start saving. What’s your Input? Is it feasible?

  63. Jason. I am in a small city in a small country. would you still recommend focusing on one industry?

  64. I'm a Disabled Vet (90%) and looking for someone to help me get started in the AD Agency business like Facebook. Is anyone willing to help me and spend some time with me to quickly figure this out? You can email at [email protected] or hit me up on Facebook Jamie Ebersohl.

  65. I didnt get my free mini course just a blank page ?

  66. man all these people posting videos about how they’ve made millions and they are all selling courses 🤔

  67. Hi! Really like your videos so far.
    I was wondering about how you arrange the actual execution of creating an ad for another business.
    Do you need the business' Log In information? Or can you make an ad for a business from your own user?
    Thanks, Eirik

  68. Hi Jason, how long have you been doing this? Also, I dont have an existing Facebook page, could this still work for me without having any existing friends on Facebook?

  69. I’m doing a commission based system

  70. I bought the 6 figure agency program but I find that most of the videos are done as if the audience is a realtor. So I was confused while watching it. I'm not a realtor – I just want to market for a realtor, so it doesn't seem to be designed for marketing agency…Only the first three videos were more related to the agency. The rest were training for realtors, not for the agency. 🙁

  71. Great video. It is posible to manage a marketing agency on ipad pro?

  72. you dont look like you 100$/month idiot

  73. Agency Blitz will teach how to make a 6- Figure Income Business by consulting in Minutes. You can learn more here:

  74. Thanks for the video, I have a question, you said to get specific in one industry. In doing this how does it work because you basically are trying to market/grow competing businesses? Isn’t it contradictory to what you are trying to provide the each business?

  75. Greetings Jason,pls I am based in GHANA 🇬🇭 can I also leverage ARSENAL MKG to serving clients.I want to setup a Social media Marketing Agency.

  76. Very informative thanks man god blees you always and your family

  77. I mean how do you rationalize making $100 million in ten years compared to a one time payment of $100,000!! I know you said you don't know if people would understand why but I guess I'm just one of them!!??!!?!?!?! It does seem realistic though so I appreciate you not using a number like a 10-15 million dollar business in 10 years when you can make $100 mil. Keep it up!

  78. whats funny is i want to hire someone to advertise my business and cant find anyone

  79. This video didn’t age too well.

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