How to Make Business Cards for Free –

Welcome to ClicknPrint. This demo will show
you how to print business cards using a ClicknPrint template. First, select your business card background. You will find the business cards under the
Cards category in Cards on 8.5 x 11 Paper. All ClicknPrint templates are available in
the Templates and Layouts category. Click on Business Card Templates. You can use the Zoom in and Zoom out buttons
to better see your business cards. There are lots of ways you can customize your
cards with ClicknPrint. Be sure to highlight any text you wish to delete or change. Edit or replace the default text with your
own information. You can change the font of your business cards
by selecting fonts individually or selecting the Click to Hover Over Font box. By checking off the Click to Hover Over Font
box, you can mouse over various fonts and see which ones fit your business cards best. By selecting individual areas of your text,
you can change them however you want. You can change font size, or you can also
bold, italicize, or underline your text. By having the Click to Hover Over Color box
checked off, you can also mouse over various colors and see which colors will fit your
business cards best. Using the Synchronize button in the top right
corner of ClicknPrint this will help you make business cards quickly and easily. Make sure you have your desired text box highlighted,
then click Synchronize. This will copy your desired text to all of
the other boxes on your business card sheet. You can insert your companys logo using the
Add Image icon at the top of the screen, or you can insert shapes and lines to decorate
your business cards as well as clip art. For this example, we’re going to insert some
Daisies to decorate our business cards. To put an image, shape, or clip art onto the
rest of your business cards, simply use the Copy and Paste icons at the top of the screen. Hit Copy once for your desired image and then
click paste to copy it to the rest of your business cards. You can use the gridlines feature to align
your text and images with extra precision. In ClicknPrint you can work on up to ten individual
pages of business cards. Simply click the Add New Page icon at the
bottom of the screen. Name your album, and save it. This is an excellent feature if you would
like to customize multiple pages of business cards for multiple employees. You will be given a template that is identical
to your first one. Simply customize the new template for the
new employee. Change all of the appropriate text, make sure
you have the appropriate box highlighted, and then click the Synchronize button. This will synchronize all of your business
cards with the new text. If you are satisfied with how your business
cards look, then you’re ready to print. Click on the Print icon at the top of the
screen. Take care to read ClicknPrints instructional
pop-up boxes as these have essential information about how to print your document correctly. Hitting OK will bring up your print options. In Preferences go to Layout and there you’ll
see your orientation options. Since we’re printing a regular 8.5 x 11 sheet
of business cards, we’re going to use the Portrait orientation. Also, you may have a lot of printers to choose
from. Scroll through your printer options and be
sure to choose the correct printer. Always be sure to print out a test document
first on regular printer paper. Compare the test document with a sheet of
your printable business cards and see if everything lined up correctly. If not, return to ClicknPrint and make the
necessary adjustments. Once you’re satisfied with your test page,
load your printable business cards into your printer. Now, you’re ready to print out your final
business cards. Any pages you have lined up will print out
one after the other. Once you’re in ClicknPrint, you can return
to previous templates by going to File and then Open. From there you can open albums to work on
them again or delete older albums that you don’t need anymore. With a bit of practice, you’ll be using ClicknPrint
like a pro. Please call our customer service team if there’s
anything you need assistance with. We hope you enjoy using ClicknPrint!

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