How to green the world’s deserts and reverse climate change | Allan Savory

How to green the world’s deserts and reverse climate change | Allan Savory

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  1. There is only one Savior and it is not the government. We will not be saving ourselves from the eventual final destruction. Last time by flood, next time by fire. Seek the Savior, seek Him. +++

  2. There is no climate change emergency so there is nothing to reverse there. Soil depletion, waste, corruption and evil politics. Now there is something you can try reversing.

  3. Simple, under our nose solution. Awesome.

  4. If you shoot elephants then you disrupt the ecosystem.

  5. What did the livestock eat when they first put it on the deserted land?

  6. Step #1: Significantly reduce carbon dioxide generation by eliminating the use of fossil fuels.
    Step #2: Await the next ice age

  7. People around the world are being increasingly dessertified, i.e. we are eating more and more dessert. I think this is a good thing. Certainly it is yummier than if we were suffering the broccolification of the world.

  8. after watching up to 10 mins and 6 seconds I'll offer that a natural disaster that wiped out huge amounts of life on earth in our nor too distant past caused desertification on a large scale and once these areas were established as desert, the animals never came back in thus the desert proliferated. I'll continue watching now.

  9. Moving herds means returning to migration(wandering) life style that our ancestors were lived before agricultural revolution.

  10. So the annihilation of the herds of buffalo carried out by |European immigrants to wipe out the food source of the natives and thus wipe them out also has contributed greatly to desertification of the now U.S.

  11. Chuckles "I'm in danger"

  12. Seeing this in 2019 never heard of it before. But there are similar Concepts, where you put Solar Thermal Power Plants in the Desert. You guys should find out about that

  13. Ever herd of geo engineering or in other words chemtrails .yes it's true ,there are covert underground break away fractions in our governments .That needs to be stopped, outed yes this is no secret so wake up ppl.

  14. There is only one option… Have cows mimic how animals and predators use to move. Orrr, there is an option of bringing back native animals and predators, something you are saying you know will solve the issue because it did before.

  15. HaHaHaHaHa!
    You guys believe this nonsense? WOW!

  16. Hmm funny how co2 is causing global greening and NOT dryness or more deserts

  17. So Western (European) industrialization causes disruption in maintaining grasslands and livestock for over 200 years. Now if we stop industrial activities in these areas we get less of a carbon footprint, cleaner environment, more food, and less violence. Better late than never I guess.

  18. The earth is warming because our magnetic field is in rapid decay. When it snaps polarity it will be a cataclysm and an ice will follow, as it does every time. Repeated glaciations over the past 1.8 million years and occur every 12,000 years. See the diehold foundation work, that Geologist has nailed it from start to finish. The sun is the missing heat that causes the ice ages! Plant all the trees in the universe, makes no difference whatsoever.

  19. good talk about sustainability… a little misguided on the science however.

  20. There is nothing mankind can do to prevent the next ice age.

  21. Hamburgers for the win! Forcing vegetarian is evil!!!! .. in certain situations

  22. When human trys to be God that's the end if themselves.

  23. More people need to see this

  24. Hats down to people like him who teach us and also do something to change the world for the better.

  25. AOC should watch this, maybe her farts are killing the world.

  26. His claims are not backed up by any scientific evidence, according to this

  27. The climate is constantly changing. To think that the human race can currently change the climate is ludicrous. Scientists cannot accurately predict the path of a local storm a couple of days in advance, but the same scientists tell us they can predict small changes in the global climate decades in advance. Nonsense.

  28. If the emotional scientists would have kept their feelings out of things, everything would have been alright.

  29. Nobel Prize winner Happer would dispute everything this guy says – and Happer is an actual physicist. More CO2 is already greening the deserts! When somebody says the only reason for x is y – watch your wallet.

  30. 4:32 – Knows this??? All animals produce a bit of methane, only cattle eating corn and silage produce the bulk of it. Grazing cattle actually produce a relatively healthy amount, its factory farms that provide the problem. And thats what that paper said, you just didnt read it. What else do you think you know?

  31. This guy sounds like he's come out of Buckingham Palace!

  32. Another qwack stirring up fear on the fake climate change nonsense. I'm still waiting for AL Gores predict come true! GET THE FACTS…

  33. Wa La ! Problem solved… Just turn the Desrts green.. Why didnt the Dessert dwellers do that 6000 years ago.. Hey but what if God stops the rain…

  34. And convert to Hydrogen Fuel Cells.

  35. And just what unintended consequences would this plan have?

  36. You are right. I had my farm heavily cross-fenced and I was impressed how after the vegetation was eaten down that the regeneration was much quicker. I also blame fire for massively destroying soils all throughou tour planet.

  37. Good work Allan. Our country NZ is green and it is not observable to me that there is any part of it turning into desert. Over the years there has been massive deforestation.
    and we have reduced Stock numbers in the last 30 yrs or so, and no problem so far. ( By the way ) global warming is a hoax. C02 is a green gas and currently levels
    are lower than past levels. So I wouldn't worry about future catastrophes. However if you want to be influenced by Globalist's propaganda?

  38. Like we did it in Hickory County Missouri, stewards of the land!

  39. A Man accountable for his actions, Make him King Of the World!

  40. The answer to climate change is in planting trees and using less carbon producing machinery

  41. Bring in the Animals.

  42. 100% agree with the animal part, don't agree with climate change HOAX, he did say we could fix everything just moving the animals WITHOUT worrying about fuels

  43. Listen to this man.

  44. malthus. Ehrlich, savory. All wrong. All frauds. Were humans responsible for the creation of the Sahara? The gobi? My god people. They have engineered logic and reason right out if you……water vapor is 98% of greenhouse gas. CO2 is .04%. .04%!!!!! Ffs!!! Anthropogenic climate change is right there at the top of hoaxes perpetrated on the world. Don’t listen to me. Don’t listen to this guy. Go and look for yourself. But you won’t. Cuz that’s hard.

  45. actually it took us much less than 3 seconds in a 24 hour condensed scale of our timeline to get to this dire situation… our species has been in existence estimated 140k years, but we only really began to impact the global environment such as causing extinctions and pollutions and deforestations etc for less than 2k years, so it has taken us only like 0.01 seconds to get to this point!

  46. Why are so many TED talks by dry boring speakers?

  47. Why does it take so long itz 2019 and now I find this a solution for so big problem why aren't we all learning this, why I only hear about solar and wind turbines and not about all the other solutions that can save the world share this video if you want people to know the solution and now there is a chance to make for a better world

  48. I'd so love to share this but I've been banned from facebook for hate speech

  49. The bible tells us to fill the earth so look around of you lots of empty land look at Israel and the desert gone that was there a hundred years ago remember that this was a land flowing with milk and honey we need the will to change the way we live plant and water and put God in control and we see that sin is destroying the world that he made

  50. Ok, this is not my trade. But I failing to understand in what is the differences between the way that they grew livestock that helps against decertification against what other people do while every else believe that livestock produce decertification.

  51. …burning grass is worse than cars. Right…

  52. if I understand him correctly he is talking essentially crop and herd rotation to allow the soil to rejuvenate. If so, this isn't new science. Seperate the pastures, rotate the dense herds, utilize some off-season pastures as gardens. This would also replace the topsoil yielding more productive grasslands and gardens. He seems to have enough successful prototypes to warrant further more widespread implementation. This seems far more reasoned approach than the screaming herds of environmentalist "chicken littles" that want everyone to go back to using corncobs, outhouses and horse-drawn buggies. I can get on board with management as long as this doesn't involve loss of personal land rights and is presented as a beneficial guide and not a government edict.

  53. so… more organized grazing on Federal lands??

  54. Amen to those who seeks solutions and do not rest on old assumptions.

  55. Technocrats have the will and the ego that could lead to the end of the world. We are the elephants in their eyes. No empathy. They will end humanity with the coldness of someone flipping a switch.

  56. He didn't answer the SIMPLE question….when you first move animals onto the bare ground what do they eat? So you can save the planet by not allowing animals to eat too much grass before they flatten it?. But if you don't eat the grass you don't produce manure. You cant get something out of nothing you would have to have massive inputs to get it started. You would have to bring in the ground litter, seeds and cultivate to allow the water to absorb, and then keep the animals of and hope the weather doesn't destroy your work before it gets established. Sounds like a scam to get you to buy a book and see his detail.

  57. Climate scientist: How do we fix the climate?
    No one:
    Climate scientist: Go back to a time before climate scientist!
    Everyone: 🤝🙏🎉🎊

  58. does anyone else hate when people say "we did this……….. did that………….. went to the moon"

    change happens because a few people go out there way to take action

  59. "Let me explain, no is too much, let me sum up". He made a completely incorrect assumption and removed the cattle, he then made another completely incorrect assumption and killed 40,000 (OMG) elephants, but now I want you to believe me when I say what I say. This man's thinking is poor. Period. No matter how well placed his heart. Why would you trust what he says now???

  60. Wow i mean if all this is on YouTube, and YouTube has the power to put anything on anyone’s feeds, all they should be really putting instead of cat videos, are videos like this, like cmon, @youtube you guys literally have so much power in changing perspectives, bringing awareness and clogging peoples video feeds whether they like it or not. #savetheearth

  61. Well you could start by leaving the ranchers alone and let them take care of there cattle

  62. We need to deploy the genesis device.

  63. mulch away my friends.

  64. Once Again, Climate Warriors Rescued from Their Ship Trapped in Polar Ice. The MS Malmo, a Swedish-registered ship, was rescued after being trapped in ice, and its 16 passengers were airlifted to safety. The ship was on an Arctic excursion with tourists and a documentary-film crew, all concerned about melting Arctic ice caused by global warming. A similar incident five years ago involved passengers on a ‘scientific expedition’ to document ice melt and, it too, had to be rescued. Ironically, the Chinese rescue ship also became stuck in the heavy ice. (Need To Know News Sept. 2019)

  65. Not just Livestock…Plant trees!


  67. Oh that's not Bernie, must be his brother, Ernie Sanders.

  68. The United Nations is saying the opposite.

  69. Its like we forgot to learn all the stuff we thought we knew.

  70. Show us irrefutable proof that anthropomorphic climate change is real. Climate changes are cyclical in history. Climate meme is the AGENDA spearheaded by the U.N. and is a tax and control program. Europe, you will see the proof of this first…..

  71. While the idea sounds great, there is a certain market for the cattle. When that market gets saturated, prices drop to levels that no longer make it profitable to grow larger herds. So do we FORCE people to work for free? Do we TAX everyone to pay the herdsmen? (demorats lick their chops at that idea!) Where does the money come from for his grand scheme? If it didn't take huge amounts of money Africa would now be a green garden one end to the other. It isn't. The wealthy ranchers have lushous land while the poor farmers have desert.
    I do my part! I eat plenty of steak!

  72. We believe that compost prevents and solves most plant issues and we practice it. Massive amounts of compost heals all soils.

  73. I almost started crying, this gave me genuine hope were none was left. Now to hope the right people get onboard with this… That's hope for another day… (yet it should have been yesterday already)

  74. Why do these kind of videos get very low views considering how old they are? Guess people care more about cats than climate change!

  75. “The thing the ecologically illiterate don't realize about an ecosystem is that it's a system. A system! A system maintains a certain fluid stability that can be destroyed by a misstep in just one niche. A system has order, flowing from point to point. If something dams that flow, order collapses. The untrained might miss that collapse until it was too late. THAT'S WHY THE HIGHEST FUNCTION OF ECOLOGY IS UNDERSTANDING CONSEQUENCES!! –Frank Herbert, "Dune". In fifteen years I'll probably be dead, but know all is not lost, the near future is kind of dark, but after we come out of the darkness people will finally realize the wisdom in the words of JFK, they will start working together and that will be our planet's and the people's salvation!! "For in the final analysis, our most basic common link is that we all inhabit this small planet. We all breathe the same air. We all cherish our children's futures. And we are all mortal!!        —  President John F. Kennedy

  76. We brought back the buffalo. I agree with you but some are using this as an excuse to burn the rain forest. We also need trees and forest. We have cut all those down and need to replace them.

  77. It's good to see that one biologist can change his ideas about farmers & cattle.

  78. He is probably right about how to make the land green but it's not co² from plants that heat the earth.
    We know this since plants has some C14 but that has not increased, it's included in the normal carbon flux. But it's interesting and it can also be used as argument for those who will save the wolfs that people only see as pest. They may prevent elks and deers to stay on the same spot too long.

  79. Feeling salty for those elephants but at least their deaths proved the theory wrong.

  80. Any one that thinks Humans have the power to effect the climate on this planet is seriously deluded. Humans do NOT have the power to create an Extinction Level Event (ELE). The forces and time scales involved are way beyond Human capacity. On the 13th of April 2029 you might find out what can and does change the climate. Apophis is its' name. It should come within about 30,000 Km. About 1/12 of the distance to the moon. If something influences the orbit of Apophis by a tiny fraction of a degree then we have an impact. Another ticking time bomb is Yellowstone. If this went off with a VEI of 8 the entire planet would be poisoned and frozen. Supervolcano called Toba in Indonesia blew up 74,000 years ago with a VEI of 8. There were somewhere between 600 and 10,000 Humans left on this planet. We came within a gnats whisker of extinction.

  81. 16:38 master of Photoshop. Nah, just kidding, great job!

  82. Indian farmers have been using this since forever to improve farm productivity. The owner of life-stocks are paid by farmers to make the herd of animals "sit-in" in the farm land. I'm surprised, this effect had to be rediscovered like that.

  83. Fantastic research and brilliant results. Nobody ever talks about the taboo of reducing the worlds human population though? Imagine what a better place the world would be with our population gradually reduced to 5 billion humans instead of 10 billion.

  84. We need to reduce CO2 levels to less than 150 ppm to save the planet…!!!

  85. Wow, this video was super interesting.

  86. Someone explain how anyone was able to fill any desert area with enough vegetation to get animals to graze it?

  87. Wow, this video was really interesting.

  88. Incredible discovery!! Great

  89. What a wonderful talk. Thanks to TED and sir.

  90. The problem isn't fossil fuels but with the exponential rise in population! No one is addressing this and to LIMIT population growth!

  91. This actually wouldn't help climate change, estimates put it at a 25% reduction in carbon in the atmosphere at today's levels…. But it would take 4 decades minimal to get this to that number using water desalination plants, but building and fueling those plants would cause more damage to the planet that this would help, using livestock also hurts the atmosphere and would take tens of thousands of people hundreds of years to do.

  92. I hope he doesn't decide there are too many humans on the planet. We'll all be shot. Later, he could regret it and take his sorrow to the grave, but the rest of us will already be there waiting for him.

  93. Could've just asked Joel Salatin and saved 40k elephants.

  94. Greening the desert is easy, just load the atmosphere with 1000 ppm of CO2. Just as greenhouse gardners do with the greenhouses

  95. climate change is a conspiracy theory by government tyrants to spread fear mongering among the ignorant population so they can impose a carbon tax….stupid much?

  96. Why don't the Dem-o-Craps START by rounding up all ILLEGAL guns before attacking innocent 2nd amendment rights ??? Also this is not a "democratic" debate it is a "Democrat" debate. Nothing about these morons is democratic. Hill-ray will be back.


  97. Someone who makes sense.

  98. Reminded of the reintroduction of Wolves in Yellowstone National Park. Watch a video on youtube. Interesting.

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