How to Sell an Upside Down Car (Dealing with Negative Equity)

How to Sell an Upside Down Car (Dealing with Negative Equity)

Hey guys! Melissa Blevins with, your
personal finance coach for the free-spirited nerd. So today we’re gonna be talking about negative
equity and how to get out of an upside-down car. I know you clicked the link because you’re
thinking about it and because you may have looked online and seen “Oh Crap…my car is
not worth what I owe on it!”. That’s what it means to be upside down. It’s under water. It’s Broke. It’s not fun. My husband and I purchased a brand new vehicle
(stupidly) years ago and decided that, after financing $48,000 and $733 minimum monthly
payment, that we were done. We were done basically paying a house payment
for a car. So we walked into our bank…or our credit
union. We sat down with our banker, and we explained
our situation. I asked them…I said, “Will you please pull
the NADA value of my vehicle?” And so they did. Being a former banker, I know that NADA is
how the banks and credit unions loan money on vehicles. They actually don’t even use Kelley Blue Book. Kelley Blue Book, or KBB, is garbage, in my
opinion. It’s not an accurate valuation of a vehicle. If banks and credit unions are using KBB,
then…I’ve worked at a few different banks, and none of them use KBB. So if they used it, I might feel differently
about it. But car dealers tend to use KBB to their advantage
when they’re offering trade values for your vehicle. So let’s say you walk into your bank. You talk to your banker. You say, “Ok…I’m upside down $5000.” They told you the value of your vehicle, and
you’re upside down $5000. If you’ve been looking at vehicles, and you
have an idea of what you’re looking for, talk to them about it at that time. Say you found a 2009 Buick Enclave, and it’s
$12,000, and it has 90,000 miles. They can plug that into NADA Retail or
and give you a retail value on that as well. And sometimes the bank or credit union will
loan 125% of the retail value. So that’s good to know going forward because
if you are upside down, sometimes you can get a little bit of that negative equity squeezed
in there. But I would always recommend gap insurance
in that instance…always. So…you should also know….Side note….that
your insurance company likely offers gap insurance for significantly cheaper than the car dealer. Do not purchase gap insurance from the car
dealership. Purchase gap insurance through your insurance
company. And you will save hundreds of dollars. So that was a little side note. A little rant. So you’re gonna talk to your bank. You’re gonna get some options. The next place that I would go after having
talked to your bank, and you kind-of have an idea of how much money you’re gonna have
to come out of pocket, I would take my vehicle to Carmax and have them give me a valuation
offer for it. So Carmax will offer to purchase your vehicle
at a set amount. It’s no b.s. It’s no haggle. You go in. It takes about 45 minutes for them to value
your car, and you can leave there with a sheet of paper that says they will buy your car
for X amount of dollars within 7 days. So you wanna make sure you’re at the end of
your decision-making process before you do that. But take that piece of paper…fold it up,
put it in your purse, and now you’re gonna drive to the car dealership where you were
looking at a vehicle. And you want to not give away too much information
about what you are looking to do. Walk in there and just say, “I wanna test
drive this vehicle.” And they will ask you, “Oh do you have a trade?” Don’t tell them that you have a trade yet. Don’t lie to them, but say, “You know? I’m not sure what we’re gonna do yet.” So go in, test drive the vehicle.See how you
like it. And make sure you’ve got your preapproval
from your bank as well. Then you can sit down with them and explain
to them that you want to negotiate a price for that vehicle. Try to negotiate a price for the purchase
of the vehicle without your trade included at first. Car dealers are gonna hate on me for this,
but that’s what…you know…it’s what we have to do. We have to protect ourselves as consumers. So see if they’ll negotiate a price for you
and then if they are really persistent about if you are going to be trading your vehicle
or if you feel weird about not telling them then just let them know. Also let them know that you did get a valuation
at Carmax, but you’re waiting to see what their offer is going to be. Don’t share the offer from Carmax just yet. So do that. You’re going to get an offer. They’re gonna write down some numbers, and
they’re gonna want you to sign something committing to purchasing. Don’t do that. Ask if you can take test drive the vehicle
overnight. Take the car. Go to a competing dealership with the car
and…with the other dealership’s vehicle, and tell them that you’re looking at this
car, but do they have anything similar? And sit down and do the exact same process
with that other dealer. If you have to do this at several different
dealers that day, do it and then take the car back and go back and forth between the
dealers. I know it sounds like a lot of work, but I
can promise you that you will get a better deal. They will compete for your business if they’re
good at their job. And you will get more money for your trade
than what you would have. I actually was able to get $500 more than
what Carmax had offered me, but, strangely enough, the Honda dealership that I purchased
my vehicle from (brand new) was offering me $2000 less than Carmax, and they said, “Oh! We want your vehicle!” Because we bought it brand new at that dealership. It was 2 years old. And it had been serviced faithfully, so they
could put it as a certified pre-owned vehicle on their lot for about $4000 or $5000 more
than what they were offering me. So I walked away from that dealership. We’ll never do business with them again. But I hope that these tips have helped you
a little bit to understand the process of getting out of a vehicle with negative equity. Obviously you gotta have some cash. I would never recommend using credit cards
to offset negative equity…not even the 0% credit cards because …it’s just not a good
idea. Unsecured loans are really hard to get unless
you have AA+ credit, and the interest rate is usually very high on unsecured loans. So talk to your bank about your options. Go to a Carmax. Get your valuation. Hide your valuation! Tuck it in your pocket. Keep it. Save it up. And just keep that nugget of knowledge for
you as fuel with the other dealers so that you can get the best deal when you’re trading
out of a more expensive vehicle. So I hope you liked this video. Please take a moment to subscribe if you found
it helpful. Click the bell notification icon so you won’t
miss out on a single video. And thanks for watching!

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  17. Hey great video, along with some great advice. I was wondering if you could help me out in my current mess of a situation.

    So back in the middle of October I decided to make a trip to the dealership to see exactly what I needed to do an order to get myself in a newer Dodge Challenger. I went in not expecting anything due to my terrible credit score, but to make a long story short, I ended up getting myself in a 2016 RT challenger. The car is worth roughly 26k, but I owe 33k on it. My payment is a ridiculous $645 a month. At the time I was looking at the situation with rose covered glasses, but now reality is starting to kick in, and I feel as if I went a little overboard. Now I’m looking to get myself into a more affordable sports car. Mainly a 2001 corvette c5, or a 2004-2005 Subaru WRX STI. The thing is though, since I currently have some negative equity in my challenger, would it be wise to trade it in for a car that’s worth about 12-14k?

    I went to a dealership the other day that had a really clean, low mileage 2001 corvette, told them I’d be trading in my challenger, and that I’d like to get my payments down to about half as what I’m paying now. Needless to say, they only valued my car at 23k, wanted me to put $2500 down, and my monthly payment would’ve been around $350. Got a semi bad vibe from the deal, so I ended up walking. Do you think that was fair for my situation? I also probably divulged too much info to them when I first walked on the lot. This is all pretty new to me considering I’ve always bought my cars private party with cash in hand.

    Any advice to get me out of this mess would be much appreciated. Thank you!

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    My dilemma is on whether or not I should sell my car. If I don’t ship it then I won’t have a car when I get there nor will I have money to purchase another one right away. However, I won’t need a car right away due to traveling for a job a couple months away at a time. Shipping the car to California for $900 I would still have to factor in gas, a couple nights if hotels etc.
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  84. Hi Melissa, you've got some good info in here, but as a used car salesman (work for a privately owned, non-franchise store, so I can't speak to how other dealers work), I'm going to throw something out there for you and viewers, take it or leave it, up to you. When a customer comes to me saying "I'm interested in a vehicle, and I know I've got some negative equity" I will direct them to vehicles I know can "hold" some of that negative equity. By that I mean that the vehicle I'm selling is priced below NADA book value, and can absorb some of their trades rollover without throwing the Loan-to-Value ratios all out of wack. Again, not saying all dealers or salespeople take this approach, but if I know what the problem I'm trying to solve is right off the bat, I can better serve my customers. Just my $0.02, again a lot of excellent info in the video, especially about KBB vs NADA.

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