How To Set Goals Like A Pro! | Business Mindset

How To Set Goals Like A Pro! | Business Mindset

Today we are talking about goals and how to set them! Welcome to Business Mindset. My name is Trenton Hoshiko. Today We are talking about goal-setting and my four steps to set any goal. Whether it’s a business proposal business project creative project These are the four steps that I use to set every goal But first, let’s go back and talk about why goals are important in the first place goals Help us measure our progress without a goal. You don’t know how far you’ve come how far you have left to go and Really? You don’t just have anything to judge Your own progress against goals are super important for the success of any type of project Step one is to set the goal make it achievable, but still a challenge and set a timeframe Give yourself a deadline say I need this by December 1st that time frame that limitation really helps you Strive for success and know when you have death things done Lay out a plan lay out a time frame then step three is to judge your progress against the goal Did you make your goal? Did you make the time frame? create some factual data to define the progress that you’ve made against the goal and Make sure that when you judge yourself against your goal, you’re judging your progress Against your goal. Not your competitors. Not your peers Nobody else what you’re doing for you and your business is what matters in this case They can do whatever they need to do for their own goals You are the only person that is in control of your goal start with you work on your goal Make your time frame, but Trenton you forgot step two you went from one to three Well, I didn’t forget it. That’s what most people forget They forget to share their goal with others that can be friends like your family that could be peers You need to be telling people What your goals are so they can help you stay accountable? And also so that if they have the ability to actually help you towards that goal they know about it and they can help you you if your goal is to get a photography client and Somebody needs a family photo for their holiday card and you tell them that your goal is to get more clients for your photography business Now they know now they can help you. Share. Your goals is essential to the success of actually achieve your goals Don’t overlook the power of just simply sharing one to be nice and start to race with a head start That’s what sharing your goals actually does for you. Nobody can help you If they don’t know what your goals are if they have an ability to help you they can step forward and say hey I do Need your service. I need your business This is you create a project that I’m interested in supporting whatever your goal actually is. It could be life goals nobody knows those things until you tell them out loud in person face to face on Facebook wherever You want to share your goals and don’t stop don’t just do it once people might need to be reminded of what? You’re trying to achieve in your life and in the same way help them out with their goals. It’s a gift take relationship For example at monarch media, which is my business We are working on growing our continuous client base by 10 this year. Now. What would work better? Just staying quiet not tell anybody and trying to work for it and grind towards it that could work But it’ll be a lot easier and I told people that I was doing that that way if they have a friend they can refer Me if they have their own business They can hire me we can consult we can talk about it and not all of those connections will work out but those people are all then engaged and helping you achieve your goals and you can help them achieve their goals if their goal is to Have a family Christmas Card and they need a photo for and your photographer well you can help them achieve their goal of getting a photo for their Christmas card while you get your goal of having another client for your photography business in turn when after we’ve told people about What we do and our goals for this year people in their networks might need our services of video production and advertising just general marketing Consultation and so those people will reach out through our friends and our community members that we have grown to Research our services and see if it’s the right fit for them There’s no downside to actually telling people what you’re trying to achieve in your business in your life and your creative hobbies Whatever it is. Tell people your goals. They’re not mind readers They can’t know unless you tell them people really want to actually help other people. It’s a waste to not Use that and finally step four. Once you review the progress that you have made towards your goal Take the data that you got about your goal how your progress was if you made your timeframe all of those pieces information and change your goal change the scale change the timeframe and Sometimes if the goal wasn’t right if it didn’t get you the results you wanted at all if it took you away from the results That you wanted pack it up. Throw it in the trash change your goal completely start again. That’s perfectly fine Everybody is changing their goals all the time. They’re just not saying it out loud. And because they’re not saying it out loud They’re losing out on the opportunity to communicate with others that they need something and that maybe that person can help them achieve their goal and that will Free you to reassess what you actually need in that moment It changed it for what you need in your business in your creative life do it For you point is to always be critical of your goal. Make sure it is the right thing for what you need and What your overall goals need right now goals work in kind of stages? You have these short-term goals and have long-term goals if your long-term goal is to be a professional photographer for a commercial work Then maybe family portraiture is better than weddings who knows change your goals based on the results that you got from your first initial test Sharing your goals is almost as important as setting them in the first place Don’t forget to tell people what your goals are. They want to help you. Don’t forget that. Thank you everybody for watching I’m really hoping that you’re enjoying these business tip videos They’re really exciting to create and I really hope that they’re helpful to you and in whatever you’re doing if it’s creative business It’s a more logistical business. Whatever it is. I hope that these videos can help you succeed hit that subscribe button Hit the bell if you want to I don’t even really know what it does And give us a like those really really help you can find me on twitter at trenton underscore Hoshiko You can find Modern Icon Media at Modern Icon Media on facebook twitter and instagram We really love connecting with our audiences on those platforms as well If you want to support these videos and get a bonus video every month You can go to our patreon -> that really helps us out. It’s only 2 bucks to sign up and You get a lot of extra content with it you get a whole another one of these tip videos every month You can read more about this topic of setting on our blog Blog and if you want to talk about your goals in the comments I would love to hear what you’re doing for this next six months It’s about halfway through the year right now And I want to know what you are trying to achieve by the end of this year go out there and do good business

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