How to Post Items for Sale in Facebook Marketplace

How to Post Items for Sale in Facebook Marketplace

Hi. I’m Max Dalton, and in this video, I’m going
to talk through how to post an item for sale in Facebook Marketplace. In October 2016, Facebook roled out Marketplace,
where users can connect to buy and sell items with people in nearby communities. The feature is largely similar to Craigslist,
with one very big difference — you can review any public information on a prospective buyer’s
Facebook page as a way to screen them to see if you want to deal with them. You can post an item to Facebook Marketplace
in a matter of minutes through either the Facebook desktop or mobile app. Prospective buyers will reach out to you through
Facebook Messenger. And now, how to post an item for sale through
the Facebook mobile app. Step 1. Launch the Facebook app on your smart device. Step 2. Tap the “Marketplace” icon in the tray of
icons along the bottom of the app. The Marketplace icon looks a building with
a cover over the front of it. The Marketplace window opens. Step 3. Tap to choose the “Selling” tab at the top
of the screen. Step 3. Tap “What are you selling?” toward the top of the Marketplace window. Step 4. Tap to select an image associated with the
item you want to sell, and then tap “Next” in the upper right corner of the screen. Step 5. Enter a title on the next screen that asks
what you’re selling, and then press “Next.” Step 6. Enter a description on the next screen, which
asks you to describer your item. Press “Next.” Step 7. Enter a price for your item on the next screen,
and then press “Next.” The Finish Your Post screen appears. Step 8. The ZIP code Facebook has that’s associated
with your account appears at the top of the Finish Your Post window. If the ZIP code isn’t correct, tap the current
ZIP code, update it on the next screen, and then tap “Save” to return to the Finish Your
Post screen. Step 9. Tap “Select Category,” and then choose the
category the item you’re selling best fits into. Step 10. Tap “Post” in the lower-right corner of the
Finish Your Post screen. The item will be displayed in the Active part
of the Selling section. How to post an item for sale through the Facebook
desktop app. Step 1. Open your preferred Web browser and navigate
to Facebook. Step 2. Click “See More” in the Explore section on
the left side of your screen. Step 3. Click “Marketplace.” The Marketplace screen appears. Step 4. Click the blue “Sell Something” button toward
the top of the Marketplace window. The Sell Something on Marketplace dialog box
appears. Step 5. Enter the name of what you’re selling in the
“What are you selling?” field. Step 6. Enter the price in the Add Price field. Step 7. Enter a city/state or ZIP code in the Add
Location field. Step 8. Click “Select a Category” to display a drop-down,
and then choose the category the item you’re selling best fits into. Step 9. Enter a description for your item in the Describe
Your Item section. Step 10. Click “Add Photos” if you have photos of the
item you’re selling. Browse to where the images are located, selected
the images you want to include with the post, and then click “Open.” Step 11. Click “Post.” You can view your item by clicking “Selling”
beneath Marketplace in the upper left corner of the Marketplace screen, and then choosing
“Active” at the top of the window. The item you listed for sale will appear in
this list.

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