How to Get Someone’s Phone Number

How to Get Someone’s Phone Number

How to Get Someone’s Phone Number. Don’t let any more opportunities to meet that
sexy stranger slip away! You will need Courage Confidence and some
conversation starters. Step 1. Approach the person and introduce yourself. Don’t bother with cheesy pickup lines—studies
show a simple “Hi” works best. If the other person doesn’t immediately offer
his or her name, chances are the interest level is low. Step 2. After you get the person’s name, use it almost
immediately. For example, “So, Jen, are you a coffee addict,
too?” People love the sound of their own name. Try to slip in a little flattery. Compliment her name, an article of his clothing—just
don’t go overboard. Step 3. Once a conversation is underway, ask questions
so you can do more listening than talking. When allowed to dominate a conversation, a
person is more likely to rate the listener as highly interesting. Try to make the other person laugh. A good sense of humor is always high on the
list of traits that singles seek. Step 4. Don’t linger. After a few minutes, say that you have to
rejoin your friends, get back to work, whatever. End the flirting before you run out of things
to say. Step 5. Before walking away, tell the person you’ve
enjoyed chatting and would love to see them again. Hopefully they’ll offer their number. If you have business cards, pull one out and
suggest that you trade. Step 6. If the other person doesn’t get the hint,
ask straight-up for their phone number. Now go think of what to say when you call! Did you know Research shows that men decide
within the first 15 minutes of a date if they want to see the person again, while women
take up to an hour.

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  1. 1. Approach girl
    2. Ask for her phone number
    3. Text her the next day
    DId you know? Whales have extremely large penises

  2. Yeah that doesnt work unless your the Most Interesting Man In The World

  3. Challenge Accepted

  4. "people love the sound of their own name" …. i dont….

  5. That awkward moment when the top two comments are the same thing, and from the same person.

  6. Where do I find this…Courage?

  7. Kiss your hand 10x Say your crushes name 15x Post on two more videos and tomorrow will be your best day ever <3

  8. I like the tip at the end!!!:D

  9. last video i watched on how to flirt said that studies show that saying hi is not the right thing to do.. wow..

  10. walk over, smile, introduce yourself……if she seems not interested, crop dust the area as you walk away.

  11. 0:36 i thot she said "r u a COKE addict 2" fail

  12. Kiss your hand 10 times
    Say your crushes name 15 times
    And then look at your hand

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  14. Now my hand looks like a vagina!

  15. Summary:
    How to get someone's phone number:
    You will need:
    1-ask for it
    2- write it down

  16. Step one: Don't be Darrell.
    "Can I have yo numbaaaa?"

  17. I hate the sound of my own name

  18. Kiss ur hand 10 times
    Say ur crush 15 times outloud
    Post this on 2 vids
    Look at your hands

  19. 😀
    Now go think of what to say when you call

  20. We were signing yearbooks on the last day of school and I wanted a girls phone number. So a friend who was a girl asked her for me. but, it turns out she didn't know she was giving her number to me (she thought she was giving it to my friend). If I had my friend call her and ask her if she could give her number to me, would that be creepy(I'm not ugly BTW)? Please reply

  21. And I do know her. We were kind of friend at one point, bet I haven't talked to her in a while

  22. @HeySoQueso I am a girl & I dont think it would be creepy. This situation would be under the pretext that u like her and/or want to talk to her. If this was during the school year u could get your friend to say that u want her number for a school related issue, hw, project, help in class. It does help that u are pretty. Most importantly, when u guys were kind of friends, try & remember if she was interested in your friendship & what u had to say… Who knows, maybe she likes u. Good luck 🙂

  23. How to get someone's phone number: Step 1-Have the person be Carly Rae Jepsen. The end.

  24. Yea, it's true. Guys take 15 min while we take up to an hour. WE ACTUALLY THINK ABOUT IT!!!!!

  25. LOLOL brilliant

  26. Step 1: Go right in for her cooter.

  27. step 1. ask for number


  29. how to get someones phone numba hahahaahaha

  30. im happy im a girl

  31. no just be small like me and cut yall hair

  32. 0:45 Those teeth.

  33. So that's why boys break the girls heart

  34. How to get someone phone number
    Step 1. Ask them,if don't work proceed to Step 2.
    did you know we need to breath to live?

  35. Because everyone carries around business cards for themselves.

  36. Directions weren't easy to follow.I got my dick stuck in the ceiling fan.

  37. I would cut my own dick off just to see what that comment said

  38. Step one: Look in phone book
    Did you know oranges are orange?

  39. Kiss ur hand 10 times
    Say ur crushes name15 times
    Post on two vids

  40. who's here because of arnold?

  41. I just gave this girl my number and she gave me hers.

  42. @Nelson Garcia i decide in the first 30 secounds

  43. Fuck this its not a how to day vid BITCH

  44. 1. Ask him for his phone number.


  46. I got a girls phone number

  47. how to get someones phone number
    1. steal phone
    2. put the number in ur phone
    3. give phone back and say u found it on the ground

  48. Where do I buy the things on the list?

  49. The person probably explained what masturbation was.

  50. just go up to them and keep saying CAN I HAVE YOUR NUMBA over and over works best in a movie haha


  52. Step 1: ASK
    Did you kow that paper is white?

  53. thumbs up if you will use this on a girl

    me.hey girl did it hurt when you fell from heaven because you are FUCKING UGLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  54. For all you losers that still need help:
    Step 1: Get your own phone
    Step 2: Get the phone of the person you want a number from
    Step 3: Call your phone using her phone
    Step 4: Walah.

  55. step 2 actually i find my name a little creepy

  56. step 3: i tried that but they just find me creepy
    did you know: it takes 8.3 seconds (for women) according to barney (HIMYM)

  57. I immediately thought of Darryl from Mad TV…

  58. 0:34
    – So Jen, are you a coffee adict too?
    – Hmm it's tea actually…
    – ***OH SHIT!!*** Bye Jen

  59. If you actually try this the result: your are going to get slapped by a squirell

  60. i just go up and ask.

  61. How are these things tested

  62. Step 1: become acquainted
    Step 2: just ask if they have a phone number
    Step 3: win!

  63. If you do that, you can't have sex with it.

  64. Is this 4 real?!

  65. Step 1: Ask
    Did you know: You are on Youtube.

  66. You are a dirty person.

  67. Step 1: ask
    Did you know a tv is little and big

  68. what did that fucking comment say.

  69. I feel mad check our my videos

  70. I just do blunt honesty

  71. /watch?v=nYco4bZNBp0 this is how to do it

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  73. How to get somones number in middle school..
    my view: AYY GIVE ME YO NUMBA!

  74. Me: Did you know that I don't care?

  75. How to Get Someone's Phone Number
    Step 1: Go to a cousin that got a new phone
    Did you know about dinosaurs?

  76. step 1.ask for someone for there number & hope they give it to u

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  79. … Your pic makes that so hard to believe xD, also makes it funnier xD

  80. "I lost my number, can i have yours?"
    always works 😀

  81. Tell them you found an easy way to get someone's phone number,ask to see their phone,let them watch you dial your own number and when your phone rings say "Wasn't that easy?"

  82. REAL way how to get somones phone number.

    You need:

    A phone

    Step 1: Walk up to a stranger say may i call someone my phone is dead

    Step 2: Call your own phone

    Step 3: Answer, hangup, and say call you later

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  85. pls anyone tell me how to find a Qatar number because my lover in qatar

  86. 15 seconds in
    the rarest items on a 'you will need list'

  87. Wait I don't have a phone..

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