How To Get Design Clients: Sales and Lead Generation

How To Get Design Clients: Sales and Lead Generation

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  1. Hey Chris! first of all THANK YOU! Me and my team learned so much from you, I have been following a some great entrepreneur like Patrick David, Grand Cardone and I am really glad that i found you here in youtube…I have this goal when we got big, I will personally come to you and shake your hand and tell our success story because of you 🙂

  2. So related to that bit where you say we designers feel we can only charge for producing. Thank you for giving me the confidence on charging for my thinking and talking.

  3. Awesome stuff! which of your products go in detail about compensation models?

  4. Wow, I never thought of these before. Thank you for sharing, Chris! I immediately subscribe. Just curious, why did you blur out someone's face in the vid? ;D

  5. Thanks for the enlightenment.. chris…. i was bit on to the artistic side rather than the business… but i remember you saying it's the business we should put our effort on in a another session… this one is excellent.. too …

  6. Please in future vids, put instagram, twitter and snap tags so we can follow some of these guys. Great comments. Great video.

  7. Everytime I hear Chris speak, he literally blows my mind. an absolute genius, no doubt

  8. I'm so tired of hearing about Gary V. He got lucky with the internet. If the algorithm was off we wouldn't have Gary V now. These days you not only have to be all over social media but the platforms force you to advertise.

  9. Adam Sanborne the ending music is awesome, Nice Work!

  10. Chris Do awesome as always, he is super legit and genius!!

  11. Coming from a marketing background, this video tells me that I'm ready to start making millions lol. Thank you guys! It seems that I started the process in reverse order.

  12. Amazing tips. Chris, you are the BEST.

  13. hey chris, I don't know if you are still going to read this, but about your "anxienty" to talk in front of people. First of all i would have never thought that sitting in that classroom. Just one little tip/critique (i am really not trying to offend you) but maybe you could put out your chest a little bit more, it comes over more confident and you will also feel more confident because you produce more thestosterone like that i believe, try it.
    You're almost perfect in every aspect of teaching, I only found this for you to work and improve on.

  14. Chris do, you are just amazing! You make things look so simple. So much to learn.

  15. OMG .. That question at 19:30 .. many of my customers have problems beyond the website and I have problems selling them consulting services after they contact me for web design work only ..

  16. Thank you for sharing awesome information and insights, much needed. keep up the good work.

  17. Liked and subbed.

  18. One day I will give you the greatest high-five for all your lessons.

  19. "selling" in one point of view is branding via testimonial, bandwagon, projecting value such as generosity or quality or reliability or accountability. but "selling" is also a choice of option given to a prospective client. you're not selling so much as to show what answer you offer to a client in " need" a wedding ring buyer is going to a ring shop. sale person is not selling wedding ring as so much as the " right choice" of ring in consideration.

  20. Well, too great channel. Thanks man!

  21. Hi Chris! at 5:51 you talked about faking and talking like that. Could you please explain what kind of video you were talking about.
    Is there a specific word for it, as far as I can guess, it is sales talk. 🙂

  22. @ChrisDo: Thanks so much for these valuables videos. I've watched quite a few of your videos already, but I've just started on this 4-video series. I've been taking notes like crazy, and I'm only on the second one of this set!

    I'm a solopreneur graphic designer with 15+ years experience who is really ready to up his game, but where to begin? I really appreciate your putting all this great content up on YouTube for free – because it gives me a place to start.

    I know it takes an immense amount of production to produce content of this quality, and I applaud you for being willing to help other designers (like me!) navigate the business part of design, as well as the business of design itself. I'm definitely going to sign up at in October.

    Thanks, thanks, thanks, Chris. (I think three 'thanks' is the max before you start thinking that I'm not being genuine.)


  23. Awesome as always guys! I really dig the ACM (Alternative Compensation Model) option for business. Any chance of doing a video on the steps (legal, contracts, etc) to see this type of thing through once client agrees and the negotiation is in the works?

