How to get lost Facebook Marketplace on Facebook App

How to get lost Facebook Marketplace on Facebook App

Hello everybody this is Sk Sabbir Ali from
Kolkata India now I am going to show you how to find FB marketplace or who are unable
to get the access of marketplace or blocked to access the marketplace from FB or not getting
the option of marketplace I don’t have also the option of marketplace you can see on my
profile I don’t have no marketplace option is showing here so I’m going to show you the
trick actually you can get from your sittings and
privacy option click on settings and privacy section after clicking on it and get he go
to settings you have to go you have to find out the option Access your Information
click on here after clicking on this you have to go the final option
Marketplace here it is click on here and click on item sold
this is the final scenario this is the final option here you can search everything on the
marketplace or you can sell your product you can purchase you can also purchase from here
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  1. Beautiful…Thanks…

  2. Show market place but Market place- sell-Failed to publish

  3. You can see the item you want to buy it but it says this product is no longer exist

  4. Vreau sa scot marketplace și nu o pot scoate am blocat o grămadă din ea

  5. Fuck off mate it didn’t work 🤷🏻‍♂️

  6. I forgot to subcribe

  7. me chepinatlu try chesa but items not published y

  8. Get you mic out of your throat.

  9. My marketplace block I can't use marketplace err

  10. Dumb caption wasting my time

  11. Stupido vpn on help me tech support

  12. After clicking on items sold i am getting that u can’t use marketplace as ur listing was against our policies…. i posted watches that too in an ignorance so nw wat shud i do to regain my access to marketplace

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