How to Make Business Cards

How to Make Business Cards

How to Make Business Cards. Business cards
can help you look more professional and your business more legitimate. Quickly make cards
that will dazzle any colleague or potential employer. You will need A budget A computer
Cardstock A printer A ruler (optional) and a craft knife (optional). Step 1. Decide how
much money to spend to make your business cards. Hiring a graphic designer to create
a logo and printing cards on high-quality paper can be costly. Step 2. Pick a computer
program and template from which to create your cards. Select a template that creates
cards that are 3½ by 2 inches – the standard size for business cards. Use standard sizes
for most businesses. Non-standard sized cards might be memorable, but they can seem unprofessional
and might not fit into standard card holders. Step 3. Compile the information that you want
to list on your card, including your name, e-mail address, phone number, and web site.
Add a logo designed by you or a professional. Step 4. Add additional information that you
wish to include on the back of the card. Keep the design of the cards simple. Have only
the most important details on the front, and supplemental information, like your business’s
mission statement, on the back. Step 5. Print your cards using a quality cardstock or perforated
business cardstock. Separate perforated cards or use a ruler and a craft knife to cut the
cards to the correct size. Step 6. Distribute your cards to current and potential clients.
Keep a stash of cards handy at all times – you never know when you might need them. Did you
know According to the Small Business Administration, just over half of all U.S. workers were employed
by small businesses in 2008.

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  1. If you want to look professional, it's best to have the cards printed professionally and not with a home printer

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  3. @VIPPlayer83 Not necessarily – there are a lot of higher-quality business card papers out there now.

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  7. @BizzyLizzy900 I'm just tired of people saying "1st" & "2nd" and so on

  8. @electrogeek77 But if one wants UV or AQ coating the only choice is a professional printer. IMO having either UV or AQ coating gives the card that extra after wood flooring looks after a waxing.

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