How to Organize a Desk

How to Organize a Desk

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  1. i oculd have lived without the toilet statement XD

  2. @STRUCK37 might as well eat off the toilet seat eh buddy? :p


  4. @STRUCK37 aha when i read your comment i was eating pizza off my desk

  5. soo u dont need a desk???????

  6. the facet at the end made me teke my hand of the desk


  8. what if you dont pay a bill

  9. but…my makeups on my desk. NO WAY im removing that!!!

  10. @chrisbling123 howto?

  11. 0:14 I might have a nightmare!!!!!

  12. he is a dud and has a pink file folder…

  13. how messy is your desk if you have to take TEN MINUTES to clean it?

  14. that desk looked clean compared to mine i have like old coffe mugs water bottles clothes a random ketchup bottle like 5 cases of advil *note that i really do hate taking pills* random fucking items im pretty sure that my accual desk lays somewhere 6 feet under all that junk that mess u showed me does not help me at all

  15. ok eating off the toilet is more cleaner than my desk ewww

  16. lol my dad is always getting on my nerves about organizing my desk and when he walked in the room i clicked this video and he said good job 🙂

  17. why is his filing thing pink if he's a guy

  18. Step 1: Throw everything you dont need on the floor
    Step 2 :Clean your floor


  19. ughh sooo much work!!!

  20. From now on.. I'm eating on the toilet…

  21. what guy would buy a pink filling system o.O

  22. What the hell, she says take everything off execpt big items like computer equipment and like a second later the computers gone! HOWCAST MAKES NO SENSE!!

  23. ok so ima start eating from my toilet then

  24. 1:34 creeper smile

  25. No no no ur doing it wrong

    Step 1 take off computer
    Step 2 get a broom
    Step 3 sweep the mornings broom across the desk.
    Step 4 now sweep all the stuff on the floor outside into the garbage.
    Step 5 admire ur 5 minutes of desk cleaning.
    Step 6 go get some food from the kitchen.
    Step 7 now. Go take a nap

  26. how to organize your desk.what you will need:a friend and yourself. step one: empty your desk. step two:throw your stuf at your friend qnd force him to organize your desk

  27. What you need: a dirty desk, a trash bag and a room
    Step 1: throw everything you don't need in a trash bag
    Step 2: throw everything else in your room

  28. @hejjagedu a derk? i think you mean desk

  29. i clean my desk and when i leave the room BOOM its messy

  30. @MapleJokerRofl
    hahaha lol

  31. Hehe this guy has a pink folder! ahahahahahahahahahahhaahha

  32. they said to take everything of the desk EXSEPT the computer. and when he wipes the desk there is NO computer.

  33. hehe its such a fail.

  34. Well i can say whatever i want

  35. You can, but it's still stupid how you think that its funny that he has a pink folder, you do know guy's where pink? And are you 8?

  36. When you said take everything off, but the computer and when he was cleaning it, the computer was off?

  37. omg close guess im actually im nine and a half 🙂 thats why i find it funny and no i swear im nine . Also u spelt where wrong u were suppose to write wear now whos eight? hehe

  38. What does dyslexic mean???? Ok cuz im mature enough i dont want to argue with you ok? So we both apologize for not having the same opinion and me laughing cuz da guy has a pink folder im sorry 🙁

  39. Dyslexic means that i find it harder to spell and no im not apologising as i did nothing wrong.

  40. Well if you were mature enough to act like a real adult then you would agree with me and think of the good things and not the bad things. I sure do not like to argue with people though since you do not agree with me i shall not myself case closed alright!

  41. I said enough arguing and for the last time laughing that he had a pink folder was only my opinion! I dont need a reply to it ok so just please i dont want to argue surely maybe laughing at a guy with a pink folder is childish but i am only a child so im still learning.

  42. the ending was nice to know…….(is eating while watching this)

  43. Pro tip: Mint tins like Altoids containers and Icebreaker containers are good for the small stuff.

  44. Skyrasta747 Lol!!!!! 🙂

  45. click on show comment to go on an adventure

  46. the last part was disturbing

  47. Did you know ….every night at 12:00 I fill my tub with marinara sauce an sit in in squeeze up into a ball and pretend I'm a meatball

  48. good simile…….

  49. WTF???!?!?!??!?!

  50. ahaha the facial expressions this guy made makes the video

  51. I already started three years before I saw this video! >:D

  52. I could have lived my whole life without knowing that…

  53. how to organize a desk
    get a bigger deak

  54. i'll use my toilet as a desk from now on… lol

  55. 1:34 so sexy there my friend

  56. Unfortunately my rock doesn't have compartments

  57. … What DA Fuck??????????

  58. So does it now mean i have to use the toilet as a desk?-.-

  59. Very good video. I enjoyed watching it. It's simple, but we tend to ignore simple things.

  60. How to organize a Desk.
    Step 1 : Buy a Neat desk Scanner

    Did you know There are shit out there that can make you Lazy ass 100X Easier?

  61. That guy looks very let's say…..creepy…pedoish….weird….scary. Anyone..anyone?

  62. Great tips – taking 10 minutes at the end of each day to clear your desk–you won't believe how much you can get done in that 10 minutes!

  63. i don't like meatballs…

  64. The guy freaks me out

  65. thats the greatest thing i have ever read……

  66. 1:32 the guy smiles creepily because his desk is clean, lol

  67. Okay… I WANTED to know my desk is dirtier than my toilet. Thanks. (Sarcasm included.)

  68. Pervy smile lol

  69. Look at 0:47 then look at the bag at 0:50 magically empty right?

  70. I love how he has a pink bag

  71. o:13 that frown is funny

  72. maybe because next punkt is clean?

  73. the dude at the end looked like a pervert O.o

  74. I already saw that comment somewhere else! COPIER. You copied someone's top comment so you could be the top comment!

  75. Where did u get that desk?!

  76. The thing that I hate about my desk is it isn't the right desk for me. I have to place my computer on my left side of the desk while my keyboard is facing right in front of me. It feels so uncomfortable for me to to type or what so ever and looking at my PC the same time. I can't change my desk as well coz this is an office not my house desk. The partitions are just wrong for my desk. This isn't the right desk for me at all. I have no more idea on how to organize it so I would feel better

  77. COPY CAT! BOOOO!!!!!

  78. What a terrible simile

  79. that fact at the end though….that's disturbing on many levels. otherwise, great tips!

  80. All you need is your laptop you don't need other stuff because Technology have grow so much you don't even need a pencil these days to write notes because laptop have everything 😉

  81. pens / markers should be  place horizontally to prevent drying out 

  82. umm… if average desk has 400x more bacteria than average toilet, what should I do to make it clean =_=…. anti-bacterial wipes maybe??

  83. and you do not need a desk.

  84. Good video. By the way

  85. OMG when I'm 2 years this video published

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