Jen O.: Want to know how to overcome toxic
influence and four tips for dealing with difficult and toxic people? Watch this video to learn just how I do that
for myself and how you can too. I’m Jen Omohundro, from I post weekly with tips and strategies to
help you go from the “no I can’t” to the “no one can stop me” mindset. Be sure to subscribe to my channel, and hit
the bell to be notified when I post a new video every Tuesday. Tip #1, release yourself. Release yourself from responsibility for their
behavior. I’m going to say that again so that the people
in the back row can hear. You are not responsible for their crappy behavior. An important thing to understand is that the
law of attraction only applies to you. Just like it only applies to me, and it only
applies to him, and it only applies to her. What that means is when you give positive
energy, you are getting that positive energy back. When you give negative energy, you are getting
that negative energy back. So this person who is toxic and who is giving
out the negativity, they’re the one that is going to receive the negativity back. Take some comfort in knowing that, and release
yourself from responsibility for their behavior. In my video, How Beliefs Shape Reality: 3
simple tips to change how you think, change your life, I discuss the law of attraction
and how you can use it to begin to magnetize great things to you. The link to that video is found in the description
below this video. Tip #2, the crazy horse. That’s all good and great, Jen. I’m not responsible for their crappy behavior
when they’re taking it out on me, but how in the world am I supposed to respond when
they’re doing that? Well, this is one of my favorite tips, and
I got this from the book The Power, written by Rhonda Byrne. She calls it a wild horse. I call it a crazy horse. She talks about when she’s around someone
who is negative and trying to bring her down, she just uses this visualization method and
pictures them as jumping on a wild horse, or a frustrated horse, or an irritated horse. You get it. When they’re negative and they’re going nuts,
they’re on this, quote-unquote, “horse.” I think it’s hysterical, and it works so well
for me, not just when I’m around someone who’s being a Negative Nancy, but even when my kids
are acting crazy. It’s helped me so much to just picture them
jumping on their crazy horse so that I have the choice to know either I can jump on it
with them, or I can just laugh at it and jump on my own happy horse and ride off. If you have a technique similar to the crazy
horse visualization that works for you, I would love to hear it in the comments below. Tip #3 is ditch the high horse. Since we’re on the topic of horses, you don’t
want to go climbing on a high horse. We each have the right to our own beliefs
and our own feelings, so don’t think that climbing on a high horse and trying to convince
someone who’s negative that you are absolutely 100% right is going to do either of you any
justice. It’s not. Actually, in the terms of law of attraction,
it’s going to do just the opposite for you, because judging and trying to convince someone
of something that you believe in when they don’t believe in it, you’re putting out negative
energy. You don’t want that coming back to you, so
let’s just be safe, and let’s stay off that high horse. Tip #4 is to give love. No, I am not asking you to try to turn a negative
into a positive by loving something about someone that you simply don’t love. That would put me on my high horse. What I am saying is to give love to the traits
about this person that you actually do love. You can tell them, sure, if you want to tell
them, or just simply try to focus and think about those traits of the person, and try
to give zero thought to those negative traits. Remember, positive energy is much, much more
powerful than negative energy. And bonus tip, walk away. Of course, I can’t give tips and advice on
dealing with toxic and negative people without reminding you that you do have the choice
to walk away. And if you happen to be in a situation that
is much more than toxic and is actually abusive, please seek appropriate help for that situation. I’m including the website and the number for
the National Domestic Abuse Hotline below in the event that you should need it. So now you know these tips to help guide you
when dealing with toxic and negative influence. Be sure to join me next week to learn how
to turn your fantasies into reality by giving yourself permission to fantasize. If you liked this video, please let me know
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