How to Start an Independent Record Label

How to Start an Independent Record Label

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    awesome. fucking brilliant. sick of my sub box being filled with useless howcast vids.

  4. The guy reminds me of vindiesel.

  5. @rooney1192 coolio record label

    there you go 🙂

  6. the only reason why i'm not unsub yet is because i'm excited about what crap will be next video. . . .hahaha


  8. can't focus, those guitar chords in the intro are sooo good

  9. my record label is the best

  10. I actually just wrote a blog post that outlines all the steps to starting your own independent record label on the cheap. If you wanna read it, check out theindustryismine dot blogspot dot com

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  12. WE know all of them too .

  13. @race1717 forget about CDs. That medium is a waste of time. Save your CD printing money any use it to promote your name instead. If people actually want your CD tell them it will have to cost extra since you'll have to get the proper materials to make it all look official.

  14. @howcast so basically…i dont need to check with any state officials to get my music out? Just call myself a label and thats it. Help me out folks.

  15. i have the same question right now

  16. Seems simple enough, now where's my $Million start-up fund…

  17. all it takes is 100 dollars to do this yourself.
    From there it is up to you to move up.

  18. goood vidoe learn alot

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  20. Kinda off subject but what song iz that instrumental from.?

  21. When do I put on the suit and collect the checks?

  22. lol he has only a dollar. LULZ!!!

  23. I don't get why you have to register your label with the state and government

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  26. Step 8: Repeat steps 1-7 till you're blue in the face!!

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  29. how do record labels break artists?

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