  24. Thank you so much I believe this is the missing piece to what I have been trying to accomplish, now I can look forward to 2018 with confidence. Blessings

  25. Whatever you do, don't build a website for a church. I am a Christian, but I have never had a positive experience developing for a church. Either you get the contract but "in-house talent" is constantly there trying to wrestle the site away from you, or the church has problems getting the money they agreed to pay you. I could go on and on about the time and money I have lost trying to use my talent to benefit religious organizations, but just trust me and avoid them.

    On the other hand, manipulabilities make great clients, if you are prepared to handle a complex project.

  26. My business is built on cold emailing, cold calling, and cold leads….

    This guy is giving advise for those super expensive "boutique" agencies that charge $10k – $20k just to learn about your business… as he stated.

  27. Everytime i find a new video i learn something new. I really enjoyed this and found a lot of value here.

  28. Some great points mentioned!

  29. Great video. Specifically where can we find clients though?

  30. Sometimes ask too many questions and than client says I am about to hire somebody who are more quick responder than you and ready to start work instantly. It's like client think I can't understand the job requirements.

  31. Anyone more than me that tried twitter, adding followers, trying to engage and result = poop?

  32. Kick ass videos & advice — full of value. Thanks so much.

  33. You said at the end of this that if the client responds low to your 'what do you propose' question you will negotiate them upwards, do you have a clip on how How to do that?? Also saw one tip of yours about writing yourself a letter to give yourself confidence to charge more, do you have a video on more of such exercises such as rationality of how to set based on costs and typically unfactored hidden costs, market and the technical bones of self value in relation to price and why its alright to charge more or the one where you said you charge 3 times whatever the market is? I think if you perhaps were to name it along the lines of 'how to price' or '10 exercises that will help you charge more' it could be of pinaccle help and interest to all of YouTube even outside the multi media industry. I have found it so difficult to charge anyone for anything my whole life and so am basically at 0 at present. You are the only person that has even hinted towards a light at the end of the tunnel concerning this. Haven't found one single motivational speaker talking specifically on the technicalities of this that you are. This could be a Ted niche for you, if you are interested. I am in my twenties. Beyond remaining alive and juggling the expectations of my wife, kids, parents, siblings and inlaws, I feel I live to do a distinct line of philanthropy in the world through problem solving ideas, mediums and inventions I have, and am basically living to get myself in a position to do so. I can see that these will require resource. So one thing I want to try is to do a mindmap of what I would do with the money if it came. That way I would know how much is needed for any of these realities to come true and so feel perhaps more confident in charging someone for anything. What do you think? The last question I have is that you have used a commercial entity to frame your interaction. What about if this interaction took place with a local government department?

  34. There is nothing wrong with sales. It is a needed aspect of business. It is a tool just like everything else.

  35. What is this conference ?

  36. Wow wow wow, i'm an Architect… Settle down here buddy

  37. Dammmnnnnnn I sure as hell been looking at that email headline longer than any email today! You right lmao!!

    Definitely gonna take heed to this advice!

  38. I LOve this Class

  39. Here's a chance for me to work on you a little. No one arm wrestles with their arms that extended. Think about it. You wouldn't have any leverage. And, when is the last time you saw an arm-wrestling match where two dudes are wearing suits or sports jackets? Maybe they could be wearing "thefutur" Teesprings.

  40. that one girl with her face blurred…

  41. great content as always

  42. Great video. Especially like your comment about not going in with a mindset to sell a specific service regardless of what the client needs.
    Brilliant quote: ‘If you have one tool, like a hammer, everything looks like a nail. That’s not the way you service your clients.’ So well put. Thanks

  43. Your way of approaching this is very informative although it also really depends on location you are at, I am starting out freelancer in motion design I am building my portfolio page right now, and for me I am like onliest person I know who knows about this motion design, I have no friends or family members who know what it is, or would know someone who would need this kind of service, I also struggle because I am an artist and love to paint but atm in my life when I cannot decide what is that what I want to be like the best at, atm I am like you say OK at majority of things like Illustration, Animation, Digital Painting, Video Motion graphics, I love to do all of the things and cant determine my self for one to bet the best at. And also there is no one around me with same interests. so it is really frustrating to develop my self, and to get a client I see only cold email to be the best way to get from 0 clients to maybe 1 at least.

