How to make effective business cards

How to make effective business cards

– Hey, folks, today we’re going to be talking about business cards. I know, some of you
think that business cards have had their day and no one’s
really using them anymore. That’s kind of true. But I’m here to talk about ways that you can actually make a business card really work for you by making it have impact and make a statement. Even it today’s digital age, we still need to get
across contact details. Even if it’s just an email
address or a website address. So, how can we make it so that people want your business card and that
will actually even maybe want to show your business
card off to other people? Well, the way to do that is by using different types
of material, finishes, and if you can, make your
business card useful. As it happens, as I was thinking about creating a video
about business cards, one of my own business cards has appeared in an
article on Creative Bloq as one of the most innovative
business cards of 2018. And it’s this business card here, which I think you can
see is made from steel. Now, the reason I did that is because I wanted when I was networking, or at conferences and events, I wanted to give people a card that would just wow them,
take their breath away. Now, you don’t have to go and use metal and have it laser etched. There’s lots of different things that you can do to make
your card stand out. One of those things would be to choose a different type of paper. Look at all the different types of card and colour that there is. It’s limitless, you can do
so many things with paper. It doesn’t have to just be
white with coloured ink. Here’s a few more business cards, which are a bit more unusual, and something that really is
going to grab your attention. We’ve got this one here,
which is like a cheese grater. And it’s just really, really unusual. And I know that, like my
card, where it’s useful, people will get home and
try and grate some cheese, or maybe grate an orange, and try and get some rind off of it. We’ve got this one here, as well, which is for a yoga instructor. Where the business card is actually printed on a piece of rubber, and you can roll it up like a roll mat. And what about this one here? You take the card apart, and you can turn it into a chair, and you can still see all
of the details on that card. Now, obviously, these
types of cards do cost more than your typical standard
basic business card. But even if your business
cards do cost more, they are probably going
to be way more effective in keeping your brand or
business front of mind. I have clients and I have friends who keep my business card in their wallet or bag and show it to other people. And I have had clients come to me because someone else has
shown them my business card. So, my challenge to you today is to think differently
about a business card. How can you make it useful? How can you make it stand
out in your industry if everyone else is just using box standard plain business cards? What types of finishes? What types of materials can you use? And can you create something
that someone is going to want to keep and show to other people? So, I hope this video has given you some food for thought when it
comes to business cards. If you’ve got a really
unusual business card, then I’d love to see it. Send me a message over on
Twitter at the pixelscol with a photograph of your card. And one last thing to ask is, if you have enjoyed this video, please give it a thumbs up or a like, subscribe to my channel. And once you do, click
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whenever I release a new video. And until I see you next
time, stay creative, folks.

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