How To Make a Business Plan

How To Make a Business Plan

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  1. It was "a fart on a windy day" and no. It was was a famous song by the Beatles.

  2. always entertaining!!! seriously….why isn't Kraft putting you in an Easy Cheese commercial??? 🙂

  3. neat app ideas!


  5. Home Business Startup Bible. 🙂

  6. Lol. All I would require is a lifetime supply of ez cheese!

  7. I just invested in easy cheese because of you. I now have a bazillion shares!

  8. I wish there was a business plan out there for life coaches (service based) because we have to tweak the information to "try" to fit us which really doesn't anyway. SO if anyone knows of a program like that I would love to know of it. Thanks.

  9. Hmmm … I get it. I wonder if there's a program like that …

  10. That cheese you eat brings back bad memories! Lol

  11. Lol. I would LOVE to hear about some of these mentioned bad memories. 🙂

  12. I am so glad you share goofy videos like this with practical business information. It really helps take the edge off of some stressful business topics/tasks if you can laugh while you're learning! 😉 <3 YOU Bestie, Peace out!

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