  44. After 2 years of you posting this video it is still changing people's lives. The alternative compensation model – gold. You're the man Chris. Looking forward to meeting you one day and shaking your hand.

  45. thats another sweet vid, I want to see more like this

  46. Gosh, thanks guys for ur work! and what u do!) i'm writing mostly everything, translating so much new terms (not native english speaker) thank you! and hello from Ukraine)

  47. LMAO!!! 23:25 "being an architect sucks" …. I'm an architect. I love doing graphics and websites on the side. I love the videos from Chris & Co. Very inspiring.

  48. damn this is golden

  49. I'm an Architect Chris and I heard that. lol
    I really love what you are doing. Your videos have being helpful.
    Thank you.

  50. I just post dog logos. Lol

  51. This is Gold. Thanks Chris. So much Infomation, I would need to watch this 7 times more to remember them all

  52. Best video I have seen on this topic. Like the no BS approach to Q/A

  53. I needed this. 🙏🏾

  54. that one snowflake in the audience that didn't agree to be on video so they had to censor her face….

  55. I knew you were a smart guy. You use Evernote!

  56. Chris, your outfit is on point.

  57. This is the design education I needed.

  58. I am from india , and am student doing btech IT 3rd year.
    But i love graphic designing and i don’t want to sit free … so i doing freelancing from last year.
    Watching your videos give me direction how to manage everything.
    I want to meet you 1 day and want to thank you 😇😇

  59. Is that guy drinking a beer?

  60. These videos are excellent, I'm very grateful with what you are doing.
    Could you make a video with some hard facts about the benefits of upgrading graphic design on business? Like the convertion ratio of the skincare mailing.

  61. I love this. These ideas are game-changers for me ❤️

  62. Love the content, however one thing confuses me: on social media it is important to show one expertise so people know you for THAT style and can follow you. But what if your agency provides a range of skills you want to show off?? Keep up the good work🙌🏽

  63. Excellence! Great tips — thank you @the Futur! 🙏🏼

  64. This video is like a Bible for me, I watch it from time to time like a brand new piece of content and it always feels different from each different stand point of my business, watching design focused videos (mostly from you) has nothing to do with general business ones (real estate or stocks). Thank you Chris !

  65. This was one of the only lectures ive ever sat all the way through……. i have completed three years of college.

  66. Hi Master Do, I am an Architect but I am not just designing bathrooms. Haha

  67. OMG! I'm sold. I've been practicing architecture for over 10 years and would love to expand into brand strategy and identity design. Your comment was funny about the first years of architecture! Thanks

  68. "Being an architect sucks. You dont make any money…" Really? Terrible statement Chris!

  69. Ooooh shit I feel like this is a game changer – I've never thought about alternative compensation until now…

  70. Should someone's Social Network's custom videos and posts consistently have watermarks?

  71. "google says;: ads are dead, its just info and entertainment" looks like you took that literally , cuz thats all ur channel s for 😀

  72. Email marketing is THEE most effective marketing tool. For every $1 spent on email marketing, you get $44.25 back

  73. I like what you said about content marketing and your 5 hacks for social media are spot on and how you need to control the content on your channel to just what the brand is focusing on. When I mix my web design and music posts on Instagram, it backfired on me. Since I have been concentrating on just web design.

  74. Chris these video's are so good, it makes me feel like I am there in a classroom. Plus the value is insane, and that for free. Much love from The Netherlands!

  75. This is phenomenal content. I'm actually going to be watching this with my partner, because you've literally covered 90% of what I couldn't figure out how to bottle into something digestible that he could understand! It's incredible, thanks for this. And: you even covered a "roleplaying" jedi-mind trick I was going to use on him, though yours is a little different (re: the google thing.) Thanks again.

  76. Awesome. A lot of work to be done but clients aren’t going to throw themselves at me.

  77. my problem is at the moment im not really a designer , i know how to use the whole cc suit and how to create and print stuff but basically i just recreate and print old bike decals because these are the only clients i have i know i could do ALOOOOOT more! im not sure how and in in wich design direction i should go to get things going to get real clients for real created digital products NOT printed products… i already did all kind of stuff for clients vectorizing, finalizing for print, webdesign (uiux), logo design and alot more… i cant really tell where my specialitys are thats why i dont kno where to start.. its like i cant see the wood because of the tree…

  78. Third time watching this, great great great. Thanks for all the value, truly.

  79. That's a very uneducated answer. Companies spend if not hundred but millions of dollars on SEO to show up on first page of google and no one looks at page 2. How can a small business compete with it. It's not an excuse, it's a fact.

  80. @5:48! Best tip! Fake it to you make it.

  81. 19:56 and thats exactly how he talks all the time himself – I am having a hard time trusting this guy. some things are good but when you really listen and put all that intimidation aside, you see a lot of hypocracy.

  82. I need more help on getting more websites clients.

  83. Great advice, thank you!

  84. gg very good golden nuggies of knowledge there, quality vids

  85. 😎😎😎😊💕💕💞💞💞💞😀😀😀👋👋👋👋👋

  86. Man… Im overwhelmed by sooooo much quality information. Im new to this channel and now I just cant go by one single hour without watching its contents!!

  87. 如果有中文版就更好了(自带的翻译器不太准确)

  88. Good perspLots of good advice some comments and some unique views and experiences. You are able to verbalize your thoughts very effectively and you provide a lot of value to your community through your education. I always learn when I consume your content so thank you for providing your value out for free. I am using technology to the most of my advantage and I want to thank you and tell everyone to have a great day go hundred percent full form and do whatever the f*** you want to do continue doing your best and follow me on the MOOTENS podcastective, you a

  89. I launched my email and inbound marketing a few days ago and hit my first client by sending a "welcome message" to every new connection in LinkedIn.

    In this welcome email I send a link to a "Error-free email blast checklist" as a freebie.

    Create content that can be use as a Lead Magnet, and you'll have great results.

    Hope it helps somebody here 🙂

  90. I have learned more from this in 2 hours than i could ever have in class, i thank you

  91. How to aproach clients when they don't know/trust you?

  92. 4 pages of notes in 2 videos, I have a headache. Thanks for everything, I'm an Industrial Designer trying to figure out how to grow and evolve to a Design Consultor.

  93. This video's are so helpful! thanks Chris

  94. Oh man, you called it on the architecture life. LOL. My partner has his masters in architecture and while working in commercial firms he was designing bathrooms. He now works in residential because that's where his passion is and it's much more rewarding.

  95. This is an amazing channel. Couldn't be happier with what you guys do! Thank you for all the help and knowledge you've shared with us♥

  96. Hi Chris, nice content!! I have a question though, you talk about using images and quotes you find over different places that inspire and use them to create content in social media, but; what about copyrights? For instant, I've seen architecture studio X, using images for promoting their studio saying stuff like "want to remodel? Call us" with a background image which is amazing, so I thought "if they do that, they're awesome". Couple of days later found the same image from the original makers and my reaction was "this guys are ripping off people" because I actually visit some place they work on and wasn't that good. I would appreciate your comments (I'm not a designer, but is something can help me with my startup)

  97. Good points, one thing I disagree with though. Cold emails can work if you keep it short and to the point, and don't try to sell in the first email. I've built my business on cold emails. Doing 3 cold calls and deciding the concept itself doesn't work because it doesn't work for you personally is not a very scientific approach.

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