How to Reuse Old Business Cards

How to Reuse Old Business Cards

How to Reuse Old Business Cards. If you’ve replaced your Rolodex with a database
or printed a run of business cards that you never gave out, don’t throw them away – try
these uses instead. You will need A pen Business cards and glue
or tape. Step 1. Save your spot in whatever fiction, nonfiction,
or textbook you are reading by using old business cards as bookmarks. They are also a great way to flag favorite
recipes in cookbooks. Step 2. Jot down notes. Keep a pile on your desk to use as scrap paper,
or a few by the phone for messages. They are also great for making a compact grocery
list. Step 3. Use business cards as gift tags. With the printed side down, glue or tape one
on a gift and label the recipient on the blank side. Dress up gift tags by gluing or taping decorative
paper onto the printed side, folding it in half, and writing your message inside. Step 4. Use business cards as cue cards. When giving a speech or presentation, old
business cards are a great place to jot down your talking points. Step 5. Study your second language vocabulary or help
your child study multiplication by using them as flash cards. Step 6. Label file folders or moving boxes so that
you don’t forget what’s in them by gluing cards to the outsides and noting the contents. You’ll be in business when it comes time
to unpack. Did you know It has been estimated that 15
billion business cards are produced each year in the United States.

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  1. I thought everyone knew these. :

  2. If you don't know how to make a notecard, you probably wouldn't have children to use them on.

  3. pure vid
    who didn't know that you can writ on the other side of biusness card…..


  4. WOW! Now, I could save 10 cents on paper. Thanks howcast =}]

  5. WOW! I've learned how to write on paper with this video! THANK YOU HOWCAST!

  6. They obviously didn't watch the "How to video" Distinguishing between steps and ideas

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