How to Print Flyers with Easy to Use Templates | PaperDirect

How to Print Flyers with Easy to Use Templates | PaperDirect

Your desk is a bit cluttered, your boss needs his
reports – yesterday and you just learned that your sons baseball game got moved
up by two hours. In the midst of all this you’ve forgotten to
order the invitations to your company’s next social event, and they need to go out in tomorrow’s
mail. We’ve all been there but how do you dig
yourself out? Now I can’t help you with everything
but I do have the perfect solution to get those invitations postmarked on time its Print Right Now, the fastest method to get high
quality printed designs in your hand in out the door. Let me show you how this works. There are over twelve hundred
professional designs to choose from and there are several paper formats as well invitation, flyers, and much more. My office is hosting an open house to
showcase a new product offering and we’ve identified several businesses that
we want to invite. Though half sheet invitations are offered in
Print Right Now, my boss wants a full page flyer for this
invitation so I’m going to work with a border paper for this project and this design is just perfect. I’ve got my design now on to customize it for our event. Print Right Now’s design interface is
quite simple to work with yet very powerful! On the left side I’ll enter our
company name and then I’m going to use the tagline field for an inviting
message for guests. Great! Now double clicking the headline box on
the design I’ll enter the details about our open house. I don’t need the sub heading so i select edit and then click delete
to remove. Now I think this text needs to stand out
a bit more, so I’ll change the color. There are many options to choose from
but i’m going to select this one. You can see Print Right Now offers
many ways to customize your project Now I’d really liked our logo on the
invitation as well, let me show you how that’s done. Using the insert image button, I’ll our
logo and there it is on the design. Now I’ll simply drag it into place and resize it just a bit. This looks perfect! Now the design is finished, so I’ll checkout.
After that i’ll download the project and then I’ll print my copies. You can use any paper you have in the
office; bright white sixty five-pound paper is a great choice! Oh I’m so happy with the way these
turned out! And with this amazing paper designs and
the powerful editing tools no one will know I designed these
at the last minute. Not only was this quick, easy, and
convenient, there’s another perk to choosing Print Right Now. The last time we hosted an event like this
there were additions to the guest list at the last minute. So if, or should I say when this happens again I can simply create additional copies at
no extra cost. And better yet there’s no waiting; they’ll be printed in minutes! Use Print Right Now to easily download
professional looking business and event projects in minutes using
one of over twelve hundred high-quality designs from one of the most trusted
companies in the industry

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