How to open a cafe, coffee shop or restaurant and manage it successfully?

How to open a cafe, coffee shop or restaurant and manage it successfully?

You’ve been dreaming of opening a cafe,
coffee shop, or restaurant. And you’ve determined that now you’re really ready to start your
own business. Here’s a short list of steps to take to get your business idea off the
ground and turn it into a successful venture. Be Determined: owning and running a restaurant
is tough work. Make sure you’re passionate and ready. Every business has its ups and
downs, be ready to ride the wave and know you’ll persevere.
Know Your Business Environment: Research the existing businesses and the current business
climate and know why yours will be a good fit. It’s important to know your competitors
and what you’ll need to stack up and be successful. Network with other area businesses
to know the challenges and the strategies they’ve used for success.
Find The Right Mix: Determine your market and decide on your target customers and the
type of food and style you will serve. Have an idea of the concept for your eatery and
the price range you’re aiming for. Find The Right Spot: Remember the old adage:
“location, location, location”. Find the best location or locate an existing establishment
that t fits your market and has good traffic. Determine How Much Startup Capital You’ll
Need: Factor in everything you’ll require and what it will cost. Start small and grow
big. It may take up to six months before your cafe is profitable. So be sure to add a cushion.
Write Your Business Plan: This is your bible. It will be the blueprint for your business
that will guide you. It encompasses everything, from all the costs to your marketing strategy.
And you’ll need to be clear and on target to proceed to your next step.
Secure Financing: What resources are you bringing? Personal savings, money through partnership,
small business loans, or any combination. Tall to small business associations and credit
unions as well as commercial banks to find the best combination and the best terms.
Get Legal: Find a lawyer to help you put your legal structure in place: sole proprietorship
or LLC. Make sure your business will be in compliance with all local zoning and food
safety regulations. Secure Your Location & Insure Your Business:
Purchase your business or build it and make also carry property insurance. also carry property insurance. Put Your Interior Design Into Effect: “If
you build it, they will come.” Now the fun really starts and you can tailor your concept
and design to fit your space. Make sure it reflects the tone and feeling of what you
want your establishment and the kind of food to be about.
Get The Right Equipment at Bargain Prices: Outfit your cafe with the equipment and fixtures
that you need. Look for deals and used equipment from reputable sources.
Figure Out Supplies Needed & Line Up Your Suppliers: This includes everything from silverware
to tin foil. You’ll need to cover everything from ingredients to plates. Find the suppliers
you need and establish terms. Hire Your Staff and Start Training: You can’t
go it alone. Assemble the team of cooks, busboys, servers, bartenders and greeters that will
work hard, create great food and atmosphere, and treat your customers well.
Test Your Menu: Make sure your menu is top notch and fits the bill. Keep experimenting
until you find that sweet spot. Get eHopper Free POS: You’ll need a POS
system to manage food orders, track orders, create table bills, take payments, split payments,
create receipts, manage and track inventory, manage and track employee hours and tips,
manage your customer data, manage email marketing and provide real-time reports for complete
visibility and analysis into every aspect of your business.
Open For Business: Greet customers and start living your dream. Make sure that system provides
unlimited free support whenever you need it, has the features that match your restaurant’s
needs, is modular and lets you add features as your business grows. There’s only one
that does it all and it’s free! eHopper POS.
Make sure you have the best point of sale system possible — the eHopper Free POS — to
help you start off on the right foot and stay successful.

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