How To Start a CPR Training Company

How To Start a CPR Training Company

hey guys Andrew with prime medical training
and today we’re going to talk about how to start a cpr training business I’m so few things that you need to think
about first before you can jump into it is if you’re in the right position to
start something like this so what you need to know is your area
and your market how many people in your area actually
need to have cpr training if you’re a small little town and you’re
not close to any any bigger towns you may have trouble starting that
business and you also think about your goals if you’re wanting to build up a business
you can do full time you need to have a large market if you’re only wanting to do
something on the side and make a little extra cash every month then being in a
smaller town might be okay and work for you so once you’ve got to figure out where
you’re at and whether that’s really a practical thing or not on the next question is looking at your
competition you need to do some google searching and see who’s out there what
they’re doing and uh and and figure out there is even space for you to try to
come in and compete with them based on your goals so once you figure out those two things
which take a little time and a little researching then you need to figure out
how much it’s going to be and generally you’re going to look at spending about
1,500 the two thousand dollars just to get into the business on that’s buying
all the mannequins CPR equipment that’s getting a website little things like that and then and
then finally you gotta come up with a name and it’s another bit of a
researching thing because you have to make sure that you don’t pick a name
that somebody else has or at least somebody that around doesnt have so doing a google search coming up with random names googling there and
seeing if anybody else has a name like that and
once you find something that’s unique then you’re going to need to get a
website address that has the same name so sometimes you may not find somebody
when you google it who has your company name but when you
go to try to purchase a website somebody’s somebody’s already got that
name like my medical training . com they may
already have it the website doesn’t exist they’re just holding on to that
name whatever reason so Google the name and
then go to some place like type in you know whatever your name is
mike a and see if anybody already owns and if they
do you might need to go back to the drawing board in coming series we’re going to be
talking about how to set yourself up as a business different kind of things to
keep in mind how much you need to charge how to market yourself so stay tuned if
you have any questions please leave them in the comments below i’d love to answer those
for you again Andrew with Prime medical training

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  1. Hi AndrewGreat Video. Any more videos following this? Are you able to contact me in any way?

  2. Hi Andrew I am a cpr instructor who is wanting to start a cpr business.. I have start up money but I just don't know what to do next.. my goal is to teach until I grow they business and can get more nurses to teach. I found the manikins And the name I want ….but just don't know what to do next … can you point me in the right direction?

  3. Hey Andrew in this video you spoke about additional series that would be added on the next steps to starting up your business. Are there additional videos for that.

  4. Where can buy the Lucas2 chest compression in person ?

  5. When starting cpr training company what kind of credentials does your staff need

  6. How long did I take you to start your business?

  7. There is no How to start rather what to think before)

  8. Hi, how do I start a CPR class online?

  9. Hi Andrew.
    Can I teach CPR in my home?
    I have 5 bedroom huge house. with huge basement and 4 washrooms.
    If yes, I will join the instructor course.
    thank you

  10. How much does the AHA take from the profit for each person?

  11. Hi Andrew,
    I have lots of experience as a CPR Instructor and EMT for our local hospital. I would like to branch off and start my own business so I can market all the hotels, restaurants, and casinos in our tourist community. I would like to stick with the AHA curriculum. The only way seems if I am my own training center with AHA, but their website says they are not adding any more centers. I can be a training site, but then I’d have to be attached to the hospital I work for. How do I go about starting my own company and sticking to AHA curriculum and cards?

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