How to Make a Youtube End Card Template

How to Make a Youtube End Card Template

– We’re going to run through exactly how to make a YouTube end card template for your video end screens just like the one on screen now, in just a few minutes with free software. And then I’ll also show you how to use your new end card template in your video outros, step by step. (light music) Hi, it’s Justin Brown
here from Primal Video, where we help you amplify your business and brand with video. If you’re new here, make sure you click that subscribe button and all the links to everything that are mentioned in this video, you can find linked in
the description box below. So, let’s jump into it. YouTube end cards are an
incredibly powerful tool for increasing views across your channel, for linking viewers to related content, all while adding more value to your audience at the end of each video. This can also help with YouTube rankings by boosting viewer session time, which is a key metric
for YouTube’s algorithm. Now while YouTube end
cards alone are powerful, if you combine them with a
simple end screen template that’s baked into your videos, you can add a whole new
level of pro to your content and more effectively help
to guide your viewers to a clear next step, whether that be a related
video, a subscribe button, or an opt-in or some other call to action. So in this video we’re
gonna step through exactly how to build a custom end screen template, that looks professional,
matches your branding and that you can use in all
of your future YouTube videos. Now in this walkthrough, I’m
gonna be taking you through using a service called Snappa. It’s simple, it’s free it’s got some basic design functionality which is more than enough
for what we need here. But if you’d rather use something like Photoshop or something more advanced, then just follow along with the same steps or close to the same steps. Now, while we’re running through, drop a comment down below and let us know what design software do
you prefer to use and why. Okay, so you’re gonna start out by showing you what an actual end card is. So after you’ve uploaded a video, then you have the opportunity to add an end card or an end screen. So hit Edit on your video, come over to End screen & Annotations, and this where you can
add in your end screen. So your end screens can go
for a maximum of 20 seconds and it is always the last 20 seconds or the last part of your video. You can have them shorter
than 20 seconds but no longer. And as we play through this now, you see this as an example. Now if you are interested in a walkthrough on how to create professional hyperlapses on your camera or on your DSLR, then make sure you head
over to Matt’s channel with the link on screen and also make sure you
subscribe while you’re there, you’ll thank me later. And if you’re looking to make
Instagram stories like a pro– So you see in this example, we’ve got three elements
that show up over that, almost 20 seconds. The 20 second line is this one, says it can’t be any longer than 20, We’ve got this one starting
a little bit less than that and it’ll bring up my
subscribe button first or the picture of me. Then in this case, we’re referencing off to Matt’s channel, so we’ve got his subscribe
button there as well and then we’re also
referencing another video here, which is shown last. Now all of these, you can
actually just drag and drop and extend or shorten, depending on how long you want them on screen or timing them up to whatever you’ve said at the end of this video. But, this whole thing can’t
go for more than 20 seconds. Some other really important
things to note here is that there is the blue
line around the outside here. All of these elements can’t
go outside that blue line. So we can pick them up and
we can move them around, but you can see that we
can’t move them outside. So if I let go of that there now, that’s as close to the edge
as we’ll be able to get it. Now you can also resize
these elements as well, you can make them a little bit bigger, that is the biggest that they can be, and that is the smallest that they can be. And just the same with
these subscribe icons, with these circle ones, you can pick those up
and move them around, but you can’t have any overlap. You see this if there’s an overlap it actually won’t let you save that, and it’s highlighted it in red, so all the individual elements need to just be stand alone. Now I need to show you all this upfront ’cause when we’re creating
our end slide or end template, you’d be able to see
what these elements are and how you can leverage these to make them stand out and fit your brand. Now as you can see on the screen here, Elements used three of four, you can have four items
shown on the screen. It doesn’t mean you need to use four, typically, what we’ll
have at the end of a video is one subscribe button, so the picture of my
face somewhere on screen where someone can subscribe and we’ll have links to two videos. So we come over here and go Add an element and in here you can chose another video or a playlist to link to, the subscribe buttons,
which are these circle ones. You can promote another channel, which is how we had Matt
on there just before, or you can link to an approved website, which is usually just the
website that is associated with your YouTube channel and verified with your YouTube channel. So to add, for example, another video, we come up here to Create, you can either chose
your Most recent upload, the Best or suggested
video for your viewers, based on what other
videos they’ve watched, or you can chose a specific
video or a playlist, either yours or somebody else’s. In this case let’s just
go Best for viewer, Create the element and you
can see that is in there now as a placeholder. So to get creating your
own end screen template, just open up one of your
videos, come to End cards, get to this screen. And what we’re gonna do
is take a screen shot of this area so that we’re
able to get the sizing and everything right with
these elements on screen. So if you’re on Mac, you
can use Command+Shift+4 and you can draw out this area here, you want to get as close as to matching the video as you can. And we’ll let go and that will
save an image on our desktop. Now if you’re on Windows 10,
you can use Windows+Shift+S to do exactly the same thing. You may then need to
quickly open up Paint, paste in the image and
then save it out as a jpeg or as an image form. But we will be using that
to create our template. Now, we’re gonna be using
the platform, Snappa. For this end screen graphic,
you do wanna create this in the size that you’re
creating most of your videos. So if you’re creating most
of your videos at 1080p, then you’ll wanna create a
graphic here at 1920 x 1080. If you’re creating most
of your videos in 4K, then you’ll wanna type in
that 4K resolution here. But I probably imagine that
most people at this point are creating videos in 1080, so we’ll create a graphic
at that resolution for this walkthrough and hit Create. So what we’re gonna do first
off is bring in our graphic, our screen shot. So go over to Graphics, go to Uploads, let’s
choose Upload an image and we’ll find our screen
shot on the desktop there. We’ll click on that to
drop it into our project and we’re gonna scale it up
so that it fits full screen. Again, doesn’t worry
about the quality here, we’re really just looking at
this to be the template guide of where all of our
elements are able to sit. Great screen shot there. So now we’ve got our template in there, the next step is to
create some of the shapes as placeholders that
we can use for videos. So we’ll come over, get a rectangle, position it over our video and scale that up so that it matches. Obviously these are both
exactly the same size, so we only need to make one of those and we can duplicate it. And likewise with the circle, go back to Graphics,
I’m sorry Shapes, circle and we wanna size this down, so that the circles are
about the same size. So now with all of these,
these we can now use as template placeholders for any graphic elements that
we want to use in our videos. So now that we got those created, I’m gonna go ahead and
hide that background. And I’ll drop the opacity down ’cause it’s not gonna be the focus of what we’re creating here, but we can still use it as
a guide in the background. So this is where you can
get a little creative, and you can bring in things like, we’ve got our got Primal Video logo here that we have just uploaded. I can click on that and bring this in. We can put this anywhere on
the screen, it doesn’t matter. Primal Video, we can add some text, let’s chose subscribe, we’ll make it our Primal
Video font, which is Oswald. We can also come in and add
some other graphic elements on the Graphics icons and
search for things like arrow. So we can be bring in an arrow to point to our subscribe button. There’s a heap of different graphics and things in here that you can use, something like this, and we can point it to
the subscribe button and maybe change the color. You can make it red so it stands out. I guess the biggest thing you
need to decide at this point is what do you want your
ends screen to look like and that’s really gonna come
down to whether you’re going to have yourself on screen
in your videos at this point. So for us, going back
to our background image, you can see that we only
use half the screen, I’m still on screen talking throughout, and then we have these other
elements that are showing off, off to the side here. So if you’re not gonna
have yourself on screen then you’ve got all of this
space here to play with. So you could have one video over here, one video up here, you could have your subscribe
button in the middle with the arrow pointing to it, scale that down and you could even have a
call out on each of these. So we can click on this
and come up to the top to Duplicate layer, and we can say watch this one next. This one here could be
YouTube recommended video. Now obviously, you can get a
little bit more fancy with that and add some sort of
background to it if you wanted, it could be an image, it could be a pattern, maybe you’re going the wood grain look. You can also add some
Effects to your backgrounds. So you could darken it off a little and then change up your
text so it stands out, maybe a white or a bright color. So you can start to get creative this way if you’re not going to be on screen. But you will wanna
remember the template here and just make sure that
all of the elements, wherever you are moving
them on the screen, needs to be inside of that blue line. So you can see with our gray box here we can move it as far as there and with this one we’ve
got all the way out to the side here if we
choose to go that far. The text and all the other
elements can go anywhere, but as long as these elements
that people are going to pick from are inside that blue line then you’re going to be solid. So find that graphic back down now. Now, if you are gonna
have yourself on screen, like we typically do at the end of ours, then you come over here to Background, you can remove the
background so that it’s gone. You then add some shapes and graphics so that they stand out
here to separate yourself. So we could create a background piece, I’m gonna change the color of this one, change the color of it
to our Primal Video blue and we’ll scale that up and position it off to the side here. We will rotate that and we’re only really
gonna use this edge here, so bring that back up here. Okay, now we wanna send
this graphic to the back. So we’ll come up here with it selected and choose Move layer back. We’ll keep clicking on this
until all these other things are on top of it. So this is building out
something more in line with what we have been
using on Primal Video. So we’ll move this down, bring up our template,
actually, our graphic background so that we can see our areas again. So that’s too far, so we bring this up to here and maybe we’ll have another
video over here as well, up in the top. Your subscribe button can be around there on that center point of
that line that we’ve added. Could even put the subscribe
button on the top here, rotate that arrow around. We’ll move this text up
here, watch this next, gonna be way too big so we’ll
make that a lot smaller. Watch this next, just put it down here, actually we’ll get rid of this one, we’ll just duplicate this one. Duplicate. And YouTube suggests this one, you really put whatever
you like in here text-wise, but just to call them out and make them a little bit different. And maybe we’ll make the Primal Video in the top corner there
a little bit smaller. You might also want to add another shape just to make it look a little
bit more different as well, so we can probably add
another rectangle here and we can rotate that and we will send it to the back again so it’s behind all of these other things, so our logo is on top of it. Okay, so you start to see the elements and things that you can add in here and obviously these gray
things, when we save them out, you don’t wanna have these in here. And these are just where you’re gonna be positioning your
videos on your end cards. But what you can do, to take
this one extra step further, is to duplicate these. So if we select this and go Duplicate and let’s change the color of it. Now with it selected, we’ll come back up here to Solid Color, let’s chose white and let’s position it over it and let’s make it a little bit bigger. And we’ll send it behind, so keep clicking this
until it goes behind. And now we wanna position
this like a border that we can drop our element onto. So let me export this into
our video editing application, it’s gonna look like that. And then we put our
placeholder on the inside of the YouTube end cards on top of it, so it’ll look like we’ve
got a border around it. And, likewise, if you wanna create borders for these two as well, we
can duplicate one of them, hit Duplicate. We can select it and we can come up here and change the color of it,
let’s choose white again and let’s make it a little bit bigger and we’ll send it behind the other one. Now once again, we wanna bring
up our template in here too to make sure that everything
is still positioned right. So select our background layer,
wanna bring up our template and we may actually need
to move this layer forward, there we go, so we can see it. So you can see here
the border doesn’t need to be inside the blue line but the box definitely does. Once we got that setup
the way that we want, we could just duplicate this top part. So we can even delete the bottom one here, we’ve got that already
set up as a placeholder. Select the background, select the foreground, duplicate, move it down. I’ve knocked it a little bit, so I need to move it back and reposition everything back up. And you can see now we’ve got some clear call outs for these. Before we save this
out, we wanna make sure that we’re deleting our background layer or our template that we’d added. So select on that and either
drop the opacity down to zero or just hit Delete and delete it and this is now our template. Just before we export these out we can get rid of our placeholders. So just select them and press Delete and then come up here and choose Download. Make sure that Transparent
background is ticked and choose High-res PNG. So now we’re in our editing software, we wanna grab that end screen and drop it down into your timeline towards the end the video. And you wanna stretch
it out so that it runs for the maximum of 20 seconds. We’ll stretch that out, this is just a test
project that we’ve got. Then you can see we’ve got
our end screen here showing up and we’ve got our video below it. I’ll talk normally here
and then at this point the end screen is shown. So at this point in our
timeline we wanna make a cut on the bottom layer. And we’ll wanna reposition me in this shot so that I fit on this end screen. So we can click and drag bottom video layer, reposition me across, something like that. And the video plays back with
our end card on top of it at that point. So we’ll go ahead and export that now and I’ll take it over to YouTube and show you how to add in these elements. Alright, our test video is uploaded. Come across to the End
screen & Annotations, we’re down to the last 20 seconds and this is where we wanna
start building this out. So we’re gonna add in an element here for our Subscribe button. And there it is, we’ll
position it over on our circle. Now you can use the arrow
keys on your keyboard to reposition this around
and if you hold down Shift, you’ll get some final adjustment
to center it on screen where you’d like it. And now we’ll add in a video, best one for viewer or
YouTube recommended video. Let’s put this one down the button here. Again, you use the arrow
keys to center it on there. And we’ll also add in
another video at the top, which is our video that we
suggest for them to watch and move it around and
that’s how easy it is. So in the last 20 seconds of the video this now becomes active
with buttons on there that’s looking super-professional. So that’s how you can
create your own custom YouTube end screen template
and use it in your videos for all of your future YouTube videos. There’s two videos linked on screen, the first one is an interview that we did with Roberto Blake,
talking all around branding and how to grow on YouTube. The second one is a
suggestion from YouTube. Hope it’s good. Let me know. See you soon.

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