How to Model : Composite Cards in Modeling

How to Model : Composite Cards in Modeling

So what does it take to actually run modeling
as a business? Because you know, modeling like any other business in the world requires
tools to be successful. And at W Talent we make sure that all of our girls and gentlemen
have the tools to be successful in the business of modeling. We’ll provide for you what we
call a composite. A composite is a card stock piece of paper, half of a 8 1/2 x 11 sheet
of paper, and on the front we have what we call a head shot. Head shot is usually full
front, nice smile, exactly the way you’re going to look when you go to see a client.
Then on the back what we do is, provide your statistics, height, weight and measurements.
And also we give a couple different looks of how you might be used in advertising. Couples,
life-style, fashion, beauty, and cruise; this is perfect. This is actually one of the best
comps that I’ve seen, and of course our beautiful girl. Then if you’re going to be a serious
actor or actress, we have what we call a head shot. A head shot provides a casting agent
with exactly what you look like, so they can remember who you are, after you’ve done an
audition. At W Talent, we shoot these, and we provide them for all of our development

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