How to Print Using 13 X 19 Paper – HP Officejet 7500A Wide Format e-All-in-One Printer E910a | HP

How to Print Using 13 X 19 Paper – HP Officejet 7500A Wide Format e-All-in-One Printer E910a | HP

This video explains how to print on 13×19 paper. The first step is to load the paper in the paper tray. Lift the output paper tray of the printer. This will give you better access to the paper tray. Grasp the paper tray from the middle and extend it to accommodate the paper. Pull out the paper tray as far as you can. Remove any other paper loaded in the paper tray. Mixed types or sizes in the paper tray can sometime cause problems picking paper or paper jams. Adjust the paper width guide all the way to the left. Load the 13×19 paper into the paper tray. Adjust the paper width guide to rest on the edge of the paper. Push down the output paper tray. Extend the output paper tray by pulling it out as far as you can. Open the paper catch at the end of the output paper tray until it locks into place. The second part in the printing process is the actual selection of the photo you want to print and selecting the correct driver settings for the 13×19 paper. You can use any software to select and print the photo, but for the purposes of this video we are going to use Windows Photo Viewer. The example shown here is the Windows 7 operating system. If you have a different Windows operating system, these steps will be slightly different. Click Start or the Windows icon, and then click Pictures. Double-click a photo and it opens in the Windows Photo Viewer. Click the Print menu and then click the print option. Click the drop-down box for the paper size, and then select Super B. 13×19 paper is also called Super B. Click the drop-down box for the Paper Type and then select the correct type of paper you have. For the purposes of this video we are going to select the HP Premium Presentation Matte. Click Full page photo on the right. Click the Print button to start printing the photo.

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  1. hi there! I´d like to print on larger paper, about 297mm x 1100mm. I´ve done it with my old hp9800,,but I cannot find a Customize Paper Size on this printer..

    where should I find it?

  2. Hey, thanks a lot for your vid. Been trying to print 13×19 from PhotoShop and couldn't do it. Your video made it quick and easy. Thanks again.

  3. Can a HP Officejet 4620 printer print a 13 x 19 size paper?

  4. I have an HP Photosmart C3100 which prints FABULOUS photos, but the printer sometimes has a hard time pulling HP (and other) photo paper in. I am considering this printer (7500A) but I want to know if it prints photos as vibrantly as the Photosmart C3100. When I use the HP99 photo ink cartridge, the quality of my photos is superior to that of professionally printed photos. Can the 7500A match that?

  5. Thank you. I went ahead and ordered the 7500A and set it up today. I have been printing photos using various settings to achieve the best result, and I have discovered that HP Premium Plus photo paper is different than it used to be. I have a few sheets of the old HP Premium Plus Photo Paper in high gloss, and I printed a single photo using both the new and old versions of Premium Plus. The old paper produced a vibrant, crisp, beautiful image. The new paper produced a faded-looking/hazy image.

  6. RE: My recent purchase of the 7500A, there is a problem with printing borderless 12X12 images. The printer will print the large borderless image all the way to the last half inch, and then the paper starts feeding through slightly askew and fails to cover to the remaining half inch of paper. Suggestions?

  7. The new paper is HP Premium Plus Glossy.

  8. I do appreciate this but have already returned the printer. I chatted online with an HP technical support agent for over an hour, and he did not mention this document. I think if he had, it may have helped. Please see my blog post about this for more information. I cannot give you the web address per YouTube rules, but Google "Scrapbook Sophisticate Printing with my new HP Officejet 7500A Printer." I did update my blog post with your suggestion, as I believe it may have helped.

  9. Hi can I use card stock paper with this printer

  10. Hello, yes it is. Make sure to load card stock in the input tray only. Card stock is not compatible for use with the ADF for single- or double-sided printing.

  11. hello, does the printer work with macs as well??

  12. Yes, full feature printer software and drivers are available at HP dot com for Mac OS X 10.7 and up.

  13. Hi I have an HP Officejet 7610 it prints an a3 image on a3 with other inkjet paper but wont print an a3 image on a3 photoglossy paper they keep coming out a4 on a3 paper do you have any suggestions how to fix this thanks

  14. I have this printer, i am trying to print on inkpress glossy canvas, but it wont feed the paper through the document feed. it pulls it up, but it wont feed through the last feeder before it starts to print…. any suggestions????

  15. Can this printer print on a roll or banner paper that's pre-connected?

  16. Hi I have just bought the hp officejet pro e8620 and am having problems with printing my greeting cards on custom settings – any advice would be really gratefully received – many thanks

  17. What is the performance like with this printer and Epson Photo papers

  18. Hey there !
    I want to buy this printer and i want to know the quality of printing on transparent films using it

  19. Hi, Can you please help to tell me of any printer that can print onto art quality 200gsm cold press paper? (for artwork for display) thank you

  20. what do you call super4 in cs6 I can not find the size I need to make a print.

  21. it doesnt work it doesnt work it doesnt work pshh

  22. its that a cartridge base printer and is it wireless?

  23. can copy size a3 ??

  24. can this printer print on both sides of the 13×19 paper sizes for magazine printing purposes?

  25. how can you scan an A3 paper

  26. Hello can i print kraft paper using this printer???

  27. i hope you still answer questions, my paper size option only goes down to 3.5x5in and nothing after that even though i have a HP Officejet 7500A Wide Format printer.

  28. Hi, can I print on 250gsm art card

  29. Can I print a 240 gram paper with this printer?

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