How to Revive Your Sales Business and Focus on What Matters | #TomFerryShow

How to Revive Your Sales Business and Focus on What Matters | #TomFerryShow

– Hey is your business kinda feeling like boop, boop, boop, basically flatline? Watch this show and let’s
resuscitate, bam, your business. (rock music) Welcome to the Tom Ferry Show. Today I wanna speak to you if you’re slightly behind in your goals, if you’re staring down
the barrel of this year and you’re asking yourself,
what do I have to do to turn this thing around? Now, if you’re one of my rockstar clients and you’re absolutely on
fire, the good news is the same strategies will apply
but it’s a different mindset. Consider the following,
if you’re following me on YouTube or Facebook or
Instagram or Twitter or Snapchat I get a lot of DMs from people, you know, newer agents, experienced
agents, a lot of veterans right now that are saying to me, “Tom, I just feel like I’m
missing a piece of the market, “like these new companies,
these disruptors, “these, you know, these
new agents are coming in “and they’re gobbling up
a piece of the action. “What do you recommend I do?” And that’s what I wanna
share with you today. So here’s what I wrote down, you ready? Do you wanna have an extraordinary
second half of the year? It’s time to get back to being an appointment-setting machine. Now I know as I say that, you’re like, “Well who do I call and what do I do?” I gotcha covered. Now the good news is,
there’s gonna be some people watching this that know
exactly what I’m talking about ’cause I put them on this personal path of setting a 30-day challenge to book more appointments than they’ve
ever booked in their life. Caveat, you ready? Even a lousy appointment is better than sitting inside your office. You with me on this? So for some of you, you might have to open up the parameters of
what an appointment is. For some of my clients, especially if they’re just trying to rebound and get themselves back in the game, I might say to them, “An appointment “is a meeting with someone that you like “that can have a positive
impact on your business.” So that could be an influential friend, that could be with a past
client over a coffee, it could be with your loan officer or your insurance broker,
people that know other people that might be able to
refer you to somebody else. For others, it’s gonna
be a listing opportunity, a buyer lead, a showing appointment. You decide how you want it to be. So you ready? I wanna coach you, this
is the plan, here we go. I write down if you wanna crush
the second half of the year take on a 30-day
appointment-setting challenge. So what I wrote down
for you, number one is you wanna decide on a
goal and get very clear. Remember you can’t say, “You know, “I wanna set more than I’ve
ever, you know, set before.” No you need to say, “I wanna set 15,” “I wanna set 20,” “I wanna set 25,” “I wanna set 30 appointments
in the next 30 days.” The key to this is it’s gotta be a stretch and attainable. It’s gotta be a stretch, little outside of your comfort zone, forcing
you to push a little harder, do a little bit more but also attainable. You know, don’t say 125 ’cause there just isn’t enough time in the day. So that’s number one. Decide how many appointments
you’re going to book. Number two, this is where
the nitty gritty is, I want you to schedule
10 appointment-setting opportunities Monday through Friday. So hear me out, two a day at
nine o’clock to eleven o’clock in your calendar Monday
through Friday, it’s there, and from four to six,
Monday through Friday. So you’ve got 10
opportunities in your calendar every week to go out, to
do some lead generation, to do your follow up and
to schedule appointments. Now here’s the catch, I
only want you to do five. Just do five of those sessions. Just five of those sessions. Now you and I both know
if we just stop there, if you just got a goal,
put it up, made it visual, something you were inspired by, something that you knew you had to do and you just put it in your schedule and followed it, you
know you’re gonna win. But I have a few more suggestions. Number three, I wrote
down, create a competition. It’s fascinating to me, I think about so many clients that I’ve
worked with that have said to me, “Tom, my business
is behind, what do I do?” And I’m like, “Have a competition.” “Tom, I’m having the best month ever, “what do I do next month?” “Have a competition.” “Tom, my sales people are brand
new, what do I do with ’em?” “Have a competition.” The answer for you and I is always to create competition that spurs the right activity and the right behavior. So what if you took four
of you inside the office, you and three of your pals and you said, “You two versus us two, or
each of us individually, “everybody put in 20 bucks, whoever “schedules the most takes the cash.” It’s never gonna be about the money. I’ve watched people book
15, 20, 30 appointments, make more calls, follow up on more leads than they ever thought they
could just for 20 bucks, right? Here’s the reality, my friends, we wanna spur out that
competitive nature in you and get you focused on
doing the right activities. Plus, you get the power of the mob, right? Three, four, five, six, eight of you. I work with companies, the entire company, 1700 agents will take on this methodology. And guess what, they’re
doing all the business. The brand new agents to
the veteran rockstars. So that’s number three. Number four, I wrote down, is to remember the power of focus. So I’ve got this little
circle graph over here and what you’re gonna see is obviously, we wanna hit the bullseye,
which is signed contracts. The challenge though, my friends, the challenge is that would be the ultimate lagging indicator. We ask ourselves, what is the most important
leading indicator? What’s the cause that creates that effect? So I’ve been teaching this for years, trying to help people understand
the power of right focus. So we know when you walk in
the office every single day, whatever happens, right, to
you is gonna direct the day. So we have to be in control of our focus and not allow us to be
reacting to what’s happening but instead walk in with a plan. So just consider the following, ready? Some people get wrapped up in drama and when they get wrapped up in drama, they’re probably not gonna
make their phone calls, follow up on leads, and achieve the kinda success that you desire. Some people, you know what they do? They spend time getting organized, you know, “I’ve gotta move
the papers around my desk “and until I get the new app on my phone,” and what this is, my
friends, is call avoidance. You with me? Like I know plenty of successful people that have a yellow notepad even
in 2018, and you know what? Their leads are on there
and they just call ’em. So let go of the organization
for a little bit. That’s probably what’s stopping you from achieving your potential. So drama, organization, those
two can gobble up our time, we don’t wanna go there,
but then you finally say, “That’s it, I gotta make my calls,” right? Or “I gotta do my marketing, “I gotta send my emails, do my mailers.” But the problem is you’re
still spending time way outside of where we
wanna be on the circle. So maybe you finally say,
“Wait a minute, Tom, I get it. “It’s a leads business, you told me “that the business is
math, the more leads I get, “the more appointments I get, you know, “the more sales I make.” Right, except in this case,
for this 30-day window, where do we wanna focus? Right there, appointments. I want you to say to me, “I’m a lean, mean,
appointment-setting machine.” “I’m a lean, mean,
appointment-setting machine.” And when you adapt that mantra, when you adopt that mantra
and you take that on for 30 days, I promise you, my friend, your business is going to
shift in the right direction and I don’t care how bad it was, I know this, success begets success. The more you do the right activities, the more appointments you go on, someone is going to say yes,
someone is going to say yes. You with me on this? And remember even a lousy appointment is better than you
sitting inside your office doing nothing, you with me on this? So again, we wanna focus
on the power of right focus and the question we wanna ask ourselves every day in the morning is, who can I bring value today
by scheduling an appointment? Who can I bring value to today
by scheduling an appointment? Who can I bring value to today by scheduling an appointment with them? Now it could be a past client, a friend, an old buyer, someone that’s
been thinking about selling, someone that doesn’t know what to do, should they refinance,
should they redo their house, you know, “Should we redo our backyard “or should we sell it?” There’s a lot of confusion
in the marketplace right now. A lot of people are, you
know the market’s good, home values are great, interest
rates are they going up? With all this confusion, boy I tell ya, if you sat down as a professional and shared your professional opinion about what they should do in this economy, that’s a valuable appointment. So let me give you a little bonus tip and then a few thoughts around
who you should be calling. Bonus tip, I wrote down again, remember even a lousy appointment
is better than sitting inside your office playing Clash of Clans. You with me on this? Now, some lead priorities. Clash of Clans got a shout
out on the Tom Ferry Show. Lead priorities, number one
I wrote down, old leads. You should email or text
every old lead the following, “Hey are you still planning
to buy or sell in 2018?” That simple script used
in email and/or text is still the very best script you can send to sort of resuscitate, right, to use a metaphorical
defibrillator, boink, and bring ’em back to life,
that’s what we wanna do. So if you have a hundred old leads, don’t send all 100 at once. I’d rather you use Seth
Godin’s methodology of ME-mail and actually say, “Hey
Jillian, thinking about you. “Are you still thinking
about buying or selling,” you know buying, selling,
whatever it is, “in 2018?” And make it personal, you with me on this? Rather than just sending out a hundred or 500 depending upon the
size of your database. So that’s number one to generate some good positive buzz and activity. Number two, I wrote down, and you’ve heard me say this before, it is bananas, every
time we do a Sales Edge, the extraordinary Bill Pipes will say, “I want you guys right
now to get out your phone “and shoot this video or, at the minimum, “send it in a text,”
where you say, you ready? To your past clients, to your sphere, to your past clients
and sphere, you ready? You text ’em, “Hey
name,” make it personal, “I’m working with a ton of buyers “and there’s no great homes for sale. “I’m curious, have you had
any thoughts of selling?” “Hey name,” make it personal, right? Like, “Hey Richard,” right? “I’m working with a ton of great buyers, “there’s no nice homes for sale. “I’m just curious, have you
had any thoughts of selling?” And whether you put that
in text and send it to ’em or you put it in a video
and send it to ’em, you know what my friend, you’re going to have some conversations, you’re gonna engage
people and it’s fantastic at Sales Edge, when he does this, the number of people that come back the next morning and go,
“I got a listing lead, “I got an appointment.” Sure, maybe they sent 15 or 20 texts but isn’t that the right thing
to do to get that business? Make sense? Then I wrote down,
obviously, number three. You know, expireds, FSBOs, open houses, Zillow leads, on and on and on. There’s no wrong way, my friends,
to generate appointments. The key for you is it’s
just doing the activity. It’s focusing on what it is that you want, achieving that goal,
that stretch goal, right, setting that new bar, creating that next personal best for you,
and when you do this, again that defibrillator, let me tell ya, if your pulse in real
estate is boop, boop, boop, and it’s time to get that thing moving, here’s what I know, bam, a whole bunch of appointments, that’s
what’s gonna make it happen. So I can’t wait to read your comments. Let me know who you’re gonna
do the competition with, let me know what your goal is, let me know what your personal best is, and then get it up, get
it visual and let’s have the second half of the year start out extraordinarily well because of this appointment-setting challenge. Thank you so much for watching. Remember always, your strategy matters and now more than ever, your ability to set appointments is what rules the day. Hey I’m Tom Ferry and I wanna
say welcome to real estate. Now there’s a pretty good
chance no one’s told you there’s an 87% failure
rate every five years in this business and
there’s only two factors. Agents don’t have the tools and they don’t take the right action. I’m gonna invite you
to click the link below and get access to the tools so
you can win in this business.

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