How to Organize Business Cards w/ Northern Virginia Professional Organizer Alejandra Costello

How to Organize Business Cards w/ Northern Virginia Professional Organizer Alejandra Costello

Hi everyone, it’s Alejandra. And I want to
talk to you today about business cards. So I work with a lot of clients as a professional
organizer and the one common denominator between all of my clients are these little stacks
of business cards just like everywhere in the house, in the kitchen, the entrance way,
the bathroom, the office, the toy room. Like why are there business cards in the toy room?
Your kids don’t want to play with Joe Smith, the plumber’s business card. They want to
play with Mr. Potato Head, LEGOs and dress-up. So it’s time to gather all those cards that
don’t belong in the places where they’re currently at and put them in a system that is going
to be easy to put away, easy to find, and easy to grab when it’s time to look for that
card to contact that person that you’ve been meaning to contact for months. So I’m going
to show you what I do. Since I’m a business owner, I go to a lot
of networking events and I go to a lot of workshops and I’m constantly meeting new people
and exchanging business cards. And when I do that and I get a new card, I come home,
I empty my purse and I put my cards into this jar that I got from the craft store. When this jar is full or it’s half-filled
or three quarters filled, I take the contents from here and I put them inside a business
card binder that I made. This is just a regular two-inch binder that I got from Staples. And
what I did was I got these A through Z color-coded dividers and I file all my business cards
with the name of the company. So if the name of your company begins with
A, I’m going to file your card in the A section. And I’m going to use these business card sheets
that are again, available at Staples. They’re made by Avery. And you can fit ten on the
front and ten on the bank. So essentially, you can fit 20 cards in here. So I file all
cards by the name of the company. But if it makes sense to you to file it by
the person’s last name so if your last name begins with an M, you would file the card
under M or you can file the card under what type of business it is. So if it’s a floral
company, you would file the card under F for flowers. Whatever makes sense for you to do
just do. It makes sense for me to do it by company so that’s why I do it that way. But when you are done, you have this great
business card binder that is going to be really easy to just flip through and find the exact
card when you need it. By setting up a business card binder, you are essentially eliminating
these stacks of cards that are just endless that I know you’re looking at in frustration
and just thinking that it’s never-ending. They are constantly coming in and constantly
just being moved around from drawer to drawer and not going into a home. Setting up a business
card binder is going to save you so much time the next time you need to find somebody’s
business card. 1

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  1. This was a very helpful video….my husband comes home with about 2-3 business cards a day and I will find them everywhere….this is a great way of organizing them for him. Thanks for the tip!

  2. Great idea! Love your vidoes, thanks for posting.

  3. Do you have any tips for organizing makeup? I'm a makeup artist and with the thousands of different shapes and sizes that makeup comes in – I get overwhelmed with where to put it all. Thanks!

  4. i always shove my cards in a drawer. This would make it so much easier to actually find ppl. Thanks for the video!

  5. @lizsyner Get a Z-pallette for eyeshadows. You will have all of the colors at your fingertips and wont have to dig to find the color you're looking for. 🙂

  6. can you please do a video on playroom organising. great videos x

  7. I'm so glad a lot of people are using e-cards now, so I don't have much of a mess. 😛

  8. Well, I prefer rubber band than a jar. Thanks for the video~ 😀

  9. Now i save my time by using When i get business cards, i just take photo of cards then send to and type information of cards whenever i have time. No need to care about how keep cards because i got it forever. And most important is i can access contacts anywhere by anything i have such as computer, laptop, cell phone (android, iPhone). Very happy with this tool.

  10. @Tony: I also use So amazing!

  11. I use i don't need worry if I lost all holders of biz card

  12. or do it on computer like in acess

  13. It seems like whenever I go shopping I return to my house with at least 1 business card. I use to just put them all in a paper clip inside my wallet, except now my wallet won't close. Office supply store, here I come!!!!!!

  14. if you have many business cards, you can use CardFila.
    it's very convenient to hold cards forever
    the newest version 2.0 contains some special features All of card photos are synchronized with server and downloaded right into your phone.

  15. What's your tips for those random odd shaped cards?

  16. In the title it says your from northern Virginia but in other one of your video it says your from DC!!!

  17. Does having everything so organized give you lots of free time? 😮

  18. I love Evernote!  I just take a picture of the card and file it in my Evernote notebook for Business Cards.

  19. I like this kind of video better where you don't have some camera crew filming. This seems more relatable and personal.

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  21. I just use the contacts app and I enter all the info as soon as I get a business card in there

  22. Dear Alejandra will you write in detail the product name? I want to purchase for my office.tx

  23. how do you like this line of work, as a marketer and branding business, I see a need for some of my clients needing a professional organizer, would you be open to offering any advice on how you structure your business?

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  25. Best approach I've come across so far. I will try this. Thanks.

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