How to Make Author Business Cards

How to Make Author Business Cards

If you go to any book signings
conferences or other marketing events with authors having a professionally
made business card can be a huge difference maker but in order to do that
correctly you’ve got to provide the right information a great design and be
able to print them and get them ready to you when you need them that’s why in
this video I’m going to be covering all three of those things so that you as an
author can make much better effective and efficient business cards for your
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begins and with that let’s go ahead and jump into creating professional author
business cards before we get into the design elements of a good author
business card let’s talk about what kind of information you should put on a card
and things to think about one thing you should think about is how personal do
you want your card to be do you really want to give away your home phone number
to a stranger or put your personal home address on it that’s up to you but it’s
definitely something you should think about now with that said here’s some
things most authors include your name in title either your personal name or your
pin name as for titles it could just be a not as author or something else
perhaps something more creative that’s fitting with your subject matter or
genre ways to contact you could be your email address professional or personal
for example I have my gmail account but I put my Kindlepreneur email on my
cards if you have an author website then use that email since it will make you
look a lot more authoritative you can also include your phone number but again
think twice about putting that in there information about your book or
authorship this can be your book title or potentially just your author website
also you can include a link to your book but if you do make sure to use a short
link or of some sort there are many options online that you can do this for
you but don’t make your customer or fan type the entire long URL into their
browser and finally there is social media this could be your author face
book page Instagram Twitter etc however I’d recommend that you be selective on
which ones you put and not put them all on there or else it will clutter up your
card and like your book URL be sure to use short links for these also if you
don’t legitimately do a lot of social media then don’t put any of them here
there is nothing worse than someone getting your card and then going to your
Twitter and seeing that you never post anything there or do nothing of interest
now once you know what you’re going to put on the card you need to consider how
it’s going to look on your card and that all starts with the right font selection
did you know that selecting the right font can really have a deep impact on
exactly what meaning you’re trying to portray let’s go ahead and check this
out you see the top font shows a whimsical statement of love well the
bottom one well let’s just say that it doesn’t look very inviting there are
many different font selections out there such as serif sans serif ma no space and
script these can each give your card some much-needed character and direction
also look for genre or decade specific fonts these can go a long way in making
your business card look interesting and relevant on this card Kelly’s done an
awesome job at choosing a font and layout that represents her genre well
alright next up is choosing an image for your card and I highly recommend you do
because it’s very important to creating that memorable aspect of it let’s check
it out some options for an image on your card can be your author logo if you have
one your author photo just make sure it’s good one that represents you and
your type of work or just use a genre specific or topic specific stock photo
that represents your style and writing or is just an image you really like and
kind of symbolizes what you work on and finally using one of your book covers
can be another excellent image as well just be careful though when using your
book cover people tend to overshare about the book and thus crowd up their
card with too much information just remember this
I see your card don’t fill one side with a book cover and then the back with a
full excerpt or summary while this can feel like a neat tactic for helping your
book sales remember your card was designed for people to get to know you
and better have an ability to reach out to you so don’t clutter up your card and
remember you want your contact info to stand out alongside the rest of the card
jeanne whitey really does a great job at utilizing her book cover awesome card
genie now that you have an idea of what kind of information you should put on
your card as well as some of the design recommendations let’s take a look at
some examples that I found on the 20 books 250k author facebook group this is
a very eye-catching and professional card it is a great picture selection and
the two-sentence horror story is to die for love it this card makes me want to
set sail and go hunting for Flint’s treasure myself her card
screams adventurer which is just perfect for her style of writing and thus
instantly lets me know what genre she writes in Shelley took a unique approach
to the standard author business card she created a magnetic card if you’re
anything like me and got kids that want to bring stuff and put on your fridge
you can always find use for another magnet this ensures her business card
sticks around just a little bit longer now this card has many features that
makes it a cut above the others pun intended the great use of negative space
the creative hashtag and the pictures are scarily good on the flip side she
puts all the right info to inspire her fans to look more Paul’s is another with
a uniquely designed card instead of the standard rectangle his cards are folded
like a book pretty cool choice for an author when folded you can clearly see
his book series and website but when opened you can find all sorts of places
to buy nice work and marketing work Paul okay so after looking at some of these
sweet business cards you may be wondering how can you get started in
making your own well there are many companies out there that will print
cards for you one of the most well-known and
it is Vista prints that’s the one that I use major shout-out to my wife for
creating my set of cards for my birthday she’s pretty awesome I really like the
quality they provide and the price in which you can do it at these are high
quality cards that you can buy in bulk without breaking the bank plus one of
the benefits is that once you’ve created one your design is saved so if you ever
need more cards you can just jump on and place another order in seconds this
makes these perfect for any author preparing for any upcoming conferences
like the twenty books 250k vegas conference which i’ll be at this year
alright so in this video we covered what information to put on your cards how to
design them some examples and even a way to make your cards right now in under
five minutes pretty cool right if you have any more questions or you need to
know a little bit more go ahead and check in the description below I’ll have
a link to my full article that will give even more details where you can find
there also in the comments below please go ahead and share any other
recommendations that you have on business cards as well as providing an
example of yours if you feel like it so that other people can see some great
author business cards and if you like this video go ahead and click the
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information as well and with that I’m Dave Chesson of Kindlepreneur signing
off Cheers